LDM 500 – Narikin’s Report

I gave a paid vacation to Narikin’s party and some bonus money, using said money to gather intel while doing their vacation. Right now, I’m listening to their report from inside the birdcage while possessing the bird, Tran.

“…I see that you are very enthusiastic about your work.”

“I’m very pleased with your praise.”

I’m using [Telepathy], with this I can receive the report while I’m possessing Tran. it’s a very convenient skill.

I don’t know why my subordinates are so passionate about their work; Rei was also like this, Even though I, as their Master, want to sleep as much as I can.

“So we went to the casino to gather information, and I got a lot of it. I think I have gathered most of the rumor that goes around here. The information we gathered is written in these documents.”

“Hmmm, for sure, I could see that you’ve gathered a lot of misc. information.”

“It’s all thanks to Rokufa and Naana. I was just throwing money around.”

“No, no, it’s all thanks to Narikin and Naana. I was just predicting the outcome of the roulette wheel.”

“… I will take the credit then, Master Kehma. I was the one who tempted them to do this.”

“That’s right! We three worked hard!”

For now, I’ll ask Soto to bring me the information documents via the [storage].

I want to scold them, but first, there’s this one piece of information that piqued my interest.

“…a female adventurer used a magic potion to change her sex to male in order to gain more power. But when she had a male lover, she changed back to a woman, had a baby, and then changed back to a man. ……?”

It’s a story about someone who repeatedly did gender-swapping.

“Yeah. It seems that he is a famous A-rank adventurer who has dived into dungeons.”

“This… isn’t this a magic potion from Chaos Pharmaceuticals?”

Chaos Pharmaceuticals magic potion was a name for a magic potion produced by Chaos God Leona.

In the Raverio empire, the potion was tightly restricted and regulated. The reason for this is that they are often used for criminal purposes. However, if you have permission, you can use them; I don’t know the details.

“Chaos pharmaceutical… I’m not sure if it really them, but I did hear that the Holy Kingdom doesn’t regulate this kind of medicine at all. Ah, there’s also this.”

“[One-night sex change festival. One night only madness and pleasure for you]. …20 silver coins for participation. (the potion will only have an overnight effect)

–Wow, I’m impressed; you’re even collecting information on events in the red-light districts. Good job.”

“Yes! Thank you! … By the way, I heard that the first time this event was held, there was a lot of scream at the next morning. Hahahaha.”

After that, they have to take proper after-service after such an event… but this proves that it’s not regulated enough to allow such an event to be held casually, and it seems to be available quite often.

But still, the drug with permanent effect is priced at thousand gold coins.

“Did they got this from the dungeon drop or…?”

“Well, if that were the case, it would be considered a banned medicine in the Holy Kingdom.”

“So, are they handmade? No, I’ll check it out if it’s available in the DP catalog first. Hold on for a minute.”

“We will wait for your return.”

Leaving Narikin and Rokufa down on one knee while watching me release my possession, I once again returned to my main body in the Cave of Desire.

I immediately open the DP catalog to see if Chaos Pharmaceutical’s magic potion was listed there.

“…wow, it’s really here.”

The potion of Chaos Pharmaceutical was listed perfectly inside the catalog.

It says 10 million DP for a permanent effect, limited edition is… wait, limited edition? Is this also something that made by Leona?

It’s 100.000 DP for the one that will last one year, and I still can’t find out how long the limited edition effect lasts.

As for the price comparison, I found a magic potion shop in Corkey when I went to the imperial capital with Wataru and the others, and the purchase price I know is exactly 1 Gold coin per 10,000 DP.

“…? Wait, how? I’m not sure how she got her product into my catalog in the first place. I don’t think it’s possible that it was adopted for the catalog without my permission — or it is…?”

Ah, to think of it, this once happened before with Haku’s [Introduction to Dungeonology]. Her book was listed without me being aware of it. Could it be that the DP catalog also has a function to sell something people produced?

I guess I’ll have to email Haku and ask her about this later.

If this is the case, it’s also possible that the magic potion is being created in a dungeon in the Holy Kingdom rather than being created by Leona herself.

Eh, I almost forgot that Narikin is still waiting for me. I possessed Tran again, the little bird in the Holy Kingdom.

“Good work, sorry for the wait.”


Narikin and Rokufa are still in the one knee position when they saw me off.

“… Don’t tell me you’ve been waiting in that position all this time? You should have made yourself comfortable, just like that maid over there.”

He looks at Naana, who is sitting in a chair while drinking tea.

She even has time to lift her teacup and smirk, “want some?” Really, what kind of maid are you? It’s okay, though.

“I’m a living armor by nature, so it’s easier for me not to move.”

“Really? But think of Rokufa. She’s different from you.”

“No need for worries, it’s easier for us, angel, to stay motionless in this position, too.”

“…Don’t push yourself, okay?”

For now, I’ll tell them that they can rest when I’m not around. And—

“The next thing I want you to check is the source of this sex change potion. I’ll also send you some additional funds, just for precaution. “

“Understood, thank you very much!”

“But you still had to take rest properly, have you done as I told? I’ve given you vacation, but you keep working. At this rate, you’ll ruin the name of Beddhism.”

“Eee, we went to the gambling den to play. That was our vacation. It was very worthwhile.”

“The information just came to us on its own, Master.”

I glanced at the maid who had planted the excuse in advance.

“If I hadn’t put it that way, these two would really be doing nothing but work.”

“O-oh, I see, you also had it hard, huh…”

“I did, but this all for the sake of defeating Leona-sama, so be it.”

She takes out a grape from the storage and crushes it with her bite, she shows off her true nature now, but overall I said she did a good job.

“Then continue your investigation. Also, make sure you take your vacation!”


Looking at his reaction I thought, “Oh, he’s trying to find another loophole to work again,” that’s why he replied after a short pause, but if he’s going that far, I won’t stop him… but please, take care of yourself.

TL Note:

Kehma is the ideal boss… that won’t ever happen in reality tho.

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