PMZ – 045 The abyss peeks out at us.

Due to my father’s concern, we always use one of the guest rooms for dinner time.

While it’s called concern, it implicitly instructed me to pay attention to Hayato’s table manners.

However, for Hayato, who naturally good at everything, and to top of it, he was given a book of manners prior to his arrival, he had already mastered perfect table manners before coming to the duke’s house, proving his innate high specs.

So, there’s no particular need for me to give him any advice.

Since His height is not so different from Chris’s, Father told him to use Chris’s clothes to help him adjust to our house until the clothes he ordered before were finished.

Father told him, “Since you live in our house, it’s not good for you to dress more roughly than the servants.”


It’s evening.

I had my hair done, changed my dress to a deep blue with more luster to suit the atmosphere, and put on a pair of short black lace gloves.

For accessories, I wore a necklace with a series of diamonds in the shape of flowers and matching drop earrings.

I left the tag on.

It’s unbalanced, but it holds special meaning to me, and I don’t want to take it off.

I feel like I’m going out on a special date, and I’m really excited. This is the first time I’ve ever worn a dress with this kind of feeling.

I can’t wait to meet Hayato, and my heart is fluttering.

I skipped around in my mind as I entered the room and found that he was just getting dressed with Jeffrey’s help.

He wears a dark-colored lounge suit to match his hair, which had already turned black.

“Oh, you look great.”

“Really? … Something like this, it’s a lot of work, isn’t it? I told him I can wear it by myself.”

Jeffrey then spoke up.

“Pardon my rudeness, but I think master need to understand, you can only be a nobleman by using people. From now on, it will be your job to give them jobs.

It may be true that you can do everything by yourself, but please keep it to yourself.

It is often said of people of all classes that relationships are the greatest asset of all.”

He then presented a small box to him.

“If you don’t mind, please ask your wife assistance with this.”


How heart-warming it sounded.

When he took the box and opened it, I see a pair of silver chain cufflinks with silver trimmings on a white butterfly shell.

“I chose these cufflinks because I knew it would be just the two of you today. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to wear it with your wife’s help.”

Chain cufflinks are very difficult to wear without the use of another person’s hand. It’s not Something you should wear unless you have a servant or a wife.

I stood in front of Hayato with the cufflinks in my hand, knowing Jeffrey’s intentions for choosing this particular item.

“Your hand please.”

When I said this, he readily offered me his arm.

I threaded the cufflinks through the double cuff hole and looked at him casually.

He narrowed his red eyes and smiled at me.

…… They’re red again.

I think they were black earlier… Well, it’s him, so anything is possible.

I’m sure that’s the case.

He took hold of my hand and kissed the back of it.

“Thank you. Alice, you look beautiful. I’ve never seen you dressed like that before.”

“Ehehe, really? Everyone dresses like this at night. We show more skin than in the daytime, so we have to wear the best accessories.”


He put his hand on my ear and touched my drop earrings, shaking and playing with them a little.

Sometimes he does childish things like this, which makes me laugh every time. Yes, he is much more childish than I thought he would be at first.

Although you could say that he is appropriate for his age, he is not a lone wolf hero.

He was just a normal person with a normal heart.

After a brief flirtation, I looked at him and saw that his black eyes had returned.

Somewhat relieved, I took a small breath.

“Shall we go then?”


He held out his hand to me, and I put my hand on it.

The palms of our bare hands, which had been placed on top of each other in the fountain square, now overlapped again through our gloves.

After dinner, we practiced dancing. I showed him some music scores other than church chants and asked him to play the piano for a while; after that, we played a game of Reversi.

Somehow, no matter how many times I tried, only one of my color was left, and almost all of them ended up being turned over.


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5 Responses

  1. LostSagaX says:

    What is up with the red eyes is he a vampire

    • He absorbed an alien/evil essence while doing quest near the meteor crash site~

      • Lego says:

        So is he going to be possessed?

        • Panacea Seer says:

          they stated something about personality changes caused by magic reactions so I am just crossing my fingers for a dark sexy personality on new moons rather than any thing plot stimulating

          • Aurel says:

            We’ve seen some small subtle hints about it, well at least I noticed one with his reaction against Ted when feeding Wafer and him suddenly snapping.

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