PMZ 053 – Mrs. Ellie (20)

“You may not realize it Alisha, but your grade was exceptional.”

The chancellor began to talk in low tones. I sipped the slightly cooled tea and listened in silence.

“It was only natural for the academy to be excited about having the crown prince and the future queen in the same grade. They’ve gathered the best and brightest talent from all over the nobility and have created an elite class system.

The students also study hard and behave well to get close to the royal family. Your generation, except for a few, was generally a well-rounded high-level student.”

“It was also the year that suffered the collapse of the school dignity thanks to that ‘few’.”

“Well, that’s also the truth. But let put that aside for the moment… what I’m trying to say is that, Normally, the sons of aristocrats were a bunch of selfish people who couldn’t even handle themselves.

That was fine until that accident, because of that the previous principal takes the responsibility then resigned, and because I was just a good plain teacher, nothing is happening to me.”

“I think It would be a disaster if a lazy person became the chairman of the board.” {she’s totally throwing sarcasm here}

“Right, right? It’s a good thing that I was the one who rose to the top, but thanks to the fact that the best and brightest teachers were forced to quit all at once, the only ones left now, except for me, are all from mediocre, lowly noble families.

The students took advantage of this situation, and the little bastards did whatever they wanted because they didn’t have the attention of the royal family.

I always had to clean up after their mess.

But I’m the type of person who wants to live a comfortable life by putting the responsibility on others. If I don’t, I’ll go bald from the stress.”

“It seems you’re still fine.”

“[Still] huh, well said… but it’s already happening a little bit. I need to do something about this situation.

Alisha, didn’t you get a B rank in just three months? I’m sure those spoiled brats at the academy are no match for you. Can you please screw them over before they screw me over?”

“Principal, I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time, but I doubt I’ll be able to keep them under control.

I couldn’t even stop my engagement from broken off, mind you that still a quite recent incident.

Besides, my fiancé is currently attending the academy. It’s not good for him and his surroundings to have someone younger as a teacher, especially considering his delicate position at the school.”

“But you’re curious about what’s going on at the academy, aren’t you?”

“That, I did.”

“Then why don’t you just disguise yourself? You’ll be fine, as long as you keep a low profile.”


What is this person talking about?

When I looked at the chairman with a question mark on my face, he began explaining with a face like a mischievous brat.


About an hour later.

I was standing in the corridor of a classroom in the middle of class, wearing a long curly red wig and large black-rimmed glasses, disguised as a female teacher dressed in a blouse, tight black skirt below the knee, light black stockings, and black high heels.

“Mm. your disguise is perfect. The make-up was a little heavy, but considering the fact that you are in school, I’d say it was sensible. No one will notice that it’s Alisha.

Listen, Alisha. No, Elly. Let’s go over the setting again.

You’re Elly, the wife of a noble family from a foreign country, and you re 20 years old, you’ve come to Fortuna Kingdom for academic purposes. You’re a distant relative of the Clark family, and because of a shortage of manpower, you became a special temporary lecturer at the academy. Got it?”

“There’s a lot of loose end on that setting.”

“You’ll have a hard time fooling them if you set it up too tightly. The theory behind this kind of thing is to leave it loose at first so that you can be flexible.”

“It sounds like you have enough experience with deception to establish this theory.”

“… Anyway, I need you to assist the regular staff. What’s more, if any student sneaks out of class, all you have to do is catch them and put them back in their seats. There’s nothing difficult about it. … Oh, look. There’s an escapee.”

I looked at the direction the principal pointing and saw four or five girls and one boy walking down the hallway.

Wait, that’s… Isn’t that Luke?

“Ah right… He’s been behaving really bad lately, He’s been taking a few girls to the salon with him during class without a care in the world.

see? …That’s not good, right? if an adopted child of the Stuart family is like that. People of lesser families are starting to copy him and do similar things.”

“This is definitely a problem, …I understand. I have no choice but to cooperate.”

I rolled up my arms and walked off to drag Luke back, my heels clicking loudly.

“Oh, Alis… oops I mean, Ellie. Take this with you.”

The principal, who immediately mistook my name, gently handed me a whip (for horses).

“W-what is this…”

“Ally. The world is a different place now than it was when you were here. Listen, think of this as a zoo. It’s best not to hit the girls, but you can hit the boys. To a man, a scar is a badge of honor.”

“Oh, …won’t their house complain?”

“No. I did it before and never received a single complaint. But I don’t want to do it anymore.”

I don’t want to do it either.

“Don’t worry. Maybe they’ll like it.”


I started to follow Luke as soon as I was pushed away by the principal.

In the end, I didn’t know I was Ally or Ellie, but my special temporary teacher (assistant) role had begun.


When I called out to Luke and his group, who were about to open the salon door, their gazes simultaneously focused on me. Scary.

Wow, Luke is staring at me intensely.

I wonder if he noticed.

It would be strange if he didn’t notice, but I cannot tell.

But it wasn’t Luke who shot first, it was the female student.

“Who~, is this auntie?”


She called me Auntie when I was 15.

You’re only 1 or 2 years older than me!

What causing this? Is it the makeup? What’s wrong with my makeup? – My bright red lipstick!?

“…We-Well, I’m a distant relative, of the Duke of Clarke’s. I’ve been asked by Daniel-[san] to help out in the classroom, name is Ellie, mine is. Thank you.” {not a typo it’s intentional}

I tried to fake my accent (in a foreign language).

I didn’t establish my character, so I was already feeling a little lost.

I walked straight at the group of escapees while cracking my whip lightly in one hand to disguise my feelings.

“Still class time, it is. Return to your classrooms, if you could.”

“Eh~. What’s the use of learning something like that? I think it’s more important for us to find a future marriage partner.”

The language, the sense of values.

Indeed, the difference between our generation and theirs was a world apart.

I was amazed at how much they had changed in just one year.

“A good marriage partner comes with a good lifestyle. A woman who skips her classes will only get a man who skips his work. Are you okay with that?”

Some nobody suddenly spoke in their native language, which was becoming more and more fluent by the moement, but they just looked at each other and puzzled.

“You’re not like that, are you, Luke? When you do something, you do it well. Right?”

Now all eyes were on Luke. I’m sure he realized… Did he?

No, even if he does, it’s not a problem because he’s my family member.

If he overlooks my attempt to stalk my fiancée, I will spare him from the whip punishment.

“…The noblemen of the Fortuna Kingdom are free, aren’t they? It’s unthinkable conduct in my home country. Stop shaming yourself in front of other country citizens, go back to your classroom, and take your lessons.”

Nobles are said to be proud of their appearance, so they will try to show off their good points to foreigners.

Sure enough, some of the girls started to have second thoughts and asked, “What should we do? What should we do?” “Should we go back?”

I wondered if Daniel had thought this through before he created such a setting.

As I was secretly impressed, Luke took a step toward me. Then, suddenly, he knelt in front of me.

“Please marry me!”


 What the hell?

My brother-in-law suddenly asked me to marry him. The girls were taken aback.

 What, are you saying you don’t realize that it’s me?

“W-Well… I’m a married woman. Sorry.”

It’s not exactly right, but it’s pretty much true.

More specifically, I’m his stepsister, but I probably shouldn’t say that right now.

When I held out my left hand and showed him the ring, I had just gotten last night, Luke dropped his head and was quickly comforted by the girls.

“It’s okay, Luke. Cheer up.”

“If you like that kind of madam, we’ll do our best to become one.”

Don’t say [that kind of madam]!

I’m still a mademoiselle!

I watched Luke and the others safely back to the classroom, and then, secretly removed my lipstick.


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