PMZ 110 – Gather your party.

My father is dumbfounded.

“…… Well, where?”

“I don’t know!”

Then he sighed …… and looked up at the ceiling.

“I appreciate it that you didn’t just go without saying a word… but Alice, It’s not safe to go outside the city right now.”

“I know!”

“If I let you go, who would you go with? Alone?”

“Yes! Until I find Hayato, who’s already gone.”

“What about an escort? You’re not taking one?”

“Our guards are expected to perform their duties within the bounds of common sense! So I can’t take them with me this time!”

“So you did realize that this was out of common sense…? Well, I don’t know what is the common sense when it comes to Alice anymore.”

“I do! And I’ve been doing things that are not suited for a good young lady from noble society anyway, I think I’m good enough to go on a trip.

Also, if father allows me to use magical weapons and armor, I believe I will be okay, even it’s a bit dangerous. I just can’t let Hayato go alone!”

“…so it doesn’t matter if I told Alice or not…”

“…Tell me what?”

“No, it’s another matter. And it seems like there’s no point in stopping–… sigh, I kind of expected this… Well, what do you need?”

“Father, I can’t afford to hesitate. The more time we spend on this, the further away, Hayato will go. The longer I delay in catching up with him, the more time I’ll have to walk through the danger zone alone!”

“Well, that’s true.”

“Besides, how about this? The Stuart’s sent their only daughter into the field to help their people in this emergency?

Actually, the reason is more selfish, but given that I will be traveling while defeating monsters along the way, the cause will fit well.”

“I know I will never pull this off…  Yeah, I get it. It’s okay. If I say no, you might sneak out of the house on your own. … also wipe your face.”


Father pressed a handkerchief to my eyes.

I was crying. I was so desperate that I didn’t realize that I was crying.

He put the handkerchief back in his pocket and bent down a little to make eye contact with me.

“I understand, but there are a few conditions. First, I will only allow you to travel for seven days. After seven days, no matter what happens, you have to come back here. And one more thing. And one most important thing, you must be able to contact me at any time with this.”

Then he gives one of the ear cuffs in my hand. The other pair is in my father’s hand. It seems that Hayato was returning this to father.

“… Yes. I understand.”

“And, take your friends with you.”


“Your friends. Hayato’s childhood friends, the one in the A-rank party, will be a bit of a relief for me to have them with you. And they have girls members too.

And there’s one more thing… about the magic weapons. If Alice wants to tune it for herself, you can do so up to the limit of the material, but if you’re going to give it to someone else, you must not strengthen it by more than two. I want you to promise me this.”

“… I understand. How about armor?”

“Right, I will put no restriction on the magic tools for defense. You can tune them as much as needed. However, this is something that we should be developing as a business, so I think it would be better not to distribute it blindly.

And be careful, remember, if you were to show off this power to public eyes, you would be in trouble later.”

“Yes… Yes, that’s right.”

“Good. So, you need to ascertain that you can put your trust in the people you give the item to. And I haven’t told me the most important condition.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t die. That is the most important condition.”

Father’s eyes are serious. I can feel that he allowed my recklessness, not just on a whim.

“Yes. I understand. We will definitely come back here together alive.”

“Okay. I’m counting on you. …Now that I think about it, the moment when Alice is selfish like this, that’s when things start to turn around.

Especially from the time you broke off your engagement to His Highness until now–the more reckless you did something, the more it comes back to bite you.

I’m sure that after everything is over, we’ll realize that it was something we needed to do.

…Maybe I should have believed more in the power of love that had protected that child until now.” {child: referring to Hayato}

Father spoke each word as if he were chewing it over. It was as if he was talking to himself.

Somehow, I felt that he was giving off a pressure that won’t let me interrupt.

“About the money. Come to my study in ten minutes. I’ll have it ready for you.”

“Thank you very much!”

I bowed deeply and turned on my heel.

I’ll be done getting ready in ten minutes.

I won’t let Hayato slow me down. To do that, I need to be prepared.

I must have the money and the equipment.

I go back to my room, change into my swordswoman’s clothes, and put everything I might need in the shadow storage of my cloak. I also put the sword Hayato had given me inside.

I hope this will be enough.

I went to my father’s study, and he gives me a pile of gold coins, some preserved food, and a notebook.

The notebook was cloaked by Minerva power, and when I unlocked it, I found that it contained notes on the techniques of the magical tools that had been developed so far, as well as the durability of various materials.

“Thank you for everything… I’ll return it to you when I’m done.”

“Don’t mind it… Maybe that kid went off in the direction of the south. I don’t think he’s gone that far yet… If you’re going to leave Capital city, make sure you go with Betty and the others, okay?

Lastly, make sure you come home in seven days.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“then, have a safe trip.”

“Yes, sir!”

I left the study and walked quickly down the corridor. On the way, I bumped into Luke at a corner.

“Ouch! Eh? What are you doing? Where are you going dressed like that?”

“Oh, that’s right, Luke! Sorry about the ear cuff, I cannot give it back just yet, but they’ve helped me a lot.”

“O? Is that so? If it can be useful to you, then it should be used by you forever! …or rather, my brother-in-law Hayato gave me a new one this morning, and it’s exactly the same shape as that one.”

“Huh? Is that so?”

“Yeah, I’m thankful, but… how should I put it, it’s not my hobby to receive accessories from a man.”

I’m sorry he made you feel uncomfortable, but… He did that?

“I’m sorry for that, and thanks, I’ll use it without reservation.”

“Yes, please. I’ve never seen you in a swordsman outfit before. You look very different. It’s cool.”

“Really? Thank you. I’ll go now. I’m in a bit of a hurry.”

“Yes. There’s something wrong with the sky, but… I’m sure with my sister and brother-in-law here, it will be fine. Take care and have a good day.”

“I’m off.”

I walked past Luke and through the entrance hall to the outside of the mansion.

The sky over the noble district was black, and the clouds seemed to be more widespread than when I saw them this morning. The temperature seemed to be dropping.

I have to hurry.

I got into the magic car that was slowly becoming popular in the noble district and drove it towards the heart of the commoner district.

The first thing I did was to trace for Hayato’s footsteps. As for now, he must not have gone very far yet.

I took a quick look around the south side of the capital city but couldn’t find him.

I knew I had to start by looking for Betty and the others.

“… Alice, isn’t it? How can I help you today?”

The first place I turned to was the Capital city Adventurers’ Guild.

As soon as Pete, the guild leader, spotted me, his face became agitated, and he cast his eyes down.

It was as if he was already telling me he knew something. I suppressed my urge to question him and sat down on a chair at the counter.

“It seems that the whole city is in trouble.”

“Right, as you can see.”

“Do you have any idea what kind of monster caused it?”

“…………no, I’m not sure.”


There was a strange silence. He didn’t seem to want to answer.

Let’s change the question.

“Did Hayato come here?”

“He did. It was in the morning, just before work started.”

“Do you know where he is now?”

“…I don’t… know…”

“Sigh… well then what is he doing here?”

“To sell materials I ordered. He once got an ice dragon corpse that he defeated himself. Today he came to give it to me.

“A dragon… That’s amazing. Does that mean he was carrying it around with him the whole time?”

“Yes. He had made a promise to me before to sell it here. He dutifully kept his promise this time.”

He let go of something that he had always kept. The chance is, he wants to clear all his personal business. I knew he was going on a journey of no return.

I can’t wait to go after him.

“Pete, do you know where Betty, Ted, and the others are now? I’ve got a favor to ask them.”

“Those guys? They just came back from an expedition and said they were going home.”

“Okay, thank you very much!”

I’m sorry that I’m going to bother you guys when I know you all were very tired, but I really need your help right now.

I hurriedly ran out of the guild and headed to Ted’s house. I know where it is because it was close to my house.

The royal capital is in turmoil as people start to stock up on food and daily necessities after sensing the strange activity in the sky and the monsters.

As I passed through the crowded shopping district, I spotted Ted’s back ahead.

“There he is! Ted!”

“Huh? Alice. What are you doing here alone? Where is Hayato?

“I want to go find him! I need your help!”

“What do you mean?”

I explained to him what had happened from last night to now, and he nodded with a grim look on his face.

“… I see. He’s in big trouble, aren’t he? I’ve actually fought that black monster, and it was unusually strong. If it’s the master of that thing, it might make him feel nervous…

I don’t think we can do much about it, but… let’s go!”

“Thank you very much!”

“But wait a minute. I have to go to the place that takes care of our little ones and ask them to extend their stay.”

“Oh, you mean chocolate and the friends?”

“Yes. When you’re in an away job like this, it’s great to have a pet care service. If the owner dies on the road, they can help us find a foster home for the pet.

Because of this, if you don’t contact them for a certain period of time from the day you first apply, they will automatically put them in foster care. You have to contact them properly.”

“That’s right. It’s very important. Please go ahead and do it. Then I’ll go look for Betty in the meantime. I’ll meet you at the guild.”

“Okay, okay. I think Betty is probably at Carlos’s place. The black monster tore her robe, and she said she would buy a new one.”

“Thank you very much!”

Nice info, Ted.

It’s perfect if she in Carlos’s shop. I ran into the store and found Betty just as Ted had told me. She’s trying out a new robe and was looking at the mirror.

“Alisha-sama! What’s wrong? You’re in such a hurry.”

“I want to go and find Hayato! Please, I need your help!”

“What? What do you mean by that?”

I explained in the same fashion as I had with Ted, and she immediately nodded.

“The idea of going to that black cloud or monster’s master was It’s a little scary, but I’m an A-ranker now. I’m sure I can help you a little.”

“A rank? Amazing!”

“ehe,  Thank you, I was in a hurry because I couldn’t get up from B for a long time, but after fighting the black one, I suddenly felt like the power has surged within me. I checked with the guild, and my rank is raised to A! I couldn’t help but rejoice out loud, I know it would be inappropriate at a time like this, but I was happy.”

Then Carlos-sis, who was listening to me, opened her mouth.

“You know…, I bet you asked him to take you with him, but he refused, didn’t he? Even if you do find him, you’ll probably end up being turned away.”

“Ugh, You’re hitting it where it hurts… But! Even if he told me to go home, I’ll do my best to follow him. It’s not that he hated me, it’s just…   …….   …… uh? I wasn’t hated, was I?”

“I don’t know anything about that. But I doubt that he will run away and leaving his sister alone…, so I guess it’s something else?

But you know, you’re a woman. You shouldn’t be chasing after him. You need to be the one who being chased.”

“It’s too late to say that now, you know. It’s a fact that I was left behind. There’s no way to get him to chase me.”

“… you idiot. Be the kind of woman who wants to be chased. Here, I’ll give you this. If you wear this, he won’t ask you to leave.”

She gave me something again.

It was a black version of the revealing white dress I had bought before. However, unlike the previous version, it had a black lace skirt around the waist.

“Oh, you put a skirt on, huh?”

“Yup, because when I did, few girls started to buy it, so I thought it was a good idea.”

I think it’s a wise decision.

I Touch the fabric, and I noticed. This is… silk.

It’s probably more resistant to magic enhancement.

“… Miss Carlos, I’m buying this.”

“My my, I already said I will give it to you. But I’d be grateful if you’d buy it! Is there anything else you want?”

“Let’s see…”


I looked at the shelves lined with small items.

There were no glasses, but there were dustproof glass goggles.

“This one too!”

“Oh, you don’t have them yet? These are a necessity depending on where you are and who you are fighting. It’s no laughing matter to get sand in your eyes while fighting.”

That’s true.

But that’s not what I will use it for.

I’m going to add a function to observe the flow of magic power. I can’t add too many functions to the material, so I’ll just keep it simple.

“Well, Betty, please choose a new robe. I’ll buy it for you.”

“What? Are you sure?”

“Yes. It may not even be a thank you, but I’ll at least do that. But please choose a silk one, okay?”

“It’s expensive! It doesn’t have to be that expensive.”

“No, please choose silk.”

I can’t compromise on this.

Betty nodded with a puzzled look on her face, as if she sensed my urgency, and selected a robe with silver thread embroidery on a black background.

I bought it and tucked her cloak into my shadow storage.

Just before I left the store, Carlos said to me, “You know, you should try harder.” I nodded and headed with Betty to the next group.

“…Alisha-sama. I’m sorry to say this, but the sister, our healer, her mother has not been feeling particularly well lately. If possible, I’d like to leave her home this time.”

“I see… I understand. I don’t think we should invite her. But since I’m borrowing her party companion, I can’t do it without asking. We need to compensate her for the time she will not be able to hunt, so let’s pay her a visit.”

“But you’re in a hurry, aren’t you? If Alisha-sama goes there, she and her mother will probably be afraid and try to force her to go with us. I’ll go and talk to her. I’m sure it will be more peaceful that way.”

“Then at least her compensation? …Well, I guess I’ll ask. How much compensation would you like to receive for your seven days of activities as an A-ranked party if you were to convert it into a monetary value and put a number on it–would twenty gold coins be enough?”

“Too much!”

I handed over the money while being poked and prodded, and Betty, who was on her way to the healer house, told me where the last member of the team was.

“While you’re at it, go get George. He said he’d stop by the orphanage before he going home.”

“The orphanage? Understood. I’ll go to him! I’ll meet you at the guild!”

“Roger that.”

I parted ways with Betty and headed for the orphanage.

I went around the back of the church and looked at the garden and found George crouched in the field with the sisters and the children, weeding.


“Hmm? Ah, It’s Alice. What are you doing here? Are you alone?”

“Yes. Actually…”

I crouched down and plucked the grass, explaining the situation to George as I had done before and begging for his cooperation.

Then George turned his head to the side and said,


He said.

This George the sheep is a man of difficult nature. I kind of expected this; I know he was not a straightforward person.

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