LDM 490 – Report once

We went back to the dungeon and reported to Haku-san. I thought I could just send her an email, but he said she wanted to see Rokuko’s face, so she wanted me to bring Rokuko to her and report in person, so we set up a table with a parasol on the [white beach] and had a debriefing and tea party while looking at the blue sea. It was an elegant tea party with Chloe-san and Kinue-san serving as waiters.

Soto? She’s staying at home today. I don’t know what I’m going to do, so of course, I wouldn’t invite her if Haku hadn’t requested for her. After all, she had a criminal record where she was eating Haku tights when they first met.

Fortunately, I have nothing to be guilty of this time, so my stomach is at ease. – and that was a lie. Even though we’ve been possessing Narikin and Rokufa in the Holy Kingdom, I’m very aware that I’ve been flirting with Rokufa for quite some time, so I’m rather prepared to be killed.

“…So, I’ve copied the map here for you.”

Haku-san nodded in satisfaction as she took the map of the place I consider suspicious that I presented to her.

“…orchard in Sun Sitar. Hmm, I knew it was suspicious, but it’s blatantly ridiculous to be able to harvest 500 melons at a moment’s notice. You did well by finding it.”

“But… since there is some magic tool that can drive away birds and insects, the possessed monsters are not suitable for further infiltration, I thought it would be better to leave it to the secret agents that Haku-san has sent if we want to investigate it further.”

“It’s a wise decision… and since you already narrow down the range so precisely, it will be easier for us to move. If we find out anything, we’ll share the information with you.”

Haku gives a map to Chloe and sips her tea.

“But… Kehma, you’ve done some rather bold investigations, haven’t you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Does it bother Haku since I was one of a nobleman from your country?”

“Not really. There are no nobles called “Narikin” in our country, so it’s not a problem. There may be an adventurer registered with that name, but anyone can go and registered himself as adventurer up to C-rank regardless of your nationality is.”

In other words, they want me to do whatever I want because they’ll just deny it.

“It’s not about that, it’s about the 500 melons. It’s too much for personal consumption.”

“That’s right, sister. The container is full of melons, and the box inside is also packed to the brim. I don’t even want to look at melon for a while, though melon bread would be fine.”

“Don’t overeat and throw up.”

And as you would expect, Haku chuckled as Rokuko shrugged her shoulders.

“And also. It’s not impossible for you to be under that Chaos Dog brainwash, so use the alarm [father] gave you on a regular basis. At least, if it’s through magic or skill, I’m sure it will be able to get rid of it.”

“Ah.. understood.”

“Since normally, I doubt Kehma would be willing to throw that kind of money. I hope it’s just a case of her being overexcited while traveling.”

“I’m sure that’s part of it because when you use “possess”, your consciousness is drawn to that body. The monster you’re possessing may be humanized, but it’s still living armor, isn’t it? The structure of the body is fundamentally different, so I think it will affect you quite a bit.”

Is there such a thing as having your consciousness adapting to the body? Well, it’s true that when I’m possessing Narikin, my tone naturally becomes arrogant. It might be because of it.

“I believe Rokuko’s body double is an angel? You’ve chosen an unusual one, didn’t you?”

“It’s pretty cute once you get used to it. right?”

“Is that so? But be careful not to let it affect Rokuko-chan too much.”

“Don’t worry, sister, I’ll influence her instead!”

Yeah, the fact that Rokufa is unexpectedly close and assertive with Narikin may have been influenced by Rokuko.

“However, as long as you are accompanied by the Chaos Dog, the possibility of being brainwashed cannot be erased. When you’ve come back from the monster you possessed, always remember to use the alarm at once.”

“Yes, I understand. I’ll keep that in mind.”

Or I can also ask Soto to take the alarm away with her instead of waiting for me to come back to my body… Oops, I didn’t tell Haku about Soto’s transportation capabilities.

“In the meantime, here is the reward for the information.”

“Oh, thank–?”

It was a bag full of gold coins. The bag weight resembled the one that Wataru always brings to me, so there are probably 100 coins inside. At least that how heavy it is.

“Is it okay for me to take this much?”

“It’s okay, that was a good piece of information. Keep that in mind, Kehma. if you don’t have to pay this much for this kind of information, it’s usually bad info.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Covering her mouth, Haku chuckled. Information is important, don’t be stingy with it. I’ve learned something important today.

“You can’t eat 500 melons at once. If you planned to transport them from the Holy Kingdom to the village of Gollen, bring them to me. If you use this route, you won’t be traced, so I’ll take as many as you want.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Of course, if it’s ready to eat, I’ll gladly pay for it. There are many of my subordinates who had [Storage], so don’t hesitate. Okay?”

…Haku loves melon cream soda, don’t she? I’m sure she’ll be happy if I send her a set of soda water and ice cream as well.

And a crew for [storage]. It’s a good idea to have a dedicated team of people to handle these kinds of matters.

“Sister, is there any monster with [storage] function?”

“Yes, there are. You can also let your magic sword learn [Storage]. It’s convenient.”

I see. Scrolls can be used with monster-type magic swords instead of magic tools? And although magic that requires chanting cannot be activated by a magic sword that cannot speak, [Storage] seems to be usable because it is magic that does not require chanting.

I’m sure it will come in handy in many ways, and since it doesn’t have a lifespan, it can be used for a long time. It’s also possible to use the ring succubus to learn normal spells that require chanting. I’ll keep that in mind.

Also, if three monsters learn [Storage] it means you can triple the amount you can bring, but it’s irrelevant to me since I have Soto’s dungeon!


Wait? Isn’t it better to let the magic sword I’ve made learn [Storage] and scatter them around the world? And since it falls under my control, all of their [Storage] should be eligible to be connected with Soto’s dungeon…

No, well, Haku-san is going to be suspicious when she found out that I’m scattering the sword around the country for nothing. So I had to limit myself to one or two swords and give them to the customer in the name of super jackpot. But that idea will probably lure adventurers more than necessary, so I probably should not do it.

TL note:

Let Soto summon a magic sword, and let her do it in your place.

also, thanks for correction, I will edit it right away, I may not be able to monitor this site everyday, but when I got good correction like that, I’m more than willing to edit the post, tho it may took a week time (lol).

ps. if some of you early, you might see wrong tag on the chapter, like pmz and ldm were reversed… sorry about that, that what happens when I tried to proofread 6 chapter at once while watching OW league and Valorant at the same time… sorry…..


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