LDM 495 – EXTRA: Narikin side.

“…So, it’s vacation time for us? we can go sightseeing as we like?”

“To put it simply, yeah. You have about a week. You still need to do your daily report, but other than that, it’s free time.”

Narikin(Kehma) told Narikin, who possessed a small bird. His Master said that he already reported the current situation to his boss, Haku-sama, who’s the leader of the Raverio Empire, so it seems we could take it easy with the orchard matter.

“Certainly, Master.”

“Good, Rokufa, you understand too, right? and as a special bonus, you guys can spend up to five gold coins as you please.”

“……! Oh, thank you very much.”

“well then, I will cut off the comm.”

Kehma then released his [possession], and Narikin released his well and returned to his own body.

Rokufa huffed.

Five gold coins are enough for an average family to live on for a couple of years. It’s too much money to spend in one week.

“…Five gold coins in a week? It seems that the Master is very upset that Master Haku took his job, Narikin.”

“I’m not sure what to say. He said it was a special reward, but we didn’t do anything special. This might mean that you have one week to produce something worthy of five gold coins.”

Naana(Toy), the maid who was quietly standing by the wall of the room, shook her head as she listened to their conversation. She thinks Kehma was genuinely trying to give him a vacation and five gold coins. It is a common case for Hero who has become noblemen to have a loose sense of money. One of the reasons is also because he had earned so much money.

“No Husband, Wife. Why don’t you just take Master Kehma’s intentions at words, just  take it easy, and enjoy the vacation as he literally said.”

“I don’t think that the case. In the first place, Master himself did most of the investigations at the suspicious places himself, which later he reported to Haku-sama, and we were just waiting as birds.”

“Yeah, Naana, you only guard the birdcage too, right? I’m sure that Five gold coins are obviously too much.”

“Oh? Did you include me in the calculation of the bonus of five gold coins?

“It’s obvious, you may have been transferred from the outside, but you are still my colleague. Right, Narikin?”

“Of course, then, I’m counting on you to help me figure out how to spend this money.”

Naana had assumed that she was being watched, monitored, and used. She was quite surprised to receive their acknowledgment as their comrades. [they are just as soft as certain someone] she thought. Kehma seems to be somewhat wary of Toy. Her original body may have been restrained,  but still, he is soft enough to let her walk freely outside like this, and the surveillance he gave is just a bare minimum.

Naana scratched her head, thinking that if she didn’t train her Master and his servant better, she would have a hard time turning them against her former Master, Leona.

“How about we start with five gold coins and see how much more we can get?”

“Hmm, you mean to do business? But isn’t it bad for the intelligence unit to stand out?”

“The money would be useful for gathering information, but I don’t think we should be using it for business.”

“No, I don’t mean that. There is such a thing as gambling in this world, even here in Sunstar.”

However, large-scale horse races are only held once every few months in this area. In the past, the word “gambling” naturally refers to a tavern where you could roll the dice and bet.

“…gambling, huh? I don’t really like it.”

“We’re more likely to lose money than gain it.”

The two prefer to be steady, like their Master. But Naana has decided to convince and let them take a vacation for a while.

“By the way, information is usually gathered in such places. What do you think? I’m sure it’ll be fun to do some digging by disguising it as splurging at the casino.”

“I see, an Investigation, huh?”

“What does it mean, Rokufa?”

“Yes. I mean, Isn’t playing casino is very much like a [vacation]?”

“…! I see!”

Naana thought it’s slightly different from the direction I imagined it would go, but can I count it as vacation if they can play in a Casino? I’m sure Haku would already investigate such a place anyway, and I doubt they will get any new information.

“Let’s see, he said a week, so I guess I should spend about fifty silver coins a day?”

“No, Isn’t that about eighty coins?”

“In case you’re wondering, five gold coins or 500 silver coins divided by seven days in a week is about 71 coins.”

“… So, let’s say we have to spend 70 coins a day, divided between the three of us.”

“Hmm, so, 30 coins each?”

“More like 23 coins for each person and have one coin left over. But I think it’s more natural for a tourist to walk together than to split up. We are a couple, and it’s servant after all.”

Naana wondered if she should teach them math during their vacation instead, And she confirms it once again if they seriously going to include Naana in that calculation, but of course, their decision was a firm one. The two of them are naive enough to let Naana keep the money without being watched.

“Don’t worry, I was planning to have Naana take Tran and Shiba with her.”

“What will you do if I leave the birdcage and run away?”

“My. I’ve been asked by Master to keep an eye on them, but I believe Naana won’t run away.”

It’s true that Naana don’t have the intention to run away, but when two people who have no sense of crisis say so, she feels like doing something she won’t.

“Whenever the money remains or increases, we will keep it and refund it to the master.”

“That’s right. Naana, please give me the information about the casino.”

“… Yes, ma’am.”

Later, Naana took them both to the casino for a vacation of information gathering.

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