LDM 502 – For now.

TL note: starting this chapter (( )) is signifying the thought transmission / telepathy.

I’ve finished the information exchange with Haku; now, I’ll send out instructions to Narikin’s group to investigate once again.

“…and so, I want you to continue to investigate the source of the magic potion. How’s the current progress?”

“Yes, Master. The potion is apparently being shipped from the town of Kuromaku.” {tln1}

“Kuromaku, eh? hmm.”

I’ve heard the name of the town before, but according to Narikin’s information, the name “Kuromaku” means “big black cloth”, “dark curtain,” or “one who supports and works in the shadows.

…in other words, the mastermind?

No, I don’t think they would have given it such an obvious name like a “mastermind{kuromaku}” but… {tln2}

“Toy, do you know if Leona had some involvement in Kuromaku?”

“Well. I was positioned in Daedo, so I don’t know. But if it’s a magic potion from Chaos Pharmaceuticals, there’s always a possibility that Leona-sama is making it.”

“It’s also very likely that it’s being produced from the dungeon, and it would be a bad idea to confront Leona herself directly…”

“You’re right. Our chance to win is currently none.”

Also, she could expose my lies to Toy. As I was thinking, Naana interjected

“Oh, but…

According to the information which Narikin gathered, the supply is abundant, organized, and stable. If Leona-sama were the one who was making it, it would be hard to imagine that the supply would be this stable, so as Kehma-sama speculated, the dungeon must be involved.”

“I also think that would be the case.”

She is always traveling and quite whimsical; that’s why It’s hard to imagine she could produce a stable supply. Also… Considering that Leona went to the trouble of registering the medicine she made to the catalog, it is more natural to think that there are dungeon cores in this Holy Kingdom who resell Leona’s medicine.

That being said, it’s also possible that this was a diversion she deliberately placed; if that the case, we will just have to deal with it when then the time comes.

“So, Narikin. From here on out, I want you to move to Kuromaku to gather information.”


And just in case, let me give a warning about Toy.

“Narikin. Let me remind you, don’t let Toy have any valuable possessions, okay? And Toy, don’t forget that your body is under our control. Haku’s people are watching you, too.”

“Certainly, sir!”

“Well, well, I guess Master Kehma doesn’t trust me yet. But I’m relieved. They were so defenseless that I thought I was the only one who cared.”

Naana shrugs her shoulders.

“…Narikin, Rokufa. Toy is one of us, but she’s still half of the enemy. So keep your guard up, okay?”


“Yes, Master.”

After receiving the final confirmation from my two subordinates, who replied while keeping their heads down, I released the possession.

“… oh, you’re awake, Kama?”

And when I woke up in my usual master room bed, Rokuko was gently, tightly snuggling with me.

“…Hey, Rokuko?”

“What is it?”

“Haku came yesterday, didn’t she?”

“She certainly did. That’s why she won’t be coming for a while. Forget about that; I need to talk to you about something.”

Apparently, she has no intention of releasing me. Unfortunately, at a time like this, Rokuko becomes quite stubborn, so I decided to listen to her first.

“Sister Haku told us about the catalog registration, didn’t she? I was wondering if there was any way I could use it to my advantage.”

“Did you come up with a good way to utilize it?”

“No, not at all. The problem is that the basic requirement is to produce something without any dungeon-related materials; that’s pretty strict, isn’t it?”

The iron used in our village is indeed made from iron golems. In other words, it’s also a product of the dungeon.

“But to put it in another way, it’s like saying that material that isn’t from dungeons are more valuable.”

“Then the only things we can use are wood, leather, and dirt. Can you build a massage chair with that?”

“Certainly, that’s not impossible to make.”

The massage chair is made from a combination of wood, leather, and the bed cover {ofuton} from DP. If you substitute the bed cover with ones that do not come from the dungeon, it might be possible. {tln3}

“But there’s no guarantee that the materials won’t come from another dungeon, right?”

“ah… I think it’s alright if it something that came from another dungeon. Probably?”

“No, I don’t think so. But, of course, if that’s the case, we could get the Ontentoo to help us, but I doubt [father] would overlook that.”

“Right… there’s no way that will happen.”

If so, you need to choose your materials carefully, and if possible, you’ll have to procure them yourself.

“But the massage chair is not good because I sold it to Haku, saying that it was only available in our catalog. If it’s registered now, our lie will be exposed.”

“You’re right… really can’t be helped, can it?”

As I finished saying that, Rokuko hugs and cuddling with me.

“Is that’s it for the consultation?”

“Hmm, wait a little more.”

Then Rokuko rubbed her body against mine. She’s almost like Niku right now.

“All right, I’m going back to work. By the way, the park is progressing well!”

“oh, okay.”

she seems satisfied with this and left the room.

“… I’m going to sleep.”

But it took me a while to fall asleep because I was somehow conscious of the warmth and smell of Rokuko left behind.

TL note:

1: written using katakana, but I leave it alone since they use its Japanese meaning a lot in this chapter.

2: “mastermind” = 黒幕 = kuromaku/wire puller/black curtain, the difference is this one written using kanji, while the town name is in katakana.

3: That is not exactly right, I know, but it is as close as possible with its literal meaning.


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