6/23/2021 update

I think I recovered enough to do this… ok here goes nothing…

first thing first, thanks, for all your suggestion and patience, it’s not easy but I’ve narrow down the list for now

the second thing I will took a personal/private project which I will choose by my preference.

ok so here’s the candidate for other series also the synopsis (30-ish chapter ahead, so I might be wrong) also I will keep it short, so I won’t giving out a spoiler, you can always read full review on NU anyway:


Overall interesting, the NPC is too advanced for virtual world, but the main story is not ONLY focused on VR world, but also the Heroine backstory itself, which is quite interesting.


He is screwed, both in fate and mind, and anybody will if they suffer his fate. that’s it, there’s a spoiler in NU which is very accurate.


the rating is abysmal in NU but I don’t care, the story is good enough to keep me going for more. in fact I checked on syosetu, the review is very good for this series.


I loved this kind of story, the MC is op but human, it’s slice of life how “I DONT WANT TO DO THIS” type of man that still do it anyway.

18+ story:


synopsis : shota + onee-chan what could go wrong? the story is kind of flat, but funny enough to keep me going.


synopsis: bamboozled by the title, NTR part is almost non-existent, or it might stand for netori rather than netorare what the difference you said? Ummm, netori is making out behind your friend’s back even though you know your friend wants or have some-sort-of romantic connection to the girl, netorare is outright force stealing your friend GF. that kind of difference… yeah not that much huh. Also he somehow ‘managed’ to undo all his sin later, but more than this I will spoil the story.

anyway, the story is GOOD, like wtf, I didn’t expect that I read this one till the latest chapter where it went hiatus, it’s “Tsuyokute new saga” but the MC is a wholesome asshole.

still an asshole though. and it’s still in hiatus.

ah in case you pick 18+ story, be noted that I will peer it to other site, since google don’t allow any adult content in their line of sight.


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6 Responses

  1. Niberion says:

    Can’t really choose from anything on poll, sorry
    Some of it I was reading in manga form and got bored(dropped), monster tamer and duke->plain exile
    Some is waaaay too creepy for my plate, yandere(even though I like genre itself, but not This scary) and ntr
    Rest are either horny+shota or vr game(, which sadly, is overused as of late), so I’ll anyway skip on both.
    I can though give some ideas if you are interested, course there are plenty of good novels in NU reading lists last updated year’s ago. For example Stranger’s Handbook(comedy) or Love Dependency Disease(yandere) or Crimson Dragon(rare D&D style, slice of life?adventure?)

    • liejinsan says:

      I won’t make false promise so I won’t give you any.
      But I will come back to this page again when I run out of material, so no worries, your input is very valuable.
      In case I decide to take on new project again, I will give those title serious thought. Thanks.

      • bob smith says:

        Do you have a discord server. i like the series that you have translated so far and would like to ask some questions about them. and if you do not have a discord server will you think about making one? also if you don’t have a server do you have an email or gmail i can contact you with?

  2. FriendlyNeighbor says:

    Theres a boon (I think if im not mistaken) of isekais lately that transfers you to a game similar to Civ. e.g. Isekai mynoghra and a bunch of other stuff, why not try checking those out?

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