LDM 485 – After the survey of the dungeon site

AN note: Written as “survey” but read as “date”.

TL note: yo, it’s me again, you all know the drill, I will be translating this until the Ziru feels like to translate again, I will stop when he writes his updates. Yes, just like last time.

And just reminder, I won’t bend with Niku(Meat) name, everything else I could edit to your liking later, but Niku is the only thing I won’t change.

After finishing the dungeon tour and meeting up with Naana, I released my possession and returned to the [Cave of Desire] master room.

When I woke up from sleep, I found Rokuko laying down beside me, she was the one who wanted to go home quickly because she didn’t want to climb the 12 floors of stairs.

“Oh, welcome home, Kehma.”

 “…I’m home. What are you doing here?”

Rokuko is hugging my arm, just like Rokufa just did.

“uhm, i-it’s hitting me. Get off please.”

“You didn’t say that before.”

“It was Narikin and Rokufa that did it. … it’s different when Rokuko herself does it, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.“

“fuun~,” says Rokuko, looking into my face as she smiles at me.

“oh well… but I don’t like it, so I won’t leave.”

“because you don’t like it, you won’t leave?”

“If I leave now, I will leave in bad mood.”

In other words, she seems to be in a good mood now for some reason. I wonder why.

“Hey, dar—ling?”

“…I think you should only do that when you’re in Rokufa, you know, just in case.”

“We’ve even got a child now, I don’t know what you worried about.”

Rokuko teases me by rubbing her body against my arm. She behaves like a cat, so I tickled her under the chin, and she lets out a cat-like “nyah” and jolted.

“~Afuu, that… don’t do that…”

“Fufuhn, I’m not just going to stay and take it quietly, Rokuko.”

I pushed Rokuko off and got out of the futon. As I stretched out, I noticed that my body was quite stiff.

It’s a strange feeling of being tired but not exhausted.

Come to think of it, I had possessed Narikin and while doing so I felt very tired, but when I returned to this body, the body was still asleep, so my stamina was preserved. I have to stretch to get rid of the stiffness though.

But mentally, I’m exhausted, so I’m going to bed soon.

“Still… I need to do some exercise….”

“Why don’t you let Eleca possess Kehma’s body? Let her exercise in your place, how about that?”

“Yes? What is it about me?”

Suddenly The dungeon management specialist, the fairy Eleca tilted her head and interrupt us.

“You’re always in the master room, so you’re the right person for the job.”

“mm, I wonder…?”

It could even do some muscle training for me, while I’m asleep. …That’s certainly useful if they can do it, but handing over my body as a dungeon master is scary, it does not matter how many monsters I have under my command.

I mean…

“… Wouldn’t a golem assist be enough to exercise the body?”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right.”

And if that’s not enough, or perhaps I’m worried about some side effects, I could develop a device that sends electricity at the right level to make my muscles twitch.

Maybe by utilizing some monster like the electric catfish? I could make a golem out of copper wire and magnets to make a generator.

I wonder if the monster exist?

“Anyway, I took a look at it with my magic vision, and it’s a perfectly normal cave.”

“Yes, my intuition tells me that it’s not a dungeon. I don’t think it’s a disguise either.”

Narikin, as a living armor, has magic vision skill. When consciously switches his vision mode, he can see the flickering magical power in the inverted monochrome color world.

It can make your head feel a bit dizzy if you’re constantly activating it. The dungeon is easy to understand because the flow of magic power is like a river, but it doesn’t leave the area and circulates.

And I couldn’t see that characteristic flow in that site.

“Okay then, tomorrow I’ll use my magic vision to explore the town and look for suspicious places.”

“Well, I guess we should. I’ll send some bugs to check out the dungeon site just in case, but I think we should try the orchard first.”

It’s because there’s an evidence that there were fruits that were not in the right season, so there is no doubt that grains, fruits, and other foods are suspicious.

“Then, Papa! I’ll deliver the DP to the monster over there!”


Suddenly, my [storage] opened up beside me, and Soto came out.

“Hey Soto, don’t do that, it surprised me… and since when you’ve been eavesdropping?”

“Um? My dungeon is my Papa’s [storage], so I’m always around and can hear what papa said.”

“What, you can hear me talking?”

What happened to my privacy?

“…At the very least, don’t peek when I’m the bathroom or the toilet, okay?”


My daughter Soto answered cheerfully while raising her hand.

“Oh? If Soto is going to deliver the DP to Narikin and others, then there’s no need for us to save DP right?”

“I guess that’s true.”

“Then I’ll have to teach Soto about DP delivery!”


Rokuko proudly said that and… WAIT.

“Then, Soto, open your mouth slightly and stick your tongue…”  {SWEETHOME ALABAMA}

“Wait, Rokuko, you don’t have to kiss to hand over the DP, shouldn’t you have her practice shaking hands or something at first?”

“eh? But this is how I was taught by my sister at first? It’s better to learn thing in order, right?”

Haku said that because she wanted to make out with you Rokuko. I’m sure Haku-san will stab me if I tell Rokuko the truth.

“If I remember it right… it’s to prevent DP leaking right? so Haku uses the easiest mouth-to-mouth connection whenever possible…Then why don’t we just do it in my [storage]? Even if  leaks out, it’s still in Soto’s dungeon.”

“Good idea!”

Even if this theory is true, then Haku should have handed over her DP in the “Cave of Desire” (at that time: “Just a Cave”) dungeon instead of the dungeon entrance.

Well, let’s not think too much about it, ignore it! I’ll pretend I didn’t notice. In fact, the area in front of the dungeon was also a dungeon area, so I SHOULD not need to think too much about it.

“Well, Kehma. Let me enter you?”

“That wording… Soto, let her in.”


And then Soto opened the [storage] again, and Rokuko walked into it hand in hand with Soto.

It occurred to me that if this was going to lead to that side anyway, I might as well take Rokuko directly to it and give it to her, but that was another story.

In any case, it seems that I will be able to replenish the DP of Narikin and the others.

Now, our option has expanded, what kind of method should I use?

TL notes:

I already forgot how many accents this author uses rofl, well… I will need some time to get used to it again, give me a break for this chapter.

Ah btw, I screw up my site setting (coronatranslation.com), for desktop user you can find next chapter on upper left corner, for mobile user, it’s way down below. Sorry.


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