PMZ 047 – C’mon Baby

TL notes: I give up, this [カモンベイビー] C’mon Baby thing. I don’t understand, all I know that it was something like an exclusive meme to japan, but I really don’t get it!

Before long, it was our day off, and we both went back to the house on 15th Avenue.

Today and tomorrow’s schedule: looking for cute glasses and going on a killer bee hunt.

I will use these two day to my utmost.

With that plan in mind, I opened the curtains and windows, which had been closed while we were away, to ventilate the room.

“Hey Hayato, you’ll be out right away, right? I’m going to go change my clothes, so please wait just a bit. …”

The curtains I had just opened were closed by a hand protruding out from behind me, and I  was pulled back into the shadows. As I turned around to see what was happening, hands came around my neck and belly, and my back was snuggled against Hayato’s body.

“Please just a bit …Just give me an hour.”

“One hour…?”

“My Alice charge is running low.”

Now that you mention it, when we were at the House of the Dukes, we were always being watched.

We didn’t touch each other more than we had to.

Hayato’s face was buried in my shoulder.

His lips touched my neck.

“Wait? that tickles…”

His hands slowly flowed down from my neck down to my shoulders and my arms.

…wait, hold up, Isn’t this dangerous?

“Wait a minute, please!”


“… I’m going to change my clothes!”

I forcibly pulled my body off and dashed upstairs to escape.

The moment I close the door to my room, my legs lose their strength, and I slump to the floor.

Th-that surprised me…

Why did you suddenly become so seductive!

At least let me prepare my heart!

I took a few deep breaths to calm my racing heart.

As soon as my mind calmed down a little, I stared at the ceiling and thought.

I wonder if it was stressful for Hayato to spend time at the Duke’s house …

No, I’m sure it is, there’s no need to question it. But let me be the first to admit that I’m not a fan of this kind of thing.

I wonder… did he became like that the moment he came home was a lash back to the pressure he had been under for the past few days.

Hayato had made up his mind to accept the knighthood.

In order to achieve this, he has no free time at the moment and is busy studying. … I’ve done something terrible by pushing him away when he’s been working so hard for my sake.

The official contract is yet to be signed, but you have been determined to be my fiancé. … I should have been a little more supportive.

I know he said he wouldn’t do anything to me until we were married, but part of me really feels lonely without your touch.

As for me, I’m already a damaged girl, and there’s no next time for me.

I should not make a big deal of this. A little bit is fine.

Okay, come on, baby! That’s the stance I’m going to take!

Let’s do it!

I slapped my cheek and took off my dress vigorously.

I put on a normal swordsman’s uniform.

By the way, I won’t wear [miss Carlos’ masterpiece] until I confirm at least 10 other girls were wearing it.

So far, I haven’t seen any.

After changing, I went downstairs and found the curtains open, and Hayato is looking at a thick book in the gentle sunlight.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m ready. What are you reading?”

“Law. This is my weakest subject. I can’t get it into my head.”

“I see what you mean. However, unless you want to become a civil servant, it’s okay to study it in a relaxed manner. Even my father can’t remember everything.

You just need to think of a few cases where you might need the knowledge and learn enough so that you can deal with them, should such situations arrive.”

I sat down next to him as I spoke and leaned on him.

“Yeah, I think Alice is right…………. Are you trying to act spoiled?”

“Yes. I was surprised earlier, but I’m fine now. Come on, baby.”

“What are you talking about? It’s okay. You don’t have to force yourself.

I’m sorry, I know I was a bit forceful; I just want to cuddle a little, I’m sorry I startled you.”

He laughs bitterly and pulls my head to his chest.

There is a slight scent of perfume, and I really liked it.

This person, who is receiving a formal education as a gentleman at a duke’s house at breakneck speed, finally started using perfume the other day, and although he doesn’t wear it himself, the fragrance still lingers to the extent that I can barely smell the last remaining scent from this distance.

It’s a foul thing to be so good-looking and to smell so sexy. I love it.

However, it is unlikely that the atmosphere will be the same as before.


I know I don’t deserve to be sorry for running away from you.

I’m not sure how to say it, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m here for you too.

“Can I kiss you…?”

As I said this, I could feel his heart beating loudly from my cheek against his chest.

When I looked up at his face, I could somehow tell that he was clearly agitated, although his expression did not change.

Hmmm… I feel like I just scored one against Hayato!

I had been on a losing streak with my tendency to get carried away, so this made me happy, and I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly to prevent him from escaping.

“Hey, Alice. I said I’m sorry.”

“I’m not mad, so there’s no reason to apologize, but I do want to touch you. Please just take responsibility for making me feel like a [c’mon baby].”

“What do you mean, [c’mon baby]?”

“It’s like this.”

I turn my palm upward and move the tips of my fingers like I’m calling a cat.

I kissed him on the cheek. He looked a little surprised and then muttered, “this feels so wrong …”

Nothing’s wrong!

Afterward, he took me to a place where killer bees often appear; a grassy field in the city outskirts with a few trees and a lot of flowers.

“Is this the area you were talking about?”

“Yes. There are a lot of ordinary bees, but the killer bees also seem to be more likely to appear in places like this.”

It would be a pity if ordinary bees got caught up in it, so let’s put them to sleep while we can.

He said that and deployed a wide range dark magic. The magic seemed to have been adjusted to work slowly, and I could ‘see’ the bee returning to their hive one by one.

That’s right, I’m starting to be able to detect the presence of things.

The current me can recognize the spatial difference when an entity is moving or standing still.


“… I’m getting sleepy too…”

“…Oi, pull yourself together.”

I was awakened by a tap on my shoulder. It seems that he used holy attribute magic to counteract it.

“Huh …! Thank you, but isn’t it a little too effective?”

“Current Alice should have been able to resist it, aren’t you too relaxed around me?”

I can only answer with this.

“… Isn’t it okay? I only let my guard down to someone I can trust.”

“Is that so.”

With that said, I put my magic power into both earrings while looking sideways at Hayato, who was smiling somewhat happily.

The crystal in my ear started to glow pink and purple.

It’s started.

“it’s coming.”

The flow of magic power begins to distort here and there.

Space moved languidly as if it were blinking.

A killer bee has appeared. From Front, back, left, right, they appeared in hordes.

The sound of wings vibrating the ground.

Okay, let’s start the magic tools’s effect verification.

TL note :

2077 thing, don’t ask. You guys already know the answer…


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    hmm… rather than exclusive Japanese meme thing… I’m pretty sure it’s a reference to Jessica Rabbit… I forgot which scene though… then again, I think it’s quite common gesture in old cartoon when a female character is seducing a man. (I know Hana-Barbera films use it a lot, so was Warner Bro’s more mature films like Looney Tunes)

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    I turn my palm upward and move the tips of my fingers like I’m calling a cat.
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