PMZ 055 – On the contrary, it’s increasing.

It’s finally Hayato’s classroom turn.

Suddenly, my heart, which had been quiet until a moment ago, began to race to the point where it felt painful.

The classroom door seemed to radiate an aura of misfortune as if it were the entrance to an absolution party.

“What should I do, principal? I’m too scared to enter.”

“Oi… where did that boldness go? Don’t suddenly turn into another person now…”

“I don’t want my fiancée to think I’m dangerous, or anyone else for that matter.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s probably too late… I mean, how much do you love your fiancé?  

I haven’t seen your fiancé yet, but you, as the daughter of a duke went all the way to infiltrate the academy, and now she’s so in love with him that she’s become suddenly vulnerable after coming this far? really?”

I nodded, then heard a sigh.

“.. seriously? *sigh* that’s nice. I like that kind of thing. That’s just fascinating. I wish I had that kind of experience.”

“…Ah, that reminds me, you’re single, aren’t you? Why didn’t you get married?”

“I told you already, my goal in life is to live without taking responsibility.”

That’s the only thing that he never wavers on.

I think I can trust him because he is so honest.

I laughed, and the director also laughed a little.

“Well, good luck anyway. Let’s go.”

“Yes, sir.”

I had no intention of running away, I just wanted to vent some of my weaknesses.

If you acknowledge your weaknesses, they become much easier to handle. You can see what you really wanted to do.

I think following him to the academy and stalking him in disguise is a bit crazy.

There’s a chance that if he found out, he will come to hate me.

I know that.

But I don’t want Hayato to be taken by anyone else. That’s all there is to it.

It’s 100 times better to do what you want and be rejected, than to have someone snatch him from your back while you wait patiently for his return.

Having experienced Maria’s rebellion firsthand, I seem to have acquired such selfish thought patterns at some point.

With my mind prepared, I set forth.

When I quietly opened the door of the classroom, I immediately found Hayato at the very front of the classroom by the window, with his cheeks rested on his palm, gazing out.

His light brown hair is shining under the sunlight.

The lines from his neck to his cheeks made me fall in love with him all over again.

Even though he was wearing the same uniform as everyone else, he seemed to have an outstanding presence, as if he was the only one emitting light.

It’s been a long time since I took another person’s perspective at observing this man… He’s still as beautiful as ever!

I’ve been away for only a few hours, but it feels like forever – and I’m so relieved that he’s just sitting there, looking so picturesque.

…… Huh? Am I going to marry that guy? Really? Are you sure? Is that even allowed?

As I was thinking about this, the girl next to him said something and he slowly turned his face to look at me.

He spoke a word or two to the girl and then tried to turned his face to window again.

For a moment our eyes met, but then he went back to looking out the window, and when he did, he turned his neck with such speed that I could have sworn I heard something snap.

In that instant, he was staring at me with rounded eyes.

I can see his gaze going back and forth from the top of my head to my toes.

…well, it’s obvious, he knows…

After taking a second glance with a piercing gaze, I gave up and went to introduce myself.

The first thing I did was to let the Principal introduce me.

“Um, this is Ellie, 20 years old, the wife of a distant relative of the Clark family. She is 20 years old and came to Fortuna Kingdom from a certain country to study.”

At the “twenty” part, Hayato covered his mouth gently with his hand.

“—Okay, Ellie, introduce yourself.”

“my name… Elie. To meet you, Nice…”

As I introduced myself in a half-hearted fake accent that had completely lost its momentum, he covered his face with both hands and his shoulders began to shiver.

I don’t know what’s so funny, but so far, the only people who have laughed at this act are the principal and Hayato.

It’s completely obvious, but at least he didn’t seem to be surprised, so that’s good.

The girl sitting next to him reached out her hand to Hayato and asked, “Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I silently ignored her touch on his arm and count it as a single slap on Buddha’s face.

You, girl sitting next to him, you have two more chance. {more on TLN}

After successfully greeting all the classes, the principal and I both sighed in relief.

“Ah, it’s over, it’s over. I’m tired. Ellie, your fiancé’s a real piece of work. I didn’t even have to look for him, I could tell right away. He’s right beside the front window, isn’t he?”

“Yes, that’s right. He’s a great guy on the inside as well as on the outside.”

“I bet he is. What can I say, he’s a sexy guy. Oh… I don’t mean that in a weird way. …There is a kind of sexiness in men that can only be expressed by someone who is truly matured on the inside.

If you have seen a lot of people in your life, you will understand.

I guess it’s true when they say that girls can easily recognize this kind of thing,” said the principal, snapping his neck.

“Well then… I’m going to go to the principal’s office and play the principal role.”

“What kind of play is that?”

“Dusting trophies with a feather broom, practicing croquet, solving chess problems.”

That’s definitely Principal-like.

“Yeah. That’s the kind of principal life I’m aiming for, not the one where I had to chase the students with a whip…

See you, Ellie. Please take care of the rest.”

As I watched the principal dash away, an escapee immediately appeared in the hallway.

“Class, Go back to.”

When I started chasing the student who escaped with a dash, I found another one on the way. If you catch one person, another person or even multiple people will show up, and there is no end to it.

…What? Why are there so many escapees?

Do you really don’t want to attend the class that much?

Rather than chasing them around and bringing them back to the classroom, I felt the need to tackle the problem from the root, so I asked the first male student I caught why he was escaping.

“Class, Skip, why did you?”

“Because it’s boring. It’s definitely more fun to play chase with Miss Ellie than to study.”

What are you, an elementary school student? — I resisted the urge to say that and threw him into the classroom.

It’s true that in this world where there is no compulsory education, it might take some time to get used to this kind of social life.

First, unless they were aiming for a government position, they would already have a title, family connections, or if they were girls, they would get married.

Perhaps it was inevitable that they would find no meaning in their efforts.

In the end, I was already exhausted thanks to the endless games of tag we played until the bell rang at the end of class.

This is a little hard ……!

As I leaned against the corridor wall in a deserted area to catch my breath, a voice called out to me from behind.


I felt my spine freeze.

That was Hayato’s voice.

Thanks to this game of tag, I still hadn’t prepared myself for what would happen after I was exposed.

I couldn’t turn my head. But I could hear the tapping sound of his shoes getting closer…

TL note:

There’s a saying “Even the Buddha loses patience when insulted or hit in the face three times.” This is what Alice referring to when she said “you have 2 more”.

I know, just a bit of trivia this time, but just in case someone didn’t know…


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