LDM 494 – Legends can be fabricated.

LDM 494 – Legends can be fabricated.

“So, Kehma, what next?”

“Hmm, what indeed.”

After the magic tool was investigated, we tried to think about what to do next.

Incidentally, reports have also come in from the Narikin group.  I know exactly what the area of effect is. Or rather, the only thing I could find out was something like, “Range of effect: full power as much as possible.”

The lever to switch the area of effect seemed to only switch between magic stones that were processed into large, medium, and small sizes, respectively.

“I mean, we don’t really need to look into anything, do we? Let Haku take care of everything, let Narikin and the others go sightseeing as they please, and we’ll just sleep in peace. Meanwhile, You can also renovate the dungeon……and I’m getting sleepy.”

“Yeah, but that would be boring for me. I feel restless unless I’m doing something.”

“… well, it can’t be helped if Rokuko feels bored.”

 It’s a decent reason, on the same level as my reason to sleep.

“By the way, how about We take a second look into Kehma’s [Super Transformation]?”

“What do you mean?”

“If you die when you undergo a Super Transformation, you will be resurrected, right? Like, where does it happen, and how long does it take for you to wake up?”

“It’s definitely good information to know, but I’m afraid to die, even while transformed.”

“For reference, In the future, I’m sure is curious to know what will happen if I lick and melt Kehma that transformed into a candy ball and eat him!”

“Oi, don’t do any scary experiments like that, okay?”

If I’m not careful, I’ll pierce Rocco’s stomach. I don’t want to appear like a certain kind of alien. ……!  On the other hand, if you actually try it somewhere else, there’s a chance you’ll die right after resurrecting, and if that happens, it’s game over. This is not something you can try casually.

“Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be me… but I also don’t want goblin to lick Kehma… what should I do?”

“Let’s just stop trying to investigate it!”

“Mmm, oh well, it couldn’t be helped…”

Rokuko said regretfully. What kind of sexual fetish she has?

Although she said ‘it couldn’t be helped,’ I cannot shake the feeling that she’s still curious about this, So I tried to steer the conversation in another direction.

“Well, instead of doing some research, how about looking for something to do in the village?

“Like a job in the village? But I’m already doing my job as an inn owner. …… Oh, wait! Do you mean as Mayor(your) wife? That’s definitely a meaningful way to spend my free time!”

“I wonder what kind of job is that? Oh well, I’m going to bed…”

“And I will make the village even better while Kehma falls asleep. Maybe we should take a lesson from the Holy Kingdom and make a park that could be used as a date spot.”

Rokuko excitedly started planning something. Good, now I can sleep as much as I want.

“I’d like to make a specialty attraction, something similar like two-person core splitter attraction. Kehma, do you have any ideas?”

“You’re asking me that? Well, Let’s see…”

When I was in Japan, I wasn’t particularly interested in dating or anything similar, so I don’t really understand the standard of those activities. Should I refer to something that Leona made in Daido? No, it might be better to use anime and games as references.

“… If I use the classic, it would be a Legendary tree where the couple confessing love under it will live happily ever after.”

“a Legendary Tree… Wow, that sounds great. Let’s make one! If you confess your love under that tree, you’ll always be a couple or something like that!”

You’re going to make it? That’s a legend, you know?

“fufufu, legends are made by people, right? So when it’s finished, you should confess to me for starters.”

“…… Hey, wait, why would I do that?”

“It’s only when the representative of Gollen Village takes the initiative that the legend can be created. Don’t worry, I won’t turn you down. Okay?”

That’s a fraud, isn’t it!? At least, I think so!

“So, we confessed, and we became a couple. Isn’t it just a little roundabout way to spread two facts? Ah… maybe we could let Wataru confess to Nerune? But she will just turn down that Hero…”

“Then you should give him some advice, Kehma. Make a beautiful confession that Nerune would never turn down!”

“Or you could just tell Nerune about the situation, and if she is going to refuse, don’t let him bring her there to confess…”

“I see if you invite someone to that tree and they say OK, at that point the confession will likely to be succeeded? Hmm, this could work.”

Rokuko nods her head.

“…Right, If the person being invited to know the legend that they will always be a couple if they confessed under that tree, then people would reject it if they don’t want to. On the other hand, if the invite is success and they [went] to it, the result will always be [success]?”

“…it created a bit paradox, also a bit back and forth, but I guess that is true?”

I guess that’s what legends are all about. And since it’s called a legend, it had to be widely known.

“It’s like a big puzzle, isn’t it? When you call me to that place, you’re already confessing.”

“But it’s good to have at least one buffer to cushion your fall, isn’t it? It would be less psychologically damaging than being directly rejected.”

“Yes, that’s one way to put it… Okay! Then let’s start working on a plan to build a park with a legendary tree!”

Oh, so you’re going to build it after all—the Legendary tree.

“You’ll help me, right, Kehma? Promise?

“… Oh well, it cannot be helped. Just tell me where I should make it.”

“Yes!! And make sure you think about your confession speech!”

Eh? Do I have to confess to Rokuko when it finished? But I cannot say anything to Rokuko that already drawing a map with an excited face.


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