bu bu busyy week

ah let’s start with my rant (lol)

First of all, my house almost collapsed, no kidding lol, the roof literally almost fell on my head, so I need to repair that, I called some expert already but this will took about 2 more week to finish.

ah, you need to know that I live in a tropical area, so termite is thriving here, to be precise I live in Indonesia, a corrupt country with beautiful landscape. egh let’s skip the politics sides. let’s focus on why I’m delaying the update.

second point, since my roof is under repair, it’s LOUD here… like freaking loud, even my semi-soundproof room cannot shield me from the noise, since it traveled trough the ceiling.

and to make it worse, the dust stored in the ceiling is coming down, it’s triggering my allergic reaction, I feel like breathing trough thick air this past week. A very beautiful experience that almost sent me to heaven.

third, I started a new project with my friend, some of my “inner” circle decides that we will make some crappy animation project since we got jealous (yes let’s just admit it, we are jealous AF of the man named Vernalta, we do respect him too though.) will it hinder the translation, Nah, don’t worry. this and that is a separate matter. this is my hobby, and that’s kind of my job.

so yeah, that’s about it for this week rant, and if you had a chance please subscribe to our tiktok and youtube. it’s exclusively using Indonesian language tho.



My twitter: (mot exclusively using Indonesian language, that is my personal account)


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  1. mya ayla says:

    I didn’t know who Venalta was so I googled it.
    Well, good luck on your animation work.
    Now that you are updating, does it mean your roof is no longer under construction?
    If so, congratulations on getting out of that uncomfortable life.
    Check out chapter 86 if you have time.

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