PMZ 058 – Hayato is still misunderstood

In the evening, after dinner, we talked about today in the room Hayato was using.

“So, what with that [Mrs. Elie]? Why did you go to all the trouble to become someone else? Why didn’t you go as Alisha?”

“I mean, think about it. If I started being a teacher the day you transferred, I’d just be a stalker…

Yes, I am …a …stalker.

Bu-but even a stranger would be uncomfortable with someone who pursued her fiancé that she would go ahead and get a job academy just to do that.

Besides, I don’t want to be suspected of favoritism or leaking the information during the next exam. You will aim to get a perfect score next time, won’t you…?”

Last year’s freshman final exam that he took before transferring and the second year exam was given earlier. This person passed all of them with perfect scores.

I’m not surprised because I already know his ability, but I think it’s a bit hard to believe for those who don’t know him.

When I asked him how he studied, he replied, “I read the textbook and write in my notebook,” like it was something natural.

When I asked him to show me his notes, he showed me that it was a memory tree, but sometimes the branches moved too far apart, or there were pages with a wide variety of words from different fields.

For example, there is a line connecting a math formula, a historical event, a modern law, and for some reason, my outfit of that day.

When I asked him to explain what was going on, he said that it would be interesting for him to extend the tree in such a way that he could see how the mathematician proved the formula, the events of that person’s time, and how the current laws applied to those events.

As for my clothes, he said there was no particular meaning to them.

It doesn’t make any sense, but it makes me think that the next time I wear this outfit, he’ll say, “It’s cute,” and there’ll be a formula, history, or a law floating around in his head.

I decided to stop thinking about it and concentrate on the immediate situation.

“Information leak… Well, yeah. I’m sure there are people who would say that.”

“Right? I’m don’t know how to explain it. That’s why I posed as someone else.”

“I’d have preferred to have Alisha-sensei instead…

Well… that cannot be helped. But I think what Mrs. Ellie is doing is increasing the number of students who are getting out.”

“Really? Well, there were a lot of them.”

“Don’t you know? The men’s enthusiasm was completely different before and after Alice came to class. [I’m going to get caught, too] is what they said before walking out.”

He looked a little grumpy as he continued.

“So, you want to get caught too?”


He quickly looked away.


“… Are you going to continue as Ellie-sensei tomorrow?”

“You don’t like it? If you don’t like it, I’ll quit.”

“…I don’t hate it, but I think you should change your routine.”

“You’re right… I’ll talk to the director tomorrow.”


Alright, I’ve gotten his word that he [don’t hate it].

Now I can go in and out of the school as a certified stalker (as Ellie-sensei, that is) with pride.

It’s my turn!

I’m going to say it.

“I’m going to change the subject, actually, when I peeked into the classroom in the evening, Anna from the Maple Barony was there. It seems that someone in the same class was warning her.”

“Oh. What kind of warning?”

“Jeez… I’m talking about the thing related to you. I heard that you’ve been passing letters around during class. I’d like to know the contents of those letters.”

“Letters? …… Oh, I think it’s the one where she wrote some stuff on the edge of a notebook and showed it to me. She asked me a lot of questions about my favorite foods and what I do on my days off, so I just wrote them back.”

The edge of the notebook, which means his original handwriting is in her possession.

The fact that he left a note in his personal handwriting makes me think that book already surpassed the quality of my ~LOVE-NOTE~.

Wait… I get why she asks that kind of question!

She’s setting up a blind date!

Or… maybe she’s just trying to communicate with him as a normal new classmate.

I know that.

But I wouldn’t ask a boy I’ve never met before what his favorite food is, just because I’m sitting next to him.

When you ask a guy out of the blue before you know him, she would be like, “I like that too. I like it too. Let’s eat it together next time.”

I think this is how a girl would go, regardless of their status.

Let’s assume you’re just asking without any ill intentions. You’ll be doing the same thing naturally with various members of the opposite sex in the future. If that happens sooner or later, someone will misunderstand you, and you will get stalked.

At least, This is what the current stalker believes.

“Alice, why do you care so much about Miss Anna?”

“Of course, I am! Hayato may not know what she means by asking such a question, but…”

Considering how insensitive he is from the affection of others. I was sure that he would just brush it off as small talk.

I truly believe so, however…

“I know.”

“E? really?”

“Yeah, I know. She invited me to lunch. [I made too many lunches] she said, so she asked me if I would eat with her.”


It seems that she made the first move while I was reading the documents.

I’m surprised she’s so bold.

The teacher described her as “quiet but kind-hearted and hardworking. Her grandmother and mother don’t get along well, and she’s afraid of the same sex.” Unfortunately, I don’t feel that kind of delicateness.

What does that mean? Did you not know that Hayato had a fiancée until Esmeralda and the others told you?

“So… you ate together?”

“No way. I know that I shouldn’t accept such an invitation. At that time, Luke asked me if I wanted to join him, so I did. It seems that Miss Anna ended up eating with her friends.”

I didn’t know that ……. While I was in a trance, such a thing happened…

It was a pleasant surprise that Luke had asked Hayato out to lunch.

Even though they barely have any contact with each other in the house, he apparently cares about him.

“What did you talk about with that boy?”

“Well, ……. He told me to take care of his stepsister. He also asked me how to win over an older woman. I told him I don’t know.”

A cold sweat ran down my spine.

I wondered if he knew about the incident where Luke proposed to Mrs. Ellie.

I’d prefer it if nobody knew about that.

“Luke was worried about you, Alice. He said he was worried that things would turn out like last year again if he left me alone.

He said he didn’t want his stepsister to break off the engagement twice. I told him everything would be fine.”

“Luke ……”

Thank you.

To be honest, I still don’t know how to treat him, but I’m glad he’s on my side. My old enemy is now my friend. That’s reassuring.

“I’ve never talked to him properly before, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be playing at imitating a butterfly. I think there must be some mistake.”

“Oh. He seems to be doing that. Mrs. Ellie has seen it.”

“What, at the academy? During class?”


“No way… He doesn’t look that strange to me,” Hayato muttered.


It’s not a compliment to play with many girls, but it’s not ‘strange’ right?

“What so fun about that…?”

“Well, …I have no idea.”

The night ended with us losing the conversation’s focus, and I slept well until the next morning.

The following morning, I pondered in front of the closet, remembering what the director had said to me when I left yesterday.

Then I decided.

I decided to shake off Ellie’s shyness.

I’m going all out.

Because this was the only way to compete with the younger girls in school uniforms.

Hayato said I didn’t need to worry, but who knows when or if he would change his mind?

I don’t want to lose to Anna.

With such an impure motive, I picked up the outfit that was easier to move in – the one that wasn’t your usual swordsman’s outfit.

TL Note:

– the one that wasn’t your usual swordsman’s outfit. {ILLUSTRATION! NOW!}


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