LDM 487 – The fruit is delicious ^q^.

I’ve replenished my DP. Now that all the preparation is complete, I’m going to search for that properly managed dungeon.

“I’m going to go to the orchard today, perhaps I’ll need to go to the bathroom first.”

I don’t want to pee while I do the [possess].

It is important to unload before you went to bed to separate yourself from your body and become unconscious. Because even if you leak it, you wouldn’t even know if it weren’t for Eleca who was in the Master Room.

If you did not cancel your [possess] at regular intervals to go to the bathroom, a long-time possession could lead to a disaster.

…Yeah, I heard that you secretly use [cleanse] on me when I visited the dungeon site the other day. Thank you Eleca, thank you for not reporting it to Rokuko.

By the way, Rokuko was fine because apparently dungeon core didn’t need to use the toilet.

I didn’t realize that there was such a trap set in [possess].

Because of that, Toilet is important! Toilet is important! (I said it twice because it really important!).

So, before the possession, I returned from the master room to my room in the village chief’s residence and headed for the bathroom.

“Hey, Master.”


As I was walking down the corridor of the village chief’s residence to use the restroom, Ichika spoke to me.

“You’ve been investigating the Holy Kingdom lately, haven’t you?”

“Ah, that’s right. I’m going to check out the orchards for now.”

“An orchard?”

“There’s some kind of unusual… fruit that’s out of season there.”

For the record, the fruit in question was put into Narikin’s storage, let’s took it using Soto’s ability and show it to Ichika later.

“Oh, the one that Soto was eating?”


“eh? Is it not?  I had it from Soto-sama’s [weak replication] and ate it, it was delicious. I had Oranges, bananas, apples, and melons.”


Okay, Now I’ve got some business to discuss with Soto. I told Rokuko to stop the possession and looked for Soto.


“I-I’m sorry I ate it without permission!”

Soto was elegantly reading a comic book (she brought one from Rokuko’s room) in her room, which had been added to the village chief’s mansion. I was a little surprised that she could read Japanese, but when I tried to ask her about the fruit from the [storage], she immediately admitted her crime.

It seems that when she connected the space with Narikin’s [storage] for her first errand, it rolled into my [storage] space, in other words, Soto’s tummy. Yeah. then, you just ate it? Well, it’s fine.

“Since you reflecting on it, I’ll forgive you this time, but if you ever want to eat again, just tell me.”

“uu~ Papa, I’m sorry.”

“More importantly, that fruit was part of our investigation efforts, so losing our only sample kind of hurts…”

Wait, should I ask Soto to use [weak replication] to produce one?

“…can you put out only one?”

“Oh, that’s right. I can use DP to get bananas, oranges, and other fruits. but it’s not the same as the real thing.”

I try to use DP to get a banana, it cost 2 DP for 1.

“Papa! This is way better than the one I had!”

“…Well, this is the improved variety we grow in Japan, so it’s given …Here, how about this?”

I pulled out a large, green Shine Muscat (no, it didn’t glow) for 20DP, this fruit could be called as the culmination of selective breeding. You can eat the whole skin, with no seeds, and it has a mellow aroma and sweetness. You could even call it a jelly that grows on trees. It costs more than 2,000 yen at a Japanese supermarket. {yup I could testify those grapes are jelly on tree}

I handed it to Soto, she ate one and her eyes widened in surprise.

“!? P-Papa? Th-this is?”

“I’m sure there will be trouble if we start selling it in this world. So, it’s exclusively only for our family, you’ll get in trouble if anyone else finds out. Don’t let anyone else eat it or be seen while eating it.”


Do you understand now? you could get an assortment of fruits that were better quality than the ones I had purchased with silver coins.

Though, if I showed this to someone and they asked, “Where did you get this?” I don’t know how should I answer.

“Oh well, I could just go to buy some from the commercial guild with an excuse that it was so good that I came back for more. Soto, deliver the fruit money to Narikin and the others.”

“Yes, sir. I will connect the [storage] and throw it inside, easy. that’s why… can I have another muscat?”

“I’ll give you this fruits assortment. …Make sure you brush your teeth afterward, okay?”


With that, I give her a letter with instructions for Narikin. I’ll back to Sunstar’s orchard tomorrow.


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  1. Filip Dincă says:

    They really should try to add something to the main dungeon (Rokuko’s) to produce the high quality JP stuff. Like a room that keeps growing those jelly grapes. No need to make it public, a hidden room is good enough for them.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. FM says:

    Thanks for the chap.

  3. Patrick Parker says:

    “More importantly, the disappearance of fruit we’re going to investigate is kind of hurts few our efforts”

    It’s worded confusingly, missing an article, and has a wrong verb tense. Suggestion:

    “More importantly, that fruit was part of our investigation efforts, so losing our only sample kind of hurts”

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    Great work, thanks

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