PMZ 051 – The Rise of Viscount Ridill

PMZ 051 – The Rise of Viscount Ridill  

On this day, our family, Hayato and his sister Lav took three carriages and headed for the royal palace.  

Father, mother and Luke rode in one carriage, brother Chris and Lav in another, while Hayato and I rode in a third, so it was quite a majestic scene!  

“Are you nervous?”   

“A little. But nothing to worry about.”   

Hayato, sitting across from me, was unusually quiet.  

His official uniform, which he wears for his first visit to the palace, is made of high-quality fabric and tailored to fit his body size, making him look graceful not only in the way he looks but also in how he carries himself.  

I like the commoner you, but I can confidently say that the current you have an aura that rivals any nobleman.  

“It is an honor for me to walk next to you today.”  

When I said that, he smiled a little and…  

“Thank you,” he said.  

We soon arrived at the palace. Following after my father, Hayato escorted me to the throne room.  

It was an official ceremony today, so I had to wear my formal court dress for the occasion. The light purple velvet cloak with fine embroidery reminded me of my nobility, which I had almost forgotten these days.  

—in the end, I’m a young lady.   

I can no longer act like a girl that was about to be shipped in a box of vegetables. Today, I have to bring out all the elegance I have and make Hayato stand out.  

I pulled myself together and walked slowly on the crimson carpet.   

There were many people in the throne room.  

Not only the heads of the other dukes and their wives but also the marquises and earls were gathered regardless of their faction.  

It was unusual for such a large number of people to gather for a knighthood of a commoner.  

That is how much Hayato attracts their attention.  

He was an orphan, but he was always offered the chance to become a nobleman, but he kept refusing. He was then caught in our father’s hands and suddenly became a viscount, passing through the nobility’s first generation.  

There’s also the fact that he’s my new fiancΓ© after I disappeared from society for a while after my engagement was annulled by the incoming queen.  

Or how his sister is about to become the next Duchess of Stuart?  

Or probably that he’s the only one in the world to have obtained the title of S-rank in a solo party.  

Or he’s that cool as a person.  

The list goes on and on.  

To top all of this, I’m looking forward to the time when his hair will turn silver in the middle of the ceremony.  

The royal palace is a special place filled with divine magic, just like the church.  

I think people who see the discoloration for the first time will be surprised. It surprised me, too.  

Once again, I realized that he was born under a star of great destiny.  

Fortunately, he’s used to being the center of attention, so he’s not fazed by this situation of being surrounded by the royal family.  

Although I wasn’t aware of it while we were spending time together, our connection may have been a surprisingly big deal in the eyes of the nobility.  

I was thinking about this as I was being looked at from all sides as if I was being judged.  

My father stood off to the side as Hayato, and we knelt in front of the throne.  

His Majesty Louis Fortuna – a pleasant uncle to me – sat with dignity in front of us.  

After a few words from the Prime Minister, Hayato alone kneels in front of him, and the royal decree is read aloud.  

Then, His Majesty descended from his throne and placed a silver sword on Hayato’s shoulders.  

With this, Hayato officially became the head of the Viscount Ridill family.  

Soon, as expected, his light brown hair began to turn silver. The people around him gasped, and His Majesty, seeing the change, laughed with a happy face.  

“I’ve heard about this; still, it’s fascinating. It’s good to know that this place is still a sacred place.”  

In addition to the royal decree, he was presented with a pocket watch bearing the coat of arms of the newly created Viscount Ridill family (a design supplied by my father) and a ring …signet ring, before leaving the throne room.  

After this, we will move to the gardens for a tea ceremony.  

I was shown the coat of arms in the corridor, and it was almost exactly the same as ours: a black shield and two swords on five amaryllis flowers, two ancient dragons enclosing them from left to right, and a white owl on a crown indicating a viscounty.  

While my family’s primary colors are gold and red, the Ridill family’s colors are silver and black. In other words, they’re just different colors. At one glance, you could see their connection with the Stuart.  

“It’s almost the same as Stuart’s, isn’t it?”  

“Yes, but look closely. Right here.”  

I looked closely at where Hayato was pointing and giggled when I spotted the chameleon inside the shield.  

As soon as we stepped out into the garden, the other house’s duke and duchess came over and called out to us. We exchanged casual greetings with the couple and quickly left, but after that, the nobles kept coming to greet us one after another.  

It’s really not a scene you’d expect to see at a normal knighthood.   

Some people tried to use the word “commoner” negatively, but when Hayato smiled back with his piercing blue eyes, they suddenly became flustered.  

[An-anywayI wanted to tell you that you can come to me if you have any problems, okay? You’re starting school tomorrow, right? Good luck.]  

And his attitude suddenly becomes somewhat like a tsundere, nice.   

Beautiful yet scary. Hayato was more than just a good-looking guy. There are many people with beautiful faces, but this man has a strange sense of uniqueness.  

A person with an attractive nature might be a better description.  

In my previous life, a person who happened to see a beautiful actor on the street said that he was so different from his surroundings that they thought they saw a seal in a crowd of people. {tl note 2}   

Fortunately, only the head of the family and wife were attending today, and no one of the same age was present, so no rivals for love appeared.  

I spent the time of the tea party feeling something ominous about what the tsundere had said.  

TL note :   

—in the end, I’m a young lady. {ojou – ngl I cannot translate this phrase properly}   

She wants to say – I’m an ojou. – signifying her resolve to walk beside Hayato as his suitable partner.  

In my previous life, a person who happened to see a beautiful actor on the street said that he was so different from his surroundings that they thought they saw a seal in a crowd of people. – {ok wtf, I cannot find the reference on this ‘saying’ I will leave it like this} 


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