PMZ 043 – Did you see that? What? Yes, Very clearly.

Betty and the Healer have decided to join Ted’s party.  

Ted said that [15th Avenue], which hadn’t been active since Lav left, should take this opportunity to get back into the action, so I guess it’ s expected to happen soon.  

Betty and her friend were thrilled to be in a higher group than before.  

I was glad that things turned out well in the end.  

I then met with some people then went to see the guild leader, Pete, and lastly, we dropping by Sis Carlos place to say hello.   

Sis Carlos said, “You’re so polite to go around and greet people before you’re gone. I’ve never done this before because it makes me feel like I’m raising a death flag,” she said while handing me some kind of folded, transparent, thin, mysterious cloth as a wedding gift.  

I haven’t unfolded the cloth yet because I’m scared. What on earth she gave me will remains as a mystery. I’m sure I won’t unfold it until after I get married.  

Three days later, I had finished organizing my house and moved my home to the Duke’s house.  

I had everything I need to be stored inside Hayato’s shadow storage, so I only had one small bag in my hand. It would be a week before I can return to this house.  

Oh, by the way, while I was sorting out the items to be put in the shadow storage and bringing them down from the second floor, the chair Hayato was sitting on somehow fell backward.  

I rushed over to him, picked him up by the head, and asked, “Are you okay? What happened to you?” But he stubbornly refused to tell me why he had fallen and just turned his head away.  

At least I know that he is embarrassed about something. I know that because his face was beet red. But I don’t know what makes him embarrassed like that, that part leaving me puzzled.   

He didn’t get hurt anyway, so let’s just forget about it.  

Aside from that, from now on, Hayato will be commuting back and forth between the Duke’s house and 15th Avenue Street house until he enters the academy and graduates.  

He’ll be transferring in the middle of his second year, so he’ll be studying for a while. He’ll also be making his debut in the social scene while studying, and he’ll be doing some adventuring and checking up on Riddil.  

Wait, isn’t his schedule is too packed?   

Hayato, are you okay with this?  

I’m sure there will be times when I will need to support him, even though he may not need it. But I will do my best when the time comes.  

While thinking about this and that about our future, I passed through the Duke’s house gate.  

“Miss Alice! Bigbr–, Honored Brother! I’ve been waiting for you!”  

When I returned, the first person who greeted me was Lav, who was already behaving quite ladylike and looked like a proper lady.  

“Thank you, Lav. I think you’re looking beautiful.”   

“Thank you very much. It’s all thanks to Chris-sama and the Duke. They’ve been very good to me…  

You’re getting more beautiful every day, Alice, and it’s a sight to behold. Didn’t my brother get troubled by this?”  

“………… Leave me alone.”  

Chris came up from behind Lav, who was giggling and spoke to me excitedly without even giving us greetings.  

“You know what? The other day you told me about the magic that uses shadows, I finally succeeded in analyzing it! I had a hard time constructing the other dimension, but! I did it!  

The amount of magic power required to activate it was astonishing! And it indeed troubled me, but I solved that problem with a little bit of trick, and I test it by integrating it on the bag! Look at this! It can now hold far more than its volume! It’s really great! I’m not sure how you get the idea to put something in shadow, but I don’t care because I’ve made a handy magical tool out of it!  

Oh, but I couldn’t put any living thing in there. If creatures could be put in, the dream of  instantaneous travel would be possible—”  



“Why are you telling me this? the person who you should be telling is right next to you, right?”   

“Because I’m scared… Tell him in my place, please…”  

“No, I won’t.”  

I glanced at Hayato, who is standing next to me, and Chris nodded with a puzzled expression on his face.  

He was supposed to have acquired a bit of character, but he was still the same old Chris in situations where he didn’t need to put on airs.  

Gently, Lav took my brother’s arm and gently told him to do his best.   

“He’s not scary, Chris. Just think of him as a grizzly bear that looks like a human.   

Sometimes he turns into a chameleon, but don’t worry, it’s just a slight color change, and he’s not harmful at all.”  

“…… What is it with these two?” Hayato muttered.  

I don’t think the image of grizzly bear fit him; I also don’t remember living with such a thing.  

“Chris, please show me that bag again later. When we’re going to go to your room. See you later, Lav.”  


We parted ways with Lav and went to our respective rooms.  

I’ll be using the room I was originally in, and Hayato will be using one of the guest rooms.  

I changed out of my outfit into a simple dress in my room and headed to my father’s study to greet him.   

“Father, I’m home. Please take care of me from now on.”  

“Yes. Make sure you support Hayato from now on, okay? I’m sure he will have a hard time adjusting, so I’ll shift our regular meal times to match yours. If we are forced to organize a dinner, I’ll send a notice to you in advance.”  

“I understand. Thank you very much.”  

“Oh, one more thing, while you are here, Alice can play around with magic tools. I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of things in the city, so make the most of it.”  


Yes, I got permission. Of course, there are tons of things I want to try.  

First of all, the glasses that I confiscated from my brother earlier, the one he used to peep at the maid undies, can be converted into glasses to look at the monster’s magic core.  

Then you can kill them with a single blow without having to cut them off piece by piece to search the core location.  

That’s why today I took the trouble to bring the glasses.  

“Hayato, may I have a word?”   

I went to the room Hayato was using and knock on it.   

When he answered, I opened the door and found that he was studying something that he should learn in his first year at the academy.  

“What’s up?”  

“I think there was a pair of glasses among the things you put in the shadow storage. I need you to take it out.”  


In an instant, his face changed color, and he stood up with a straight face and grabbed my shoulder.  

“…What are you going to use it for?”  

“I’m going to modify … Oh, by the way, that glasses actually a magic tool. You might be wondering why I have it when I don’t usually wear glasses.   

I can’t tell you what it’s for, but if I modify it, I’m sure it will be quite useful.”   

“Modification……, yes, Modification……. Okay. Yes, this one, right?”   

He took the glasses out of his left palm’s shadow using his middle and ring fingers and handed them to me.  

I always thought his gesture is like a magician.  

It’s always interesting to see how he dexterously pulls things out of thin air.   

“Yes, this is it! Thank you very much! Please try it on when I finish it!”  

“No, thanks…”  

“What? Why?”  

“I’m afraid of what might happen…”  

He surprisingly a scaredy-cat when it comes to something like this?  

I guess I’ll have to explain to him the device’s effects once it’s finished and get rid of his fears.  

TL note:  

When did he use it… oh yeah, the moment he fell over the chair, lol. His hand is as quick as ever. 


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