PMZ 066 – How to wash your hands properly

AN Note: Some of you may feel uncomfortable. If you have a bad feeling about this, please skip it.  

TL Note: eh… I mean, yeah, it’s Kinda lewd… but… it’s still SFW, so ignore that AN Note.  

The next day.   

The school is closed for today and tomorrow.   

And it’s the day of the engagement party that Betty is throwing for us.  

Lav is also coming to the party later, and her face is tearing up as she says she’s looking forward to it. By the way, my brother is not coming.  

The venue is a large dining bar facing the street near the fountain square. The time is from five in the evening. I’m sure Lav will meet many people he hasn’t seen in a long time, so I hope she enjoys herself.  

In the morning, I went back to the house on 15th street and did some light cleaning.  

I don’t have a servant here, so I need to do everything myself, which is quite fun.  

After dusting, I turn on the vacuum cleaner; this a magic tool that incorporates wind magic, and I go around the house.  

“I just finished cleaning the bathroom.”  

“Thank you very much. I’m almost done with this too.”  

Hayato comes out of the bathroom and wipes his wet arms.  

It’s a little late to say it now, but they do look like newlyweds.  

I finished vacuuming, put the magic tools in the storage room under the stairs, and went to the sink to wash my hands, but it turns out that it is still being cleaned.  

I slipped under Hayato’s arm, who was polishing the mirror with a scrap of cloth in his hand and poured magic power into the switch on the magic tool at his feet that activated water magic and fire magic at the same time. Then hot water comes out of the faucet.  

The shower works similarly, and every time I use it, I realize how convenient it is. I picked up my favorite lavender essential oil-infused soap and wet it with hot water.  

“Sorry to disturb you, I’ll be done soon.”  

“No problem. I’m actually done here. I’ll wash my hands too.”  

He put the scraps in the wastebasket beside him and held out his hands from both sides as if he were holding me between them.  

isn’t it even harder to wash your hands in this position?  

“I’ll do it for you. Just hold still, please.”  

I put the soap on Hayato’s right palm and wrapped it with my hand to make a foam.  

A thick scent of lavender rose with the bubbles, making them a little slippery.  

I put down the soap and rub our foam-covered hands together. His hands are large and calloused, distinctly different from my own hands.  

As I glide the bubble over them, I feel strangely excited.  

I felt like this is something I shouldn’t do.  

Still, I couldn’t stop what I had started, so I washed his fingertips as quickly as possible and worked my way to his left hand.  

I hurriedly tried to rinse the bubble from his hand, but he interrupts me, “Your hand is not clean yet, this time, I’ll wash it for you.” He said with his sexy voice from behind.  

“… it’s pretty much clean. So, I’m done.”  

“No, look there’s still so much dirt left.”  

Right. he is actually correct.  

I was aware of it, so I decided to accept it quietly.   

But I would soon regret this decision.  

After rinsing and reapplying the soap, his newly foam-covered fingers stroked my palm.  

At this point, I had a premonition.   


I wondered why I felt so nervous and embarrassed, even though all he was doing is washing my hands.  

“Hey ……! that tickles!”  

I clenched my palms and resisted, but he twisted his wet fingers through the gap and made me open them.  

“Please bear with it, you need to understand what did I feel.”  

“How do you feel?”  

“You don’t get it?”  

He carefully stroked the palm of his hand, then turned it over and wrapped it around the back of my hand, moving it back and forth slowly.  

Eventually, he slid it down to my fingertips, where he stopped and pinched the first joint of my index finger with his thumb and middle finger.  

Then, using his fingertips, he rubs the tips of my nail with great care.  

I don’t know what makes me think this, but for some reason, the image and the feel of it make me feel like we were doing something very wrong.  

“I-I probably get it! no, I mean, I get it! seriously!”  

“Okay, that’s good then.”  

He rubbed the tips of all my nails in the same way, then grabbed my thumb and rubbed it up and down.  

When he finished with the little finger, he put his fingertip between the fingers and moved it to tickle the base.  

That was the moment I reached my limit.  

“That’s enough……! I’ll do the rest myself.”  

“Why? I’m almost done.”  

What should I do? he refused to stop.  

I couldn’t help but look up and see his smile in the mirror as he washed my hands.  

It’s a sadistic smile.  

He seemed to think it was fun to make me upset. I knew he had an S-side personality.  

As if he noticed my gaze, he suddenly looked up, and our eyes met through the mirror.  

I stared at him for a bit, and then he smiled a smile that was sweet in a wicked way and kissed me on the cheek.  

My brain stopped. It’s overloaded from too much visual violence.  

Thinking back, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Hayato and me back-to-back.  

We don’t usually stand in front of a mirror together, you know.  

I see, that’s how we look when we stand together.  

[We look pretty good together, don’t we?]  

I muttered to myself in my brain, feeling a bit smug, and started to escape from reality.  

My brain hit point is too small, if he did more than this, I’m sure my memory will be compressed into a zip file, and it will be quarantined somewhere in my brain.  

While I was frozen, Hayato finished washing my wrists and quickly rinsed them with hot water.  

The warmth of the water made me feel relieved and relaxed.  

Took him too long. But, he finished…  

No, it was probably only a couple of minutes, but it felt like a long time as if time and space were distorted.  

When I muttered, “Thank you very much ……,” while feeling exhausted, Hayato looked at me curiously, “What?” He looked as if he’s questioning my words.  

“I haven’t washed the left hand yet.”  



Apparently, my memory had already been partially zipped.  

“Okay, now the left hand. We’re almost there. Bear with it.”  

Another lap.   

The goal of the hand-washing endurance race seemed so far away, I thought, as I watched my left palm get covered in bubbles and left to Hayato’s mercy.  

I know, I’m the one who started it, But I definitely didn’t go this far.  

For some reason, I was drained even though I had just washed my hands (to be exact had him do it for me), and it took me a few minutes before I’m able to move again. 

TL Note:   

I will postpone ch067 for tomorrow, because it’s … hard, seriously. And its a beautiful chapter, so I want to translate it with my best ability. 


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  1. Eclat says:

    What’s so lewd about handwashing? Or am I just really that naive 🤔

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    Thank you for the chapters!!!
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    I thinks this is entirely my own perverted mind, but I think the allusion of hand washing for Hayato was a hand j** and for Alisha, I believe is entirely that the nerves in the palms of the hand were overstimulated.

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