LDM 499 – Beehive

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Wataru had come today.

After receiving the usual 100 gold coins to pay his debts, the two of us, plus Rokuko and Nerune, sat at a table in the cafeteria, eating a C-rank set meal and talking.

“And that man, you know, he held up a tube like this, and pointed the tube at me while he saying, ‘I’m going to turn you into a beehive!’”

Wataru glances at me while posing as if he was holding a firearm


“…then a bee really came out of that tube! It seems to be a species called a parasite bee, and they were literally planning to turn me into beehive!”

Wataru glanced at me again.

That’s too obvious. I’m not falling for it.

“Hee~~ I don’t know that kind of bee exist.”

“Parasites are such an amazing creature… So, is that a beehive or fake beehive?”

“Okay, what happen next?”

“…there’s no next! that was the whole story!”

Wataru was quite frustrated by our reaction. As Japanese, I think he expect me to react a little, but did you really think I will react to something of that extent?

“In my previous world, there this weapon called a gun, and bullets came out of a tube. The principle is different, but it’s something like a [stone bolt]. When you attack an enemy with it, you get holes in your head. So there’s a cliche line that refer it to beehive.”

Did you punish yourself by explaining what so funny by the story you told us?

“… I see! So the gun was held in the same manner of that cylinder right? it’s amazing coincidence that they even had the same cliche line!”

“That’s right, thanks Rokuko, it’s helpful that you understand it so fast.”

“…ah, I see, I also understand.”

“Kehma on the other hand is unnaturally slow. It’s as if you’re waiting for Rokuko’s reaction before you say you understand.”

Because I am.

“Ah that story, I’m curious, is there was a magic circle in the tube?”

“Oh. That is right, there was a magic circle that accelerated the bees and shot them out.”

“Acceleration? Can I see the cylinder?”

“Sure, here you go, Nerune.”

“Wataru! I love you!”

Wataru hands the “tube” to Nerune. It seems to be a mechanism that when the trigger is pulled, the lid at the bottom opens and the bees are released. Combined with its iron-like appearance, it certainly looks like a gun.

Is it just a coincidence? But when you considering the user also saying the cliched line [I will turn you into beehive] this smells like something that Leona made up.

“This magic circle is at the bottom of the tube. – it’s deep inside… How did they do this? Master, how do you think this magic circle was carved?”

“Hmm? I think they carved it first then shape the metal into tube. You can easily bend metal sheet just by heating it, and it easier than carving a tube from a solid block.”

“I see! Then you don’t need to be super skilled to make it! ah, you’re right, there are some places that look like joints.”

Nerune is going crazy about the tube, leaving Wataru, who just received the love word from her, completely out of picture.

“…Hey Wataru, are you okay with this…”

“Don’t say that. This is what I call happiness.”

“Well, …I suppose she could at least let you pat her on the head? Right, Nerune?”

“eh? Be my guest.”

Nerune tilted the top of her brown hair slightly toward Wataru as she looked at the tube.

Wataru gently stroked her head, after she give her permission “by my guest”. It was soothing to look at.

“…Speaking of which, Wataru likes Nelune, right?”


Wataru clearly upset at Rokuko blatant commentary.

“Eh? You want to confirm it now? In front of her?”

“You like her, right?”

“…I-I do like her!”

His face turned red, but he finally said it, though regrettably Nerune is busy with the cylinder and didn’t notice it.

“and just as you heard before Nerune also likes Wataru, so at least there’s some feeling between you.”

“i-is that so? I’m happy if it’s true.”

“That’s why! I’m in the middle of making something good right now, I’m going to make a little park.”

“I’m listening.”

“I need a little help with it, if you do, Nerune will be happy too, right? Nerune.”

“Yes, I’m happy!”

I don’t think Nerune understand what Rokuko mean, she just goes along with her words.

“Is that so! I will help you then!”

“…Wataru, if I may…”

“Please don’t say it.”

“Well…, if it’s okay with you, it’s okay with me.”

And Wataru was made to promise to help build a confession spot that Rokuko was planning.

The main objective is to prepare the place of the said park, which is still in a forest state, you need to exterminate its wild monsters, and later that place will be the location of ‘sure-fire confession’ spot.

“Rokuko… isn’t this… a scamming?”

“It’s not a problem, Wataru, let’s say you both don’t have mutual feeling of each other, then the confession won’t even happen. The important thing right now is to create the park for those candidates of future couple.” 

“Well, if you said it like that…”

It should be noted that I am the first person that will do this, so it’s not something that unrelated to me.

By the way Rokuko? I’m counting on you to explain this whole thing to Haku.

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