The Magic Tool’s verification was a success.  

Swarm of Killer Bees were grouped together in one place by the tornado Hayato had created, and I repeatedly shot flames at them, which turned this into an easy task, but when I stopped passing magic power through the earrings after five minutes, I noticed a sharp decrease in the number of spawn.  

I gave up trying to figure out the exact ratio of before and after the magic tool activation and stopped fighting to check for drop items.  

“Hayato, can your turn!”   


The drop items that fell to the ground were sucked into the shadows and disappeared.  

I asked him to take them out inside the dome-shaped ward and record the type and number of items.  

Thirty-five honeys, fourteen poison needles, and two honey wine. We got two honey wine!  

“Oh, that’s amazing.”  

By the way, both the honey and the honey wine are wrapped in a mysterious, thin, transparent film that looks the same, but had a slightly different texture when you touch it, so you can somehow distinguish them.  

Hayato seemed to be pondering something, In front of the loot.  

“… what’s wrong?”  

“…this is great, but I think it’s too great to be considered a good product. It’s going to be sold, right? I don’t know how much they’re going to sell it for, but the people who can afford it are probably the ones who are already pretty strong.  

If those kind people get many drop items and sell them on the market, the lower ranks who can’t buy magic tools will have a hard time. I’m sure you understand what I mean.”  

“… That’s true. I’m sure I can adjust that, so let’s lower the odds a bit, and if I don’t add the glowing feature, I should be able to make it with cheaper materials, so it shouldn’t be too expensive for low ranks to get their hands on it.  

Also, if we didn’t release the purple one, I don’t think the market would be that unbalanced.”  

“Yeah, I agree. I think it’s a good idea because it’s interesting and has a romantic appeal as a magical tool. It’ s better to have more options to look forward to.”  

“Yes, it is.”  

The impact on the market, right, we have to pay attention to that, because this is different from our usual lifestyle products.   

“The chances are low that you will need to make further improvements.”, he added.  

I wrote it down on my note and circled it.  

“Now, let’s go for five minutes without magic tools.”  

“Roger that.”  

The dome-shaped wards burst open and disappeared.  

The remaining killer bees rushed forward as if they had been waiting for this moment. The bee is as big as the upper half of a child’s body, with a knife-like stinger in its tail.  

It charges at us at speed similar to that of a dodgeball, but we are not scared.  

Hayato’s sword was greeting them with a thunder attribute and slashed it in two.  

“You can do it, Alice.”   

When I give him a thumbs-up, his fist hit me.   

I think it’s too early for a fist bump, but a smile comes to my mouth.   

I’m here with you.   

I suddenly felt a strange sensation of happiness and sadness. It makes me want to cry.   

After five minutes had passed, we went back to check the drop items in the same way. The drop rate has dropped quite considerably.  

One honey. That was it. The number of kills was seven.   

“That’s how it usually goes. I knew that magic tool was too effective.”  

“Looks like you’re right…”  

It seems that I was too greedy when I put the number on the multiplication formula; I increased it by 50.  

I’ve heard that crystals are resistant to magic, so I thought it might be possible to put that number, and it actually did.  

This is undoubtedly bad, so bad that it will collapse the market.  

I can confirm that it works, but I need to think a little bit about how much multiplication is acceptable.   


“What’s wrong?”  

“uh… Alice, I lost the wine.”  

“What? Why?”  

“The container seems to be torn.”  

Then Hayato lifts up the half-squeezed bag.  

A clear amber liquid dripped to the ground.  

“Aw… Is it just that one? How about the other?”  

“This one is fine. It’s easy to tear, isn’t it? I now know why they get swallowed on the spot.   

I’ll put the safe one in the shadows for now.”  

“Yes. Thank you very much… we can’t take this home anymore…   

Umm…, aren’t you curious about what Killer Bee’s honey wine tastes like?”  

When I said this, Hayato gave me a shocked look.  

“I think you should not do that. has Alice ever drank alcohol before?”  

“No, not yet, but in this country, the ban is lifted at age 15. so legally, it’s okay.  

….also. If you go to a party in the near future, you will be forced to drink wine and champagne anyway.”  

“Hmmm… but I have a bad feeling about this, but… Do you want to have a taste?”  


The truth is, I’ve never had a drink in my life, including my previous life.  

This is my debut, so I’m curious!  

Hayato put his palm under the torn bag, it’s almost like he’s using magic to manipulate gravity. The drops of wine floated round in the air like water in a space station.  

“I don’t bring a glass with me, so you can try drinking directly from this.”  

I nodded and excitedly took a small candy ball-like drop and popped it into my mouth.  

!! !! !!  

It’s like…  

Slightly sweet ethanol!  

A little …No, actually, it’s quite different from what I was expecting.  

It looks like something that would burn really well if you lit it with fire.  

I held my mouth and froze.  

Hayato looked into me from the side with an anxious face as I cover my mouth.  

“Are you alright…?”  

I swallowed it with all my might and finally managed to speak.  

“My throat is burning….”  

“Oh, so it’ s that strong. Are you okay?”  

He offered me some water which I gratefully sipped.  

“I had only heard about Killer Bee’s honey wine from Pete a long time ago, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in person…  

It’s something that adults drink, so it sells for a lot. [If you find it, don’t touch it, just bring it straight to me.] That’s all he told me.  

I didn’t know it was that strong. I’m sorry I didn’t stop you.”  

No, it was the result of my selfish curiosity. …Hayato doesn’t drink?  

“I don’t want to. I’m going to throw away the rest, okay?”  


When he released the spell, all the drops floating in the air fell to the ground and were absorbed by the earth.  

“Shall we go home then?”  


“Are you drunk? Are you okay?”  

“I’m fine. One sip won’t get me drunk, that’s for sure. I’m sorry about that …I thought it would be sweeter and tastier.”  

“There are a lot of food and drink from drop items that have one or two quirks. I think it’s better not to eat them carelessly.”  

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?”  

“Because the guys who’ve had it say it’s the best.”  

“Well, that’s probably true for people who like to drink…”  

We walked along the road to the royal capital while chatting.   

At the time, neither Hayato nor I knew.  

Killer bee’s Honey wine had another name, Honeymoon. You probably wonder what effect this liquor has to earn such a nickname, especially when it was born from magic.  

There was a particular reason why Pete had told Hayato, who was still in his early teens at that time, that it was something only for adults to drink.  

TL note:   

I haven’t check if I use a mead in the previous chapter. In case I use it to describe killer bee drop item, I changed it to honey wine from this chapter. 


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