LDM 492 – Let’s Play with Orichalcum

I decided to start the research on Orichalcum with Soto’s help. 

“That’s why, Soto, can you give me Orichalcum sword.” 

“Just in time! I also want to eat some socks.” {blackmail} 

“I will give you NIku’s…” 

“Okay! Here ya go!” 

And that’s how I got Soto to cooperate with me. To tell you the truth, I don’t even need to do this. I could just order Niku to use her absolute command to order Soto, but I think this is an important bonding moment for parent and child. Yup. 

The sword I got from Soto will be used in an experiment, or to be exact, the sword I got from her can only be used as an experiment. With the time limit of one hour. 

I suddenly start to tinker around with Orichalcum because I wondered if I could make a sturdy, transparent material. I thought that if I had clear and sturdy glass, I could use it for the [Envy]. 

Is it possible to make glass that even stronger than the glass from the potion bottle? And to do that, I plan to mix Orichalcum and glass together, and because this is such a random idea, I won’t be able to try it if I don’t have an unlimited supply of Orichalcum. 

By the way, I’m also making an alloy metal with Orichalcum. 

It won’t be as strong as pure Orichalcum, but it will be way cheaper. If you want an alloy with outstanding performance, you need to research the ratio carefully, which is not possible if you don’t have a lot of Orichalcum supply. 

In terms of softness and elasticity, I would say that it surpasses Orichalcum. The disadvantage of Orichalcum is that it is too hard. It’s not possible to make a spring with Orichalcum. 

“Then, [Create Golem]” 

I knead the glass and Orichalcum together. Just like in blacksmithing, you need to stretch and fold them together repeatedly until you reach your desired outcome. 

…hmm, kneading them manually is fun but not very effective. Since an hour time limit will be wasted if I took my time. I might try to use a rolling pin. After kneading it thoroughly, I can stretch and fold it faster. 

“Eh? What are you making, Kehma? A bread?” 

“Oh, Rokuko. No, I’m not. I’m experimenting, I wonder what will happens when you mix glass and Orichalcum together.” 

“…from here, it looks like you’re making bread. But certainly, when I look closely, that totally not a bread dough.” 

For me, it feels more like blacksmithing, though. 

And then the dough that I’ve been working on for 10 minutes is finished. 

“…yeah, it’s an Orichalcum color at least.” 

“But it’s opaque, a golden with rainbow motif.” 

It’s mixed well, though. But it’s looks like an opaque tile. So even if I made a box out of it, I wouldn’t be able to see what was inside. 

“I still have to check its toughness…”  

“Magic resistance, too. Good luck with that, Kehma.” 

As it turned out, the box was unbreakable when you hit it with a hammer, impervious to heat, electricity, and cold. It also won’t bend even if you put a lot of weight on it. 

However, for some reason, it broke apart when I shot it with [Elemental Shot], and when I cut it with an Orichalcum sword (leftover from my research), it easily snapped. 

… well, it’s like a weak version of Orichalcum. I wonder if I can add more glass to increase its volume? On a side note, the golem blade can’t even scratch it; its edge was chipped instead. 

In the meantime, an hour has passed, and the Orichalcum has disappeared. 

“Look, Kerma, it’s become frosted glass!” 

“…Indeed. a Frosted glass. It even feels like one to the touch.” 

“That’s interesting. Can’t you use it to make this?” 

“No, if you want to make something like this, you could probably do it by sanding the glass with rubies or something. or rather, you can make it this way from the beginning, the same way you make sandpaper.” 

“…it won’t produce this fine texture, though; by the way, did you have to knead it with your hands or a stick in the first place?” 

 Well, no, but I’m in the mood for it. 

In exchange for the socks(again), I asked Soto to give me another Orichalcum sword. 

Now let’s make it into an Orichalcum reticulated glass. This one is easier. 

“Yup, it was easy.” 

“This is just a glass, isn’t it?” 

“it’s a bit stronger overall, I guess… Also, the Orichalcum netting will remain even if you break the glass, so you can’t get through.” 

The section is filled with glass, but the structure’s bone itself is made from Orichalcum, so it’s strong. 

“Then…, why not just Orichalcum net from the start? If it only to prevent someone to get in?” 

That’s true, too. 

A strong glass is needed if you want to keep the wind out and the light in, but if you just want to put it where people can’t touch it, then you don’t need glass in the first place, that’s for sure. 

“Want to try use orichalcum plating for the prison bar?”  

“…Hmm, I’ll practice Orichalcum plating then.” 

Orichalcum is much easier to manipulate than other metals once you let the magic flow through it. So when I was playing with it afterward, I learned the restraining technique by instantly cementing a walking goblin with Orichalcum. 

I named it… [Orichalcum Bind]. I cannot coat the target too thinly, so I need to use a lot of Orichalcum. But I think it’s pretty strong. 

It costs a lot of money(DP), though. 


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