PMZ 079 – Big sis Elizabeth (Elizabeth Aneki).

In the evening, when we returned to the duke’s house, we thanked my father for the financial support he gave for the party and reported Maria’s case to him, and asked for his assistance.

My father didn’t seem to have a good feeling about this, to set up a meet between His Highness and Maria, but he asked us to leave this matter with him and basically keep washing our hands from this matter.

Thank you, father. It’s not that I want to be actively involved in this, it’s just that it would be best if they were happy without my knowledge.

And so, the vacation was over in a flash, and a new week began.

After arriving at the academy and seeing Hayato off at the main gate, I headed for the back entrance.

When I entered the female faculty locker room with a slightly depressed feeling, a visitor was ahead of me. And after I took a good look, I found out that it was someone I knew.

“Oh? You’re…”

“Oh, good morning. Alice.”

Why she’s here?

She is a girl from my former class, Lady Elizabeth. She is the eldest daughter of a certain duke’s family and was one of the parties involved in last year’s turmoil.

This is because her fiancé was the knight commander’s son, one of Maria’s reverse harem members.

As a matter of course, she’s probably already broken off the engagement, but…

“Why is Lady Elizabeth here?”

Same with Alice. I’m also a teacher here. I got a call from the new chancellor on Saturday, so…

“Ah, Is that so? That’s so sudden.”

“Same goes with Alice. I heard from the chancellor that you’ve been infiltrating the academy in pursuit of your fiancé. And you’ve been doing a great job at it.”

Lady Elizabeth was supposed to marry into the apex of a strong family (physically). She has a very strong-willed personality that matched it. She is like a rough big sister to me. {raw: Aneki}

In fact, she is one year older than me. When she was thirteen years old, her territory was hit by a flood, and her whole family had to deal with it, which delayed her entrance to the school for a year.

That’s why she talks to me so openly.

I don’t know why, but all the girls around me are like this… they are easy to get along with, so it’s alright.

“Is Elizabeth also here for her fiancée?”

“No, It’s not so often that you could get a chance to get engaged again. The best ones are already signed. It’s just that Alice’s case is special because she’s an oddball. My option was to be either the Queen’s maid of honor or a nun, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to do either.”

Her Majesty the Queen is a graceful but harsh and strong woman.

For some reason, I never got beaten up because I am good at dealing with such women, but I have seen a scene where a maid was being punished.

“Right? So, when the new chancellor asked me to help out with the shortage of teachers, I said, [I’ll do it!] immediately. “

“I see.”

It is true that the reason why the academy is in a state of disarray right now is due to the lack of high-ranking noblemen on the teaching staff.

Because she is a member of a duke’s family, she has plenty of family power, and her personality is also suitable for this.

She is the perfect person for the current academy.

“I understand. I look forward to working with you from now on, Miss Elizabeth.”

“Yes. Nice to meet you, Miss Ellie.”

Miss Elizabeth winked at me.

I change my clothes while chatting with her side by side. I brought a tight dress from home today to look like a 20-year-old.

In order to appeal to Hayato that I’m not chubby, I need to make it tight around the waist. I’m pretty concerned about that.

“–But if you think about it, Elizabeth’s name is more suitable to be called as Ellie. It’s going to be a bit complicated.”

“Well, that’s true. But don’t worry about it. Also… you’ve changed a lot. If the principal didn’t tell me beforehand, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

“Fufu, that’s right! I’ve been reborn.” —  Literally!

“Yes, the current you is so much better. I’ve already told you, you shouldn’t wear so much makeup and you shouldn’t have to hide your figure with so many ornaments on your clothes.”

At that time, she was the only one who kept pointing it out to me. Now that I know she’s right, I regret not listening to her before.

“You are so right that it hurts me.”

“Alice’s personal color is probably a mix of spring and summer. But I think spring is the dominant one.”

“Personal color? In other words, it’s colors that suit you, right? My mother told me that I shouldn’t worry about it until my late twenties and that I should use as many colors as I want in my teens.”

“But it’s good to know, isn’t it? I heard that spring is not a good time to wear heavy makeup. They say it’s better to be transparent in the summer too, which is the opposite of Alice.”

The opposite.

It’s true that I used to want to be someone different, someone, who wasn’t me.

I was wearing heavy makeup on purpose.

The one who is constantly being watched, denied and ridiculed, is not me. It was the woman who was wearing the heavy makeup. They won’t even scratch my real self – or so I was used to believe.

I was protecting my heart by believing that. There was no way I could become someone else just because I wore more makeup.

“You look like a …… winter person, don’t you? You look great with bright red lipstick.”

“Oh, you noticed? Yes. I’m a winter. My color is black and blue.”

I agree. I think such clear colors match Elizabeth’s personality.

“You, on the other hand, is like a spring, so warm and fuzzy~”

“I’m not fuzzy.”

Elizabeth smiled, turning her face to the mirror and reapplied the red lipstick on her lips.

She was dressed in the same white blouse and tight black skirt as I was the other day. She was slightly tall and slender, with a model-like figure, shiny black hair, and white skin. The difference of only one year makes her look much more mature.

“Let’s go to the teacher’s office together, shall we? Ms. Ellie. Actually, I’ve been looking forward to seeing your new fiancé today. I heard a great rumor that he has a prince-like aura.”

“I’m not going to give him to you!”

“I don’t want it. I don’t want to end up like Maria.”

Aneki laughed and walked briskly away. She’s so cool.

As we walked side by side to the teacher’s office, we ran into lady Esmé, who had just arrived at school.

“Oh Miss Ellie, senior Elizabeth, good morning.”

“Good morning.”

As Esmé bowed to me in a much more formal manner, I assessed my position in her mind.

I’m really bad at this…

“I’ve become a teacher too. Nice to meet you, lady Esmeralda.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

She looked at Elizabeth with a hint of admiration, then suddenly looked at me and smiled. For some reason, I felt that it was more like she was laughing at me.

“Oi, why did you just laugh?”

“What? No, I just thought it was kind of cute. You look great in your dress today. It’s a little too erotic, though.”

“Please call it sexy. Adults need sex appeal.”

When I said that, she laughed again.

What is this feeling of my lack of appeal? It might just because I don’t feel older than her.

……eh? Wait a minute. Was my mental age was that low?

“Okay, then, Ellie-sensei, please give me your guidance again today.”

“…Okay, please take care of me as well.”

I went to the teacher’s office, thinking about my weakness that I just noticed.

After Elizabeth’s self-introduction in the meeting, the two of us newcomers were assigned to walk along with a senior teacher, each as a trainee today.

My instructor was Mr. Lawrence. He is the homeroom teacher of Hayato’s class. I’m sure he’s taking this assignment with great consideration.

When I thanked the chancellor, he said–

“No, I didn’t mean it like it. It’s just a coincidence.

Ah right, you, here. Tell him to write something a little more decent.”

He said and thrust out in front of me a sheet of paper Hayato submitted. It’s a report on the mock battle we had the other day before the break.

Or rather, this is a reflection paper written by Hayato.

The chancellor read out the reflection paper.

“I made a mistake and turned the school building into gas. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Hayato Ridill.”

….is that guy’s an idiot. This almost like a 10-year-old child wrote it.”

The teachers, including Elizabeth, sighed at the size of that apology line.

“He got a perfect score on the admission exam, but what’s with this stupidity?

The first thing to do is to make sure that you can convey how it happened and how sorry you are. …… No. At least tell him not to make it that short. ALSO, you checked it first, didn’t you? Why did you decide to submit this to me as is?”

“I just thought this would suffice…”

 The chancellor sighed and said, “Haah”.

“…This married couple really a match made in heaven.”

“We’re not married yet.”

“It changes nothing. You two have the same thought process.”

No way, no way. I’m not that similar to that person.

“… Don’t blush. It’s not a compliment.”

That’s mean.


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