a bit late

I fell ill … again, and yes, it wasn’t COVID-19, I managed to dodge bullets twice in one year, mwahahahahaha, no… that’s half a lie, this time I’m not sure if I really caught Covid -19 or not because the rapid test comes out as negative, but well … you know it’s the tenth day I got sick so we can’t be sure, and I don’t have a fever or loss of smell/taste, but I’ve had this annoying cough for over a week.

Just to be safe, I took off from my part-time job, I spend my days self-isolating myself while taking medication from doctor, I came to doctor a bit late but they also told me not to worry too much, they did give me some powerful sleeping drugs, so I spent my day almost entirely on bed.

Sorry for the little delay, but I don’t want to prolong my sick period, so I prioritized my rest first.

why I didn’t get the PCR test? well… long story short, it’s kinda expensive, and my insurance won’t cover it because I’m not SICK ENOUGH, wtf, really.

here’s some pic of my rapid test thingy


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4 Responses

  1. B0hna says:

    Please rest and sleep a lot! We can wait for new chapters and you are only 1 <3

  2. F says:

    Please rest and take it easy. You actually gave out translation way more than others.
    Like, whenever I open my bookmarks, the others would have 1 chapter update while yours is like 5.

  3. mya aila says:

    Don’t worry about it. Take care of your self! Thank you for the chapters and hope your cough gets well soon😊

  4. Saphti says:

    Hope you got well!

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