LDM 501 – How to put it in the catalog

If you want to put your creation in the catalog, you can ask [father] to register it for you, and he will include it if you want to reproduce it.

“Oh, so you can ask him to do that?”

“Yes, the profit will be reduced, but there is almost nothing that [father] cannot replicate.”

“As expected from [father]! Isn’t that right sister?”

“Grandfather is amazing!”

“That’s right, Rokuko-chan, Soto-chan.”

I listened to Haku’s explanation in the suite, while eating together with Rokuko and Soto. The menu was, of course, the “Greedy Set,” an A-rank dinner. At a cost as low as five gold coins, it could recover the cost for the bonus I gave Narikin’s group with this one meal.

but the content of our conversation wasn’t something we had to keep a secret from Leona, so she didn’t have to come in person to deliver it, she should have replied to me via e-mail, because there was no need to be wary of Leona eavesdropping. I’m sure the reason why she visited me normally was because she wanted to see Rokuko, I’m sure of it.

“So, the magic potion that Leona made can also be made using DP. But it still requires a dungeon. I believe the fact that the item is freely available in the Holy Kingdom, which has a policy of destroying dungeons, means that Leona’s base is there, OR there is a hidden dungeon producing it. It’s probably one of these.”

“I entrusted the investigation of the dungeon to Haku and my hands were free. That’s why I’ve had my subordinate to investigate the source of the medicine.”

“Yes, that’s a good job well done from your side, Kehma.”

When Niku gently put down another melon cream soda, Haku spontaneously picked it up and sipped it through the straw, thank you for your patronage.

“It’s as good as ever, though it would be quicker if the cream soda could be purchased using DP.”

“…Come to think of it, my catalog and Haku’s catalog have different prices and contents, don’t they?”

“That’s right. Kehma is from another world. That’s why you have an access to otherworldly goods.”

“Can I register those items?”

“No, you can’t. You can only register items made by Rokuko-chan or Kehma yourself. So to register melon soda, you need to gather the ingredients without relying on DP, cook it, give the 10 products to [father], and ask him to register them. Such a procedure will be required. ”

Also, it seems that you must make the item yourself, you can’t just buy 10 products from the store, register them, and then use DP to increase the number of products as much as you want.

Lastly you need to wait for [father] judgement as Dark god.

It did look like it took a lot of work, but why did he need 10 items when registering? Oh, I guess it’s like a samples?

“There are two ways to sell too. One is for the registrant to replenish their own supply. In this case, the number of units sold will be limited, but the price of the DP will be decided by the registrant, and if it sells, 80% of the DP will belong to the registrant. The other way is to let [father] to reproduce the item. In this case, the price is set by [father], and you get 10% of the DP when the item is sold. The number of supplies is unlimited.”

I see. uou can either give 20% of the sales to [father] as a commission for distribution and cataloging, and sell at your own pace, or you can sell the blueprints to [father] and get 10% of the sales. Hmm, sounds useful.

“I reality, not many people using this function.”


“If you can make something that isn’t in the catalog, we will use it as dungeon unique bait to attract adventurers and make a DP. unless it was something that you want it to spread like my book of [Introduction of Dungeonology] or Leona potion, in short we normally won’t use it unless there’s special circumstances behind those items.”

If you want to exchange DP or goods among your friends, you can do it in person by arranging a meeting or something, and there’s a hurdle to asking [father] in the first place, you need to use GP or go talk to him directly. And in the end, the buyers are limited to dungeon cores. It’s not a very attractive market. Not to mention that we already have a lot of product in our catalog.

“So, would you be interested in registering a melon cream soda? I can at least help you arrange the ingredients if you want. What do you need? Cherries? Melon?”

“If I make cream soda available for purchase at DP, won’t you lose one reason to come here?”

“Ah, you’re right. Let’s not do that.”

And Haku took another refill. Okay, let me put it in your bill, thank you.

“By the way, what kind of things do you have in your catalog, sister?”

“Since both Rokuko-chan and I are humanoid type cores, the basics listing won’t have that much difference. In fact, I think Rokuko-chan’s catalog is more complete because the existence of Kehma. I don’t have trump-card like item in my catalog.”

To think of it, Haku’s Master is Leon Raverio. Her default catalog was originated from the humans of this world and the human-type dungeon core. There wouldn’t have been much variety to add to the catalog.

“Ah, That’s right. Dolce, where’s your report?”

“Understood, I will be using telepathy now, excuse me.”

Whoa! Dolce appeared suddenly out of nowhere. I’m not sure if Haku is the one who summoned her, but she appeared suddenly on the map. I want her to stop using this kind of entrance just because she’s a wraith, it’s not good for my heart.

And to make it worse, I have no idea what she was reporting in front of us. Can’t you submitted it via e-mail? Or is the content so sensitive that it can’t be leaked to Leona? No, I’m not going to ask what kind of report it is because I might as well get erased on the spot.


“Hmm. Okay.”


“Yeah, that’s good. As expected, Dolce is the right person for the job… I want you to visit the Imperial Capital once more, so have Soto send you there.”

“Understood, thank you very much.”

Ah, yes. By the way, when Haku came to visit us this time, she went into Soto’s [Storage] dungeon, then Soto was summoned here by Rokuko’s dungeon function, Haku then comes out from Soto’s [dungeon] and arrived here. thus shortened the travel time, by making it an overnight trip.

She only knows this function only available in Rokuko dungeon’s function, and we still kept the secret of Soto’s [storage] cheat transfer method.

We cover it using a pretense that this is an ability that can only be used by me or Rokuko [Storage], but ever since I introduced this ‘Soto transportation’ method, Haku has been frequently making use of it.

and because Haku, with her status as the founder of the Raverio Empire, wants to use it, a mere [storage] entrance is not a suitable choice, so the entrance at least must be a solid door that’s been transformed into Soto’s [dungeon], it also possible that was just Haku excuse, perhaps she simply wants to observes Soto growth up close? {tln}

“Soto-chan, Rokuko-chan. Can you do that for me?

“Yes! One sock or tights per person, please!”

“I’m ready too.”

“Yes, thanks both you. But… why socks? Well, it’s the role of adults to accompany children’s games, isn’t it?”

Soto, my daughter… I’m glad you can satisfy your hobby by using it as a transportation fee for Haku, but do it moderately, okay? Your father is drenched in cold sweat here.


If it’s a duplicated by avoiding it fat you can have a delicious fish without a fat! (genius!) ah, but in order to do that, you need to force Soto to eat a lot of fish.

TL note:

1: original word is “Soto growth directly”, but it’s odd to put it on that sentence.

You might notice I changed my style from this chapter, don’t worry it’s deliberate, if you don’t like it, please tell me.

The most noticeable thing is I will left -chan -sama -dono fix alone if the context demand it, I remove it when it it’s irrelevant and can be replaced by other English word.

Also, I tried to make the sentence more fluid by adding a word or two to add context to conversation. It took me a year just to realize this, sorry, I know this supposed to be normal thing if I even put a little attention to other translator works. Again, I’m sorry for my inexperience.

Lastly if you like my works, consider supporting me via patreon or ko-fi, every accumulated 50$ will be dedicated for extra chapter in public release, private release via parteon and ko-fi is unchanged, since you can unlock all pending chapter with any amount of donation you gave me.

That’s all I guess, oh yeah, I will continue to translate LDM until I catch up with the raw I already catched up with the raw by the time I post this (lol) , it’s all posted on patreon, and already scheduled for release

I will make a pool on what to do next. The list is huge, thanks to your all suggestion (my brain almost fried from reading too much), I’m trying my best to carefully sorting it, I suspect there will be only 3 or 4 candidates left from those myriads of sugg estion.


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