LDM 496 – Level Up

We decided to let Narikin’s party have a vacation in the Holy Kingdom for a while and periodically report back to us if they noticed anything.

And so began the new project that Rokuko was working on now, the plan to build a park with a legendary tree.

“If you put it in a dungeon, you could make it into [Envy] trap for an adventurer without a girlfriend.”

“I wonder… should I make it into a room where you have to be a couple to get out? It’s too difficult to tell that’s it was [Envy].”

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to make a room where you can’t leave unless you’re in a lovey-dovey relationship (without minding your ages). Well, in that case, it’s not [Envy] but [lust]. And what if a party with only men entered the room in a group?

“Then… a room that won’t open unless you kiss?”

“What if you’re a soloist like Wataru?”

“Maybe…, kissing a picture of Nerune?”

“Is it okay to be that easy? I think it’s better to leave a statue in that room to kiss. That way, the condition will be clearer.”

But it came to me, wait, this is a good idea. Let us put some stone statues in the room, and you can’t leave until you kiss the right one. And if I change the target every time people enter, it would serve as good harassment.

[Envy] should be good enough with this setup, right, an envious statue that needs to be kissed.

“… By the way, what would happen if they broke all those stone statues.”

“Why did you ask that?”

“Nothing, I was thinking about what would happen if Kehma statue is placed in that room. I mean, Kehma’s lips are mine.”

“I do not deny it, but don’t make it your property.”

“Well, uh, eh? … you do not deny it?”

“… Don’t ask me to go repeat that. It’s embarrassing.”

Then, I decided to make some statues.

The process is simple. First, prepare an iron plate. Soften it with [Create Golem] and make a mold of the face. Fill the mold with stones I softened separately with [Create Golem], and remove the mold to make a stone mask.

After that, you can paste it onto a mannequin made of stone and adjust it to suit your needs.

“It’s a face… but it seems off. Should I put a wig on its head?”

“Oh, that’s great, Kehma. Can I have this?

“Sure… What are you going to do with it?

“I’ll decorate my room with it! I can make a stone statue of you as an exchange. Do you want to mold my feet?”

…wow, that’s unexpected.

“I’ll take the molds, but I think I can sell a stone statue of Rokuko to Haku for a good price.”

“Sure? You can sell it… but you’ll give me a stone statue of Kehma too, Full body, of course. And it has to be a naked statue, with Kehma’s clothes on it! Don’t worry; naked statues are an art!”

“Let’s say I made a naked statue of Rokuko. Do you think that kind of excuse will be acceptable to Haku?”

“……………………….. Yes, I’m sure!”

“That was a great pause. Okay, let’s stop it.”

For the dungeon’s statue, I could get help from Rei to make the basic mold and then adjust the statue individually to make it into a different person.

“Kehma, can’t you use your [Super Transformation] to become a lot of people?”

“It could work if I could use [Create Golem] during the transformation; right now, I can’t. I need to level it before I can use my skill.”

“Why don’t you use the dummy core to raise your level? It seems you can use your skill when your [Super Transformation] reaches level 6.”

“…Where did you get that info? From Haku?”

“Toy was the one who told me.”

In other words, it’s from Leona, well sure, since she had [Super Appraisal] its possible that she could know the detail of a skill, it also possible that Leona can use [Super Transformation] secretly.

“During the last time with Soto, I lost a level and had to destroy one dummy core to get it back. I’d like to save some leeway in case something happens again in the future…” {tln}

“Let’s say something does happen. Wouldn’t it be better to raise the level beforehand so that in the future, the level of the [Super Transformation] will be higher and can handle more things?”

“… Well, if it weren’t for the Soto incident, I would have raised two levels by now, so I guess I can at least raise one more level.”

I used 5000 DP to buy the dummy core. I will destroy it and raise the level of [Super Transformation].

“I wonder if Soto’s [Weak Replication] will raise in level?”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. Soto is newborn; give her a year or two before we raise it.”

“Yeah, we don’t want her to get out of control.”

I place the dummy core and take out a Golem Sword. Rokuko then put her hand on mine.

“Fufufu, did you remember the Pot splitting play we did in the Holy Kingdom?”

“Yeah, this is the authentic version of it.”

“That time, it was Rokufa and Narikin, so let us do it again!”

Is this okay? I don’t know what will happen, but I still break the dummy core with Rokuko.

The light that flooded out of the core entered me and raised the level of my [Super Transformation].

I check the effects of the [Super Transformation].

–         In 24 hours, you can transform into the object of your choice (or 6 times if you are Lv6).

–         Lv1 effect: You can transform into the form of something real.

–         Lv2 effect: imitate some of the abilities of the transformed object.

–         Lv3 effect: Once every 72 hours, even if you die while transformed, you can untransformed and automatically resurrected.

–         Lv4 effect: Can transform into something that existed in the past.

–         Lv5 effect: Eases restrictions after transformation. Some unique abilities can be used.

–         Lv6 effect: Able to use pre-transformation skills while transforming. (Hero skill is still restricted.)

That’s the detail of [Super Transformation: Lv6].

“Are you okay?”

“I’m alright, and it’s just as you say, I can now use my skill while using [Super


“Hmmm? Does it mean that you can use [Create Golem] while transforming into golem?”

“That’s right.”

“Can you use [Super Transformation] after transforming?”

“There should be a limit. But let’s give it a try.”

First, I turn to Niku, then I use [Super Transformation] to transform to Rokuko. I successfully become Rokuko, eh? Does it succeed? …but then, when I undo it, my body returns to the state it was before the transformation.

“What does this mean… oh, I get it.”

I cannot overlay it, it was treated as a new transformation, and of course, the daily limit was used.

To this date, when I want to use another form, I need to cancel the ongoing transformation, but now I could use it without releasing the previous one. The weakness has decreased a little.

“Well, not so bad, I guess?”

“I’ve got an idea. How about the magic sword, Kehma? You can transform into an orichalcum sword and also shoot magic with it, making it the most powerful magic sword ever!”

“That’s too evil!”

Oh, Rokuko, I can’t believe you were the first to come up with such a vicious idea. ……! You’ve grown up.

Magic Sword Kehma:

This magic sword was said to be the most powerful magic sword.

The reason why it’s the strongest is that it’s all made from pure orichalcum, so it’s simply durable, but the reason why it’s the strongest is that it doesn’t matter who wears it.

This magic sword has its own will and can kills enemies automatically.

It may be stronger when no one holds it, as it will lose its aim when wielded.

Even if you kill its wielder, it will not do much good because the sword itself has its own will.

The most useful way to use this sword is to throw it in the middle of the enemy’s camp and make it kill everyone.

 ~ (Excerpted from Meikyu Shobo: The Strongest Magic Sword Series)

TL Notes:

明球書房 : have no fukkin idea of how should I read this, its basically brilliant sphere library, if I just take the word as it is, so I leave it as it is.


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