PMZ 087 – The Magic of the Waltz

I had accidentally misspoken, and I tried to find an excuse immediately. People with a careless nature eventually become good at making excuses. You can even call it my specialty now.

“Yes, of course, I could tell, this person had a powerful touch that you don’t find in women, right? Listen to it once again.”

“Yes, you are right teach… amazing.”

Alright, she believes it!

The key to this kind of thing is to say it with confidence, don’t even hesitate. I think the most effective way is to use momentum to push through, even if you need to force it.

I could hear Hayato laughing out loud from the ear cuff. Then he deliberately softened his tone. The nocturne suddenly transformed into a feminine tone, and Miss Anna looked puzzled.

“It’s as if he can hear our conversation…”

Ugh… did he want to play his prank on me?


“Fufufu, teacher. No way that is true, I’m just kidding.”

I’m sorry, but you are spot on.

But if the conversation topic becomes sensitive, I will cut off communication. Please bear with it.

I’m not sure if it’s because of my position as a teacher or because of Hayato’s music support, but it seems to me that Miss Anna has become quite relaxed.

Let’s bring up a heavier topic when she’s feeling comfortable.

However, I feel like Hayato is completely messing with me.

As I was thinking about this, the nocturne ended, and a light waltz began. It seemed that he had decided that it was about time we proceed to the next stage.

The song called “Tsuki no Waltz” it added a gorgeous touch to the warm atmosphere of the place.

At that moment, the door opened, and the maids came in pushing a wagon.

The moon waltz was over, and in its place, the melody from the nursery rhyme that everyone familiar with began to play in the waltz arrangement.

He is pretty pumped.

“The guy who plays this is amazing. … It’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone make a waltz out of a nursery rhyme. I wonder if he’s trying to start a music group.”

“I don’t know about that, but it seems that you are ready to start our talk.”

I moved from the couch to the table before saying that she would like to see the pianist, and after saying a formal prayer, we began to eat.

“Do you have a favorite food, Anna?”

“I like sweet things. I also like fruit.”

“That’s very girlish of you. By the way, I heard that you also like to bake cookies. Do you give them to your family?”

“Yes, I do. Everyone loves them. They say it was delicious. …Oh, my grandmother is the only one who doesn’t say anything about them.”


She started talking on her own. I think I’ve completed my first objective.

Knowing that, touch the ear cuff to turned off the communication function. I ended much earlier than I would’ve expected.

We’re going to talk about something private, about her family. No matter how much curiosity Hayato had, he couldn’t hear her without Anna’s consent.

“Your grandmother, is it? Are you close with her?”

“Well, she’s not a bad person, still, a naggy one, and I don’t talk to her much these days.”


“Because my mom cried a lot when I did.”

“Is she that strict? Is your grandmother that strict?”

“for me? She’s annoying at most, but to my mom, she’s a scary existence. When I told my mom to stop crying and say what in her mind, she scolds me, ‘You can say that because you are her granddaughter, while I can’t say anything because I’m an outsider.’ “

“I see…”

A timid daughter-in-law paired with a strict mother-in-law. The worst possible match.

“What does your father do in such cases?”

“My father does warn my grandmother, but not too strongly. He’s not very good with her either.”

“Is that so… By the way, what kind of things does your grandmother get into trouble with your mother about?”

“It’s all small things. Like the kind of flowers to decorate the hall, the dress’s design to wear to a party. If we were to host a tea party, the atmosphere in the house would be terrible. I’d get sick of it. I wonder why we can’t get along.”

You’ve really started to talk a lot. You are a much more normal girl than I thought.

But the issue of wives and mothers-in-law is complex… This is probably the kind of thing that can’t be solved no matter which side you’re on. It’s not that either of them is bad. It’s just that they are very assertive.

But just imagining spending your childhood in a cramped house and then being caught between your grandmother and your mother when you grow up… it’s unsettling.

“Anna, do you have …… someone you can trust?”

Anna then fell silent and cried.

“There is no such person… in my life.”

“What about your father?”

“…My dad is too busy with work to bother with me. I’m not sure what to do… I don’t like that house. I want to get out of here.”

She wiped away her tears and tried not to cry anymore. She’s got a strong side, but she’s not strong enough to deal with this problem on her own.

She’s a noble family daughter, and she’s only fourteen, so it can’t be helped. However, I can’t overlook the fact that she wants to leave as soon as possible, and the option she chooses is to bother Hayato.

“What about the engagement? Have you decided yet?”

“Yes. We’ve had a lot of visitors, but Dad and Grandmother seem to be having a disagreement, so it’s not easy.”

There are many kinds of people out there. Yes, many…

A little annoyed, I replied, “I see,” and looking for the following words to say. Then she called out to me.

“I’m glad I could talk to you today. I’m scared of women because they get angry easily over small things… I’ve started talking only with boys, but they seem to fall in love with me right away. In the end, I find it hard to talk to them. I don’t intend to do that at all.”

You naugh… No, no, no, it’s not good to get angry over small things.

Rather than that, isn’t this the perfect time to solve her problem?

“Is there really no one you like, for like, in the same class.”

She blushed and nodded her head.

“Yes… I fell in love at first sight. He’s the most wonderful man I’ve ever seen.”

“But he has a fiancée, doesn’t he? I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“But… his fiancée is a horrible person. Her status is too high, and I think he will have a hard time if he gets together with that fiancé… I want to be the one to heal him.”

Is that how you see me!

Bad person (villainess) of his high status … and she’s giving Hayato a hard time… I can’t even deny it!

But it’s none of your business!

It’s a problem that should be solved by us, not by others.

“… That’s not going to make you happy, is it? I think it’s best to have a straightforward love affair with someone you can walk with without fear of anyone else.”

“My happiness is… I want to make someone I love happy. I think that’s my happiness.”

“Then why don’t you make your mother happy first? If you do something unjust and can’t stay home, the person who will be the saddest will be your mother, right?”

“She won’t be sad because of me. Because she’s the saddest person in the world when my grandmother is angry with her.”

“I don’t think that’s true…”

It’s a pretty messed-up family relationship. ……

It seems as if everyone has given up on a bright family.

If your desire to get `out from that family leads you to steal other women’s man, then your action was no different than self-harm.

It’s great to want to make someone else happy, but if you don’t think it’s okay to be happy yourself – you’ll end up making that someone else unhappy too.

If you love someone who doesn’t care about your happiness, you will definitely suffer. It’s like being constantly told that you’re useless. Her mother’s relationship with her grandmother is a good example.

It’s not that Miss Anna doesn’t love her mother. She even refrains from talking to her grandmother out of consideration for her mother. And yet, it doesn’t work.

… I think this calls for an intervention from the outside.

“Hey, Anna… Would you like to hire me?”

“What, Hire you?”

Yes. I’m very good with older women.

I’m so good with older women that I’ve never get into Her Royal Highness nerves!

I said that while joyful nursery rhyme waltz was still going on.

TL notes:

there’s no way I will search for that exact song, too many waltzes with moon element in it. It could be anything.

In case you don’t remember, the Queen is famous for being overly strict with anyone except Alisha.


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