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I noticed after the bell of lunch break end rang Hayato kept emitting this strange aura, but we need to go back to the staff room, I went there with Elizabeth.  

On the way, she staring at me with a curious face and I asked “what is it?”  

“To think of it, you and Luke are so similar, is it because you’re cousins? …gah, it feels weird.”  

“That’s rude, more importantly, does it mean Luke had a chance?”  

Then her cheek blushed a little and she turned her gaze away.  

“If he does have a chance then talk to him, we just talked about that earlier, didn’t we? If you don’t convey your feelings properly, you won’t even be able to stand on the starting line.”  

“Yes, but …I’m older than you, and I’m the kind of girl who would let Maria snatch my fiancé.”  

“You can’t use that as an excuse, besides Luke has a thing for older women. The fact that he still hasn’t decided on a fiancée may have something to do with that. Our father only brings him marriage proposals with girls around the same age or a little younger.”  

Yes, I’m sure my father chooses it for good reason, but Luke never seems to be satisfied with father’s choice, At that time I also wonder why. But if the words the principal said held some truth in it then Elizabeth possesses a clear advantage in this matter.  

“I will stop him from playing around with women regardless, and I will bring this matter to father, I don’t think he will mind your canceled engagement factor too much, since I was in the same boat.”  

“That’s too hasty… I don’t know how I feel about Luke, it’s just… I finally realized he is not a kid anymore.”  

“…is that so?”  

I guess I’m too hasty to get her engaged out of nowhere. I think it’s better to wait and see.  

When I arrived at the teacher’s office, I met up with Mr. Lawrence and headed to my afternoon class. The next class is 2-A. Hayato’s class.  

Walking a little ahead of me, Mr. Lawrence said.  

“Do you think Hayato needs self-defense? I don’t think he needs it.”  

“I think so too, but that’s a mandatory class Afterall, and he had no choice but to take it …”  

He’s been banned from participating in mock battle, and to be honest I don’t know if he can learn something from this academy.”  

“That’s true. But at the very least he can make a connection while he is here.”  

“Yeah, In the end, that is the most important thing. The connections you make here will last a lifetime, so I hope he will do it smoothly.”  

That’s right.  

I think the time you spend at the school is much more intense than attending a tea ceremony or evening parties. Even after graduation, there are parties for the classmates, and both parents will occasionally show up at such parties.  

It’s truly a lifelong relationship.  

“Hayato is the first generation, right? if he can find a reliable vassal while he is here, it might make it easier later.”  

“A potential vassal? …right, there’s that too.”  

Even though he has the support of my father, I can’t ask my father to do everything for us. It would be a lot easier if there was even one person from a noble family among the retainers who knew their stuff.  

But there’s only about half a year left until graduation, the summer vacation is also coming soon, and his time at the school might be too short to find someone he can entrust his life to.  

Still thinking about this, I entered the class. Inside, most of the students had already gathered and were waiting, chatting with each other in groups of their preference.  

Hayato is a member of the group that had a party in the lunchroom the other day, plus one other person had joined them, it’s Julius.  

I was relieved to see that he seemed to be fitting in well.  

As for Miss Anna, she doesn’t seem to have anyone she gets along with very well, so she is standing alone and unassuming. I’m sure Julius was taking care of her until now, but after the incident the other day, even Julius seems to be keeping his distance.  

The scene was exactly of that social group in society, the power of relationship is obvious.  

I wonder if I can take this opportunity to have a little chat with Miss Anna.  

I want to know what kind of person she is.  

I walked up to her before the bell rang and called out to her.  

“Miss Anna?”  


Miss Anna’s shoulders jumped and she looked at me. She looked a little frightened, but she seemed to be more open to conversation than when I was Alisha.  

“Are you good at self-defense?”  

“No, I’m not. I’m not good at…”  

“I see. It looks like today is the day you’ll be working with the boys, are you okay with that?”  

“H-huh, th-that’s ……yes. I’m fine…”  

I observed her as I felt a strong hint that our conversation would not continue. Her eyes are slightly downcast, but her gaze wanders here and there, and her hands are arranged in front of her, the fingers moving restlessly and fidgeting.  

She wasn’t like this when she talked to Hayato. Maybe she really wasn’t good with women.  

Suddenly, I noticed that the nails on her fingertips were cut deeper than I would expect from a noblewoman. Her family was a baronial one, but I had never heard of them being in any particular distress. I don’t think she wears her nails so deep because of her domestic work.  

If that’s the case, is this a psychological thing? I heard that people who are under a lot of stress daily tend to take it out on their nails.  

“Miss Anna. Are you okay?”  

I asked her, and after a moment of silence, she blinks, sniffed and her hands were shaking slightly. Maybe she was holding back tears.  

Somehow, I was convinced that she wasn’t like Maria, and I thought I should go a little deeper. Because if she can only get along with boys, maybe become reason she thinks she can get along with my fiancée.  

I hope with me getting involved she will realize that what she’s doing plundering the man from others, and not just innocent picking up a man.  

People who can betray those close to them in this way will betray them again someday. My thinking might be biased, but I don’t think I’m wrong.  

“Then… would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow during your lunch break? Teach, I needed to talk to you.”  

Elly would definitely be easier to talk to than Alisha. Identity theft is more convenient than you think.  

When I gave her a small nod, the bell rang. The class was about to start.  

The girls who didn’t have a fiancé in the class started rushing to Hayato.  

“Hayato, would you like to partner up with me?”  

“No, with me.”  

“I’d love to learn from you, Hayato.”  

He retreated, looking as if he had been pressured by the incoming ladies, and casually hid behind Mr. Maurice. However, Maurice quickly retreated to the side and offered the prey to the carnivorous girls. The prey glanced at us with a “betrayed” look on his face.  

Yeah, this man, for whatever reason, didn’t get into this kind of trouble in the city, maybe because it was possible to escape in the city and because of the control of his fan club.  

It seems that the only thing he didn’t refuse was a handshake, probably because of his father’s habits, but somehow that stopped too at some point.  

Needless to say, there was no escape during class.  

He might need help with this.  

“Well, Ladies. We’re running out of time, so if you could just—”  

“Miss Ellie?”  

When I turned around, I found myself in a swarm of boys. It looked like the room of an athletic club, and I couldn’t help but back away at the unpleasant sight.  

“Don’t worry about the girls. Let’s leave them to Mr. Lawrence and leave them alone. We’re going to be diligent, and I want Mrs. Ellie to watch us.”  

“E-ehhhh, but…”  

When I look towards the mountain of girls, I see my fiancé flailing, his arms grabbed from both sides. It seems that self-defense is necessary for him as well. The secret of self-defense lies in the mind, as Mr. Lawrence said, and it’s so true.  

At the moment Mr. Lawrence seems to be busy with Anna, so he is useless. The atmosphere is romantic as if an event in an otome game is going on there.  

I’d be happy if they went down the Mr. Lawrence route, but I’d also like them to pay a little attention to the hellscape on our side.  

Ellie(me) is surrounded by boys. I’m a little scared.  

“I’m sure you’re all very good, so there’s no need for me to do anything.”  

“What, you’re not going to give us a demonstration?”  


“I heard that they gave demonstrations to the B and C class students. We’ve been looking forward to it so much, and it’s unfair that you’re not doing it for us.”  

Why it’s unfair?  

I wondered what kind of story they were getting.  

“Ellie-sensei’s shameful lesson, please!”  

Who said that!? I just doing my job!”  

As I was unable to continue with my retort, I was suddenly hugged from behind. I twisted my shoulders to get out of the way, and at the same time, I turned around and slammed my elbow into his midsection, and hit my student face with my palm.  

“ “OOOHH!” “  

Don’t [ooh] that! What the hell are you trying to do here? are you practicing to be a pervert!  

“Hayato, hold on properly. You’re not putting in any effort at all.”  

When I heard the girl’s voice, I looked at Hayato and saw him grabbing the girl’s wrist.  

I don’t know how long he has been looking at me, but his eyes stare scared me.  

While we couldn’t take our eyes off each other, Hayato took the girl’s hand and posed to hug her from behind, while I was in the same situation, but my mouth was covered in an unrestrained attack.  

Maybe it’s because they are not dealing with a female student, but they really don’t have any reservations.  

is-is this the way women with fiancés are treated !?  

I grabbed the little finger of the hand that covered my mouth and pushed the joint to the other side, and when my hand came away, I did a karate flip and the pervert fell to the floor. I quickly held his shoulders with my legs to prevent him from getting up, and the crowd cheered and clapped.  

“that should be enough, now you can try it yourselves.”  

“No, there’s still some move you haven’t shown us yet!”  

We continuing?  

I was lifted up and my feet were in the air. Then the girls said, “Hey, Hayato. You haven’t done it yet. “I looked and saw my fiancé, who had fallen to his knees and was slumped over with his hands on the floor.  

The man holding me up speaks into my ear.  

“Miss Ellie. Will you make me your servant until you return home?”  


I twisted the back of his hand as hard as I could, and when he let go of it, I gave him an iron elbow.  

TL note:   

Class A … of perversion. 


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