PMZ 059 – I want you to look only at me.

A female knight-like piece of equipment with a fantasy feel.

In fact, this is a fantasy world, so people wearing swords, shields, and armor are everywhere.

So, there’s nothing strange about the academy’s teacher wearing protective greaves on her legs for a practical class. It’s just that this one happens to be something a little more revealing.

This is the work of Carlos-sis, who probably understands girls’ minds better than I do.

This set is a well-balanced combination of cute, cool, and sexy, with a touch of elegance.

I want him to look.

I want him to look only at me.

But I am too embarrassed to wear a leotard-style outfit, so I left the house with a white pleated skort covering my lower body part, paired with boots that go up to my thighs.

OK, Okay, no worries.

After dropping Hayato off at the main gate, I snuck through the staff entrance behind the school. I went to the Principal’s office as Ellie, the same teacher as yesterday, after using the changing room.

First of all, I had to request a reassignment.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning. Nice to see you again today.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Principal, but I’d like to talk about my job assignment.”

“Oh? Do you want to try something different? By the way, I spoke with our teachers yesterday, and we conclude that it would be counterproductive.”

“Is that so? What should we do then?”

“I’m thinking of rotating the patrolling duties and letting Ellie teach one class at a time. That way, we can keep the classes running.”

“Rotation… Will the teachers be okay with that? It’s going to take a lot of effort.”

“There’s no other way. We can’t just leave them walking around during class, no matter what. It’s a job someone has to take on. …Though, I won’t do it again.”

The Principal then spread out the timetable for today’s classes on his desk and pointed at them.

“But it would be absurd to expect you to take the class by yourself right from the start, wouldn’t it?

So, Ellie, I was hoping you could take over as the second year A class assistant today. I’ve already talked to the teacher who was originally scheduled for it yesterday.”

Class A of the second year.

This is a class that is considered to be the highest level in the academy. Obviously, it’s the class that Hayato attended. I can feel the concern of the Principal in having me in charge of this place.

In this academy, practical training is a class where the class is divided into two. Each side selects a king, makes a strategy, and competes to win.

First, two class periods are used for [strategy] – a strategy meetings, and then two more for [mock battles] – this is where the battle takes place. –Lastly, in the afternoon, we have a break and recovery time called a review session.

It’s almost a full day course.

“It might be a little bit risky. Will you be fine…?”

“It’s okay. I’ll do my best.”

I went to the teacher’s office and had a meeting with the teacher in charge of class A.

Male, 23 years old, the third son of the Earl of Blaze. Last year, he was in his second year of teaching and looked like a motivated and passionate teacher, but this year, he looks ten years older and tired.

It seems that he’s having a hard time.

“Ally… ehm, I mean Mrs. Erie, thank you very much.

 I really appreciate it.”

“You just got my name wrong, didn’t you? Don’t worry; I got confused too sometimes.”

“Ahaha… well, I’ll explain the course for today. But since you just graduated last year, I’m sure you already know, so I’ll be brief.”

Today’s mock battle is going to take place in the old school building on the academy grounds.

Sometimes it takes place in the forest or the garden, depending on the occasion, but this time it will be in the old school building.

This is an opportunity to think carefully about how to use the characteristics of the building to its fullest.

The flow of the mock battle goes like this. First of all, the teacher divides the students into groups based on their strengths and abilities to avoid a power imbalance on one side.

After that, each student decided on a [king] and made him or her wear a heart necklace, which symbolizes their party’s heart.

This necklace is a magical tool developed by the Stuart family, and it will glow when you put it on and pass magic through it.

But it only glows, no other effect was imbued, but it makes a great target.

The rule is simple:

First, if the King’s necklace stops glowing or gets destroyed, you lose.

Second, only wooden swords can be used as weapons. There are no restrictions on magic. Anything is allowed.

Each group has to think of something to protect their own King and how to attack the opponent’s King.

It’s became a fierce fight every year, and many people get hurt. But this is the reason why the academy is considered a rite of passage for male nobles. It is said that male nobles who have not experienced this will tend to be looked down upon in social circles.

This is the only class that still gets the students fired up in this crumbling academy, Blaze said.

By the way, female students are naturally reluctant to get injured and usually concentrate on healing and buffing in the back.

I did the same last year and the year before.

But it’s a different story when you’re a teacher.

I have to go in to give advice, calm down annoying students who were too eager to win and get berserk, pick up fallen students from the middle of a battle and carry them to a safe zone. The odds were high that I’d get caught up in the crossfire and get injured.

I think you get the idea of why the teacher needs to be armed during practical training.

And here are the groupings for this time.

After a quick explanation, Mr. Blaze handed me a sheet of paper with the A and B teams members written on it.

There are 30 students in the class, but only 15 boys will actually fight.

We’re supposed to be divided into two teams of eight and seven, but…

“Teach, one against fourteen, is a bit…”

Hayato is in A team. I can understand the reasoning, but this looks like bullying.

“That’s what happens when you try to even out the strength of each team…”

“Don’t tell me… Did you stay up all night last night?”

“How did you know? To tell you the truth, lately, I’ve been sleeping very little…”

Is that the cause of this ridiculous team assignment?

When we are at the peak of sleepiness, we will feel like throwing everything away and being done with it. And this is the result.

On Hayato’s side, there was only one girl who was assigned as support. It’s Anna.

“… Why do you have Anna as his support?”

“Because she’s sitting next to him.”

“Is that so?”

I’m going to prevent it.

All the other girls are in the support role for the opposing group, so it’s literally a battle of 2 members of Team A versus 28 members of Team B. It’s a perfect romantic situation, and there’s no way I’m just going to sit back and let that happen.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to attack one person with the whole team. It might hurt the pride of the 14 male students.

Let’s put some of the students who are not so good at fighting on the A team. We also need a few girls.

Also, tell Hayato to participate as little as possible.”

“That’s not proper education! How dare the teacher encourages him to slack off!”

Oh. I’ve hit the hot-headed teacher switch. His face has suddenly changed, and he’s rejuvenated.

This teacher is annoying.

“…I understand. Let’s tell them not to skimp, work with their friends, and to stick to the strategy.”

Blaze nods his head, “Mm.”

I nodded as well. We could eliminate the situation where there was only one ally, and everyone was an enemy except two people. I’m happy to have played a part in making this situation healthier.

Blaze glanced at his watch and stood up.

“It’s time for us to go to class,” he said. “Mrs. Ellie, you’ll be supporting team B.”

“Yeah, I’d prefer A–“

“No, you can’t. If Mrs. Ellie joins A team, They’ll have too much strength.”

“Is that so…”

If the number of students is not equalized, teachers are allowed to participate in the battle. However, the situation is somewhat unpredictable, and it is common to see the teachers destroying each other.

Combat is a time when people’s instincts are laid bare.

Blaze seems to be thinking of including me in the B team’s strength. This means that he’s ready to be an ally of the A team.

Today, I’m going to have a battle with Blaze. But I don’t think I’m as good as they say I am. B-rank adventurer is just an ordinary person who can fight a little better than most.

I don’t think I would worth more than one more person if I joined.

As I walked down the corridor, the bell for the start of the school day rang out softly.

We took a deep breath as we reached class 2-A, and opened the door.

TL notes:

My brain is damn foggy this week. I kept messed out the chapter order and forgot to proof read some… the damn sleeping drugs work too well on my body, it seems.

ah one more thing, if you find something odd/wrong please comment, I feel like I will definitely screw something up this week, I cannot shake off this feeling.


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