LDM 505 – Souvenirs from the Holy Kingdom

AN: I got distracted by an interesting webcomic

TN: me too.

I bought a whole set of accessories as souvenirs to take back to Nerune without Naana noticing.

It’s a bargain since buying all the exhibits didn’t even cost me a single gold coin! …Yeah, my sense of money is messed up already. I will need to be careful with that.

Also, I could use [Super Transformation] to transform into a magic tool and have Nerune investigate it, but I don’t really want to do that because it would mean she would be messing with my body. And it’s not like we’re low on money. It might be a different story if I had that kind of fetish, though.

Anyway, the fastest way to deliver it to Nerune is by using Soto’s [storage] teleport, and the shipping cost is only one sock. Thanks to that, I could show it immediately to Nerune.

“I think it’s not that exceptional for a magic tool. At most, I could say that this is an accessory that can be used for practical purposes.”

“So… they have more value as accessories?”

But I think we can take advantage of this in the Raverio Empire. It’s hard to be recognized as a magic tool even if you’re wearing it.  I show the magic stone to Nerune, so she understands what I mean.

“The explosion from that stone is too weak, and this water magic stone will only wet your throat if you suck it at best. Well… that’s better than nothing, I guess?”

“Oi, this is a life-saving item in the desert. The teardrop shape and watery look is also a nice touch.”

“ee~? But we can make water with magic. Is it also cheaper that way, right? If I had to guess, I’d say it’s more suited for dungeons in Holy Kingdom.”

The question is, is it really lighter than water, or is it more cost-effective than magic to produce water, huh?

“Was this wind stone ear cuff and ring is a reproduction of the [air voice]? If you use a better magic stone, you can increase the range of your effect. Aah, I see. The mark on the magic stone is only on the backside, where it touches the magic tool so that the front side can be polished like a jewel without any problem. Nn?”

“What is it, Nerune?”

“No, I think this means that if you talk to the ring, your voice will reach all the ear cuffs in the area of effect…? It’s specified for everyone, not just you.”

“Maybe it’s supposed to be used by the whole party.”

“Oh, I see!”

I think it could be used as a communication intercom in family restaurants and the like. We can try to give it to Kinue and have her use it in the cafeteria. The fact that it’s green with green elements is just perfect.

“These firestone earrings are a souvenir for Madam Rokuko, aren’t they?”

“Yes. I bought them for Rokufa, but I thought they would look good on Rokuko too.”

“Good choice, Master. It can explode, but there’s insurance in various ways. I’m sure she’ll be pleased with it.”

It’s not like gunpowder, where you can’t specify various conditions for the explosion. There are safety measures that only a magic tool can provide. It seems that even if it is smashed, it will not explode. It would be a disaster if it was broken in the middle of a battle, and my face was gouged by it.

“I’m going to give it to the others. How about you, Nerune? This yellow stone bangle would look good on you.”

“This is a self-defense tool that can produce sand for blinding. Interesting.”

Certainly, it seems to be quite useful for self-defense.

“What would be good for Rei? Since it’s a rare opportunity, please pick one according to the Master’s judgment.”

“I wonder… wouldn’t it be better to let her choose from among these?”

“She will be more delighted to know that Master has chosen for her.”

Hmm, so that’s how it is. I guess you can say that is the nature of dungeon monsters? Since Nerune also a dungeon monster, I believe it would wise to believe in her words.

“The same bracelet as Nerune’s… No, it’s not going to blind Rei if she uses it. would it?”

“She has zero attack power, so you may feel some discomfort when it gets in your eyes, but there should be no pain.”

“That’s good to know, but that’s kind of like, you know? It’s making you feel creepy.”

The fire element earrings are also the same. I was worried if the explosion is strong enough to blow Rei back if she ever uses it.

The golem crossbow I made for Ray can get around her 0 attack power status by making the golem shoot on command. But if she can put magic power into that magic tool to activate it, it’s like Rei is the one who is directly attacking you.

“Items that seem to be useful in daily life seem to be better for her.”

“If that’s the case, how about this pacifier necklace?”

“Pacifier. Wouldn’t it be a hindrance to wear around your neck with the holy seal?”

Another one that looks good is…

“Master, how about this pendant? It glows.”

“Instead of using [light] spell. A pendant that glows on its own… for vampires?”

“She can see in the dark, so she doesn’t need it.”

And it looks like a toy with LED attached to it, but I omitted that because it won’t make any sense to Nerune. Well… next is…

“What about the dark attribute ones? I wonder what kind of effect these earrings have.”

“Is it a pierce type earring? Master will need to pierce it for her, you know?”

“I think I’ll pass.”

I’m afraid of piercing people’s skin. The effect was a thin blindfold for yourself, similar to sunglasses. Was it a good enough substitute for an eye mask?

No, people tend to take off their jewelry when they go to sleep.

“How about these bracelets? It’s windy, and it’s a bit like Kinue’s.”

“Something that makes a breeze…I guess it could be used for lighting fires…”

“I think she can use it to have the wind blow against her when it’s hot.”

“ahh, isn’t that nice?”

It’s like a portable fan, but more convenient. If we could make it available in dungeons, it might become more popular than we thought.

“The next one is for Niku-senpai and Ichika-senpai, right? Oh, do you need Soto-sama’s portion as well?”

“…do I have to choose for all of them?”

“it’s not a good feeling to be left out after all. But, well… I think it’s okay to choose randomly.”

“…uh, I’ll choose properly.”

In the end, in addition to Rei, I still have to choose a magic accessory for others.


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