LDM 491 – As if we had remembered, we started developing the dungeon.

After finishing the discussion with Haku, we decided to rest in our dungeon. 

“Master, isn’t the Gluttony trap is still in development?” 

“…I forgot about it because I was so busy.” 

I don’t feel the need to do it since it was something I did for killing time. I’ve been busy until Soto showed up, and I want to laze around when I get a chance. 

“Papa! Is that a nice place where you can eat all you want !?” {Gluttony is written by using excessive+eat, that’s why Soto misunderstood it} 

“Whoa! Soto, don’t come out so suddenly; you will scare me.” 

Soto suddenly opened the storage and appeared. 

“You lurking in my [Storage] again?” 

“It’s my dungeon!” 

My [storage] is… oh well. Did you eavesdrop again? Your dungeon is going to come in handy for a lot of things. 

“Anyway, what is [Gluttony]?” 

“It’s an all-you-can-eat stalling trap that Master was developing. It consists of golem that keeps cooking for you using ingredients you get at monster spawn!” 

“Dad, please make a foodie trap for my dungeon too! All-you-can-eat, what a wonderful word!” 

Soto begged with a twinkle in her eye… Well, it doesn’t take that much DP to make one, so why not? 

That’ why I tried to, I make [Gluttony] trap in Soto’s dungeon. 

 –But I couldn’t. There’s no spawner in Soto’s dungeon DP catalog. 


“…Come to think of it, my dungeon didn’t have a monster spawn at first either.” 

“Maybe there’s a condition?” 

“No wayyy! What kind of condition do I need to get to be able to create spawner?” 

“I think it’s probably the number of summons. So why don’t you just summon rabbits for a while? They can also be used as substitute until the spawner comes out, for now, you should summon rabbit using DP.” 


Soto is disappointed. In the meantime, I gave her the chef golem and had it procure the rabbit manually. 

Well, there was even a weed spawner at Orange’s place (rabbit dungeon), so as long as we put out a lot of stuff, it will eventually become available. There’s a possibility that the key is to get the right kind, but we’ll see. 

In the first place, it’s not a significant expense to summon rabbits using a DP. If Ichika stays in Soto’s dungeon for a night, Soto can earn enough for a day’s worth of rabbits. Now that the number of villagers has increased, she can afford to spend that much, or should I just give her DP? 

…Well well, look how bourgeois I’ve become. When I first came to this world, the dungeons were occupied by bandits, and the income was only 10 DP per day due to the effect of the earth’s veins. 

“Well, Soto-sama, why don’t you just use [weak replication] to make more food?” 

“Even if I duplicate food with that thing, it doesn’t fill my stomach, so I can’t get full.” 

“Oh, because disappears in an hour? The fact that you can eat as much as you want is something I envy.” 

“Ichika-onee-chan is a food gourmet, right?” 

She’s not a gourmet because she also eats all kinds of food, so you could call her gross eater.  

“But Soto-sama is the best eater of all people that I know.” 

“Right? fufufu, If you want, I can share Aunt Haku’s goddess-grade Legendary Rare tights with you.” 

“Hmm, I can’t eat those, can I?” 

But as expected, even Ichika couldn’t eat socks, but I think she will get along great with Soto. 

It’s not bad for the body because it disappears in the stomach, but it still too much. 

Now that I’ve made [Gluttony] trap for Soto. I wonder if I should make the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins trap. 

[Greed] is a trial room, and [Sloth] is a rest area, so both are already operational. 

[Rage] is already installed in the warehouse area, and I’ll replace [Succubus Village] with [Gluttony]. To think of it, it’s time for the Succubus to move out. 

[Lust] is a small room with a stone statue of Succubus, with an aromatic steamer of Succubus bodily fluids. Located between the arena, the puzzle-solving area. …This one is too good, so it’s okay that it’s rarely used.  

All trap was ready, except for this two. there are two left, [Envy] and [Pride]… that’s why I consulted Nerune, who is famous in our village for her despicable behavior towards Wataru… 

“I think it’s better for [Pride] to not exist.” 


“Since the trap is following the theme of seven deadly sins, eventually someone will notice it, right? thinking [if there are 6 other sins, then [Pride] must exist as well]–” 

Nerune then paused a little. 

“—that’s where the trap located, a human pride that thinks that he knows all about the dungeon is the trap itself.” 

“…I see, It’s quite a nasty idea, isn’t it, Nerune? Thank you.” 

“No no no, it’s nothing. But Thank you for the compliment, Master.” 

—- I get the point. The trap exists because it doesn’t. It was a trap worthy of the name [Pride]. 

Well, if it’s completely shapeless, some people might think of searching every corner of the dungeon, so I’d better prepare a door that will never open. Assuming the person has found the other six, then that door should be located at the end of the arena, right before the boss room. 

So, next is a [Envy]. 

…well, maybe I’ll just make a room where I can show off my treasure through the glass, to make people jealous, knowing that they’ll never get it. 

But the glass might break, so I need to think about something else. In the worst-case scenario, I can use the dungeon monitor to display an image in the room. 


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