PMZ 082 – Imbalance

2-B’s class ended there, followed by 1-A and 2-C. 2-C was the worst of the bunch and I had a hard time dealing with them, but the first year’s freshness was soothing.  

It was hard for me to believe that this is the same school I attended last year, in many ways.  

At lunchtime I was invited to join Elizabeth, then she sighs.  

”So tired… I feel like I’m working too hard.”  

It’s true, especially when it’s your first day, and considering her position as high ranking noble, it’s kind of impossible to work without feeling tired.  

“Thank you for your hard work. How was your class?  

“It’s nothing special. Why is this year’s school so rough? The only decent class was A-class.”  

“Oh, so teaching the A class too?”  

Elizabeth leaned forward on the table and whispered.  

“Right, I saw your fiancée! What was that? He is so cool!”  

“I know, right? Do you understand why I’m so worried?”  

“Well, yes. You know, all your boyfriends are so high leveled. though, you can be considered a high-ranking lady.”  

“What are you talking about? I’ve only had two partners, right? Don’t phrase it as if I had so many partners.”  

Aneki laughed and put her hand on her lunch.  

“I’m saying that both of them are extraordinary. That’s why they attract bugs. There’s also something like Maria MK.II, …you should be careful with that.”  

“Already did, but it didn’t have that much effect.”  

“Oh, really? Hmmm… I was in a similar situation last year, so I understand why you can’t be too forceful. Jealousy is ugly, and bullying is cowardly. Did they use to say that right? I really cannot do much about it.”  

“That’s right, …I don’t want him feels disillusioned about me. Should I show more of my jealousy?”  

“I don’t know, I wasn’t loved by my ex-fiancée either… But you should at least tell him how you feel.   

Looking back to last year, I didn’t do that, maybe that’s why I wasn’t qualified to stand on the starting line.”  

“The starting line?”  

“Yes. The starting line of a relationship. I’ve never really told my ex-fiancée that I liked him. I felt like it was a bit immodest for a woman to say something like that. Still, we had known each other for a long time, so I thought he understood. But…”  

Elizabeth took a breath and paused.  

“He didn’t get it at all! All of it! He didn’t understand me at all! He didn’t know that I cared for him in my own way! He thought that our letter exchange with that flowery words and the conversation at the tea party when I complimented him on his clothes were all just formal social etiquette! I was not even dumped by him, we never even started.”  

Elizabeth said at once and sipped her tea.  

“It’s too late to talk about your feelings after they’ve left you… It’s too late to even begin. No matter how hard we try to build a new relationship, it’s already over in his mind. No matter what you say, it won’t reach him.”  

“I guess so, it was hard for him to understand that your efforts to be a good wife, is Elizabeth’s way to say that you cherish him.”  

“There’s a difference between trying to be a good wife and trying to have a good relationship with someone. I didn’t understand that before.”  

As she was saying this, a familiar voice came up behind me.  

“Huh?  Elizabeth-senpai and Mrs. Ellie. Are you two having lunch together?”   

When I turned around, Luke and Hayato were in the lunchroom with us.  

“What’s up Luke. I’m not your senpai anymore, call me teacher. Are you the one with is your brother-in-law? It’s good to see you two are getting along.”  

“I don’t mean it to be like that, I just thought I should protect him. My brother-in-law doesn’t seem to have a very good way of handling women.”  

Luke then casually tried to sit down next to me, But Elizabeth called out to him and urged Luke to sit beside her.  

“Sit here for a second.”  

“What is it?”  

“I heard you’ve been slacking off. I’ve been meaning to give you a lecture.”  

As Aneki began her sermon, Hayato, who sat next to me, chuckled and spoke up.  

“Teach, I’ve heard that Luke already understands most of the material without having to attend every class. Don’t scold him too much.”  

“That won’t do. If you learn to take it easy here, it will drag you down after graduation. Luke, when you graduate, you will inherit your father’s title and rebuild your family, right? get it? if you continue to do like this, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice.”  

“I understand… haah, I can’t win against Elizabeth senpai.”  

Luke said that, but with a not-so-satisfied look on his face, he put his hand on the lunch that had been brought to him. He stabbed a strawberry from the small dessert plate with his fork and threw it into the mouth of Elizabeth, who was lecturing him.  

Aneki without realizing just accept it like that, but soon after, she realized.  

“Is it good? You liked fruit, didn’t you, senpai? I remember when we used to have a tea party at my house, I never left the chocolate fountain for this.”  

Aneki’s face turned red as she almost made a noise.  



Is this…  

When I glanced at Hayato, he seemed to have thought the same thing and gave me an amused look.  

“I’ve only heard of chocolate fountains through rumors. Let me see it sometime, Luke.”  

“Oh, that would be great. Since we’re having a good time, why don’t we invite Miss Elizabeth to join us?”  

By the way, the chocolate fountain was the first magic tool that my brother Chris, who had a sweet tooth, made. He said it was the result of his desire to be hit by a waterfall of chocolate, it seems that both worlds are the same, many technologies are born because of the desire of the sweet tooth owner.  

I’m not sure if Luke sensed some strange pressure from us, but he smiled suspiciously.  

“Also… why don’t you join us, Mrs. Ellie?” {persistent bastard}  

“I can’t. I’m planning to spend my day off with my husband.”  

“I see.”  

Luke’s head hung down, and he quickly regained his composure and faced Elizabeth. His face has become more mature since the time of my graduation.  

“Well then, senpai, please come and visit us on your day off. I’ll borrow some magic tools from Brother Chris for the fountain.”  


That’s a good idea, a chocolate fountain. I’ll borrow it next time, too. I’m going to use it for my tea party with Betty.  

“Listen, brother-in-law Hayato. When a woman is angry, if you give her something sweet to eat, it usually calms her down. It’s worth remembering this fact.”  

“I see. But that’s not something you should say in front of a woman, is it?”  

It’s true. Are you Osamu Dazai?   

TL Notes:  

brain fried too hard to find a good word replacement for senpai, senior will do but it sounds so strange. 

do I need to explain Ozamu Dazai? well, tldr he is a novelist, a famous one, I think I’ve seen him in FGO at some point. 


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    Well, I like “senpai” so I’m fine with keeping it as it is.

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