LDM again.

I pick up Lazy dungeon master again, well when Ziru back, expect me to drop it (again). anyway, what does this mean? it means I will share the translation in a 50:50 fashion.

If LDM get 2 chapter, PMZ also got 2 chapters, vice versa.

though the priority will heavily weigh on PMZ, since that was my original project, and it’s had wayyy more character per chapter compared to LDM, but LDM is harder to localize.

and why I did this? well some because I want to, some because of my patreon requested it.

oh yeah, to my patron, I will update those chapter / month promise, since I don’t have as many time as I had when I first started this.

also on this occasion, let me say THANK YOU to all my patron and ko-fi supporter. your support had me keep going, I really really appreciate it.

on a side note, my premium Grammarly is disabled this week, I don’t know why, so I use regular grammarly, sorry for that, if you find some strange grammar this week, please report it.


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  1. mya aila says:

    Alright, I’ll start looking for it starting chapter 103.

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