LDM 486 – First time DP transportation

As a result of Rokuko’s guidance, Soto has learned how to deliver DP.

I’m going to ask her to go give 1,000 DP to the Narikins right away. I had already informed the Narikin and had them wait in the inn room.

While waiting I check the Narikins’ vision from the Cave of Desire using the monitor function, so I can observe what’s going on over there.

“Will Soto be able alright?”

“I’m believe in her.”

Rokuko and I, along with Soto’s master Niku, watched over her errand.

“Master, it appears that Soto has been successfully transported to the Narikin place.”

“…being able to travel to that distance with no time lag, that’s cheat performance, Soto.”

Just by sending monsters that have learned [Storage] around the world, a network can be created through Soto. It’s dangerous, definitely dangerous.

As a means of transportation and movement, there is no means better than this. You don’t even need to build a railroad-like infrastructure.

Though I know I should make one sooner or later, but there’s no point in rushing to make one since this [Cave of Desire] is very likely to be doomed if we ever in a pinch anyway. For now, let’s keep an eye on Soto’s errand.

“Hey, Mama, Papa, Niku-neechan. Are you watching? I’m going to hand over the DP now.”

She gave a peace sign and a smile towards Narikin, and then squeezed Rokufa’s hand with both hands, she firmly caress her hand …is that necessary? Ah, perhaps this is a technique to induce sweat and increase contact? Surprisingly, there was a good reason for that, no–

 –No way that was the case!

And that’s why Rokufa was feeling ticklish and fidgety, but she seemed to be able to hand over the DP without any problem.

『I’m done』

『Yes, you have done it splendidly… Thank you very much, Master Soto.』

『Then, I’m going home.』

Then Soto returns via Narikin’s [storage] again. Her movement is instantaneous. She popped back out from my [storage ].

“I’m back! How was it, everyone?”

“It was perfect. Well done.”

“That’s my girl.”


Soto puffed out her chest with pride, while Rokuko and I patted her head.

Please praise me too, Niku-chan!”

“Well done.”

“Can I fluff your tail then?”

Niku glanced at me to see if I’d give her permission. Well, do as you please.

“Go ahead.”

“Yay! It was worth it to choose my sister as the master.”

As soon as Niku gave his permission, Soto burrowed her face into Niku’s tail and started smooching and sucking on it. My daughter is a bit of a pervert. Should I teach her to restrain herself more?

But before that, I’d like to give some instructions to Narikin.

“Narikin. Use the DP I just gave you to summon spiders and other insects and release them into the town to gather information… It would be too suspicious to release them all at once, so we’ll take a walk around town tomorrow and release them one at a time in the right places.”


Okay, that’s good.

Or rather…I should have known sooner that communication can be used with monsters that are outside of the country from the Cave of Desire.

I turned off my monitor.

“Oh, Kehma. You just lost 300 DP by using the monitor and communication.”


I’m not sure if it’s because the distance was too far causing the communication cost to be high, but it seems that our DP was consumed rapidly.

The negative value is the total that has been combined with the ongoing DP generated in the village, so it actually consuming more than 300 DP.

…Maybe it was deducted at the time I use[possession]? If that’s the case, it might be best to leave the investigation of the Holy Kingdom to Narikin and his team while keeping contact to a minimum.

“I’m going to [possess] Tran for a bit, please keep an eye on the DP.”

“Got it. I’ll check.”

I decided to do a little research and found out that when I use [possession], I lose a little DP at the start and the end.

…Hmm, with this I could conclude that exchanging video and audio over long distances is the one  that constantly consumes DP. If I did it all the time, it’s going to cost a lot.

It seems that [possession] is still the best way to go.

Well… Toy was the one who first to say [why don’t you use possession], yeah it was originally her proposal, maybe she knows it from Leona? Or she was imitating how Leona would do a thing?

“I see, then… Niku-nee-san should also use possession when she’s going on a long trip!”

“That’s right Soto-sama, let’s summon kobold.”

“Kobold! Okay! she will look a lot like big-sis!”

Oh, that’s right, now that Niku is also a Master, she can also possess monsters.

…wait? does this means the monster can utilize all of Niku’s fighting skills…?

“Using Niku to [possess] mass-produced monster and let her go on assault as much as she wants?”

Isn’t this a low-key amazing enhancement? Should that be not enough, you can use Golem Assist to compensate the monster lack of muscle strength.

If you’re someone like me, you’d rather fight by controlling the monster through a controller, but Niku is stronger when she actually fights face to face with the enemy. If she can do that without dying, even if the “possessed” monster dies, she can switch the monster and fight again…

“…Kehma, should we set up a kobold spawner in Soto’s dungeon for now?”

“Good idea. You can share the DP with Soto, Rokuko.”


The all-you-can-spawn monster generator that can also appear and disappear anytime via [Storage].

Wow, that’s too sinister.


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