LDM 507 – Start the Kuromaku investigation

Speaking of which, there was a quiver magic tool that makes magical arrows in the demon country, so I was thinking to make an arrow using stone making magic tools, but then I learn that the cost of magic power consumed jumped considerably when you try to make a shape.

Nerune also says [But it’s not something Master can’t replicate, right?], true, but in my case, it was faster and stronger to attack directly using [Stone Bolt].


“Ichika reports that the person who made this is [Nayutashisidou]…. this name sounds familiar.”

“Nayuta? ah, maybe it’s the girl who used to work at our inn?”

“I think it’s very likely. It’s Shishido. And it’s related to magic tool.”

When I looked at it carefully, I saw that there was indeed a small engraving on it. Judging by Shishido’s surname, it seems to be Leona’s grandkid, and it’s something that people who understand the significance of the name would immediately acknowledge.

I remember that Nayuta used to make magic tools and sold them to me. I think she once confronted me with a magic tool that looked like a gun made by her. It was a long time ago, and I was already starting to forget it. Her sister, Setsuna, is a battle junkie, and she and Niku used to have mock battles.

However, Nayuta was a dog-eared beast. She’s a spy for Wakoku Country, but in the Holy Kingdom, the fact that’s she’s a beastman will become a liability.

Even Toy is using a body of a human assassin, Naana, plus she also disguises herself as a maid. If she had remained in her beastman body, she would have had to wear a slave collar. That’s how low the position of beastmen in that Kingdom.

“It also possible that Nayuta has been captured and enslaved… this actually didn’t matter that much, but didn’t we already tag her?”

“Tag? Oh, right, we can use it to establish contact and gather information.”

“You’re quick to catch on. Yes, I was thinking about that.”

If she’s been captured, she’ll know what’s going on inside, and even if she’s not, she might be able to sell us some information if we managed to establish contact with her.

It’s more convenient for her to be a slave. We can get a lot of information in exchange for the help we will offer to her, or we could just buy her, we can extract all the information we want and even get information about Wakoku.

“So, Rokuko. Did we tag Nayuta?”

“I’m sure I did because I used to tag everyone who came to this village. Especially when it comes to someone connected to Leona.”

“Oh, I see. Good job, Rokuko.”


I gave her a pat on the head; she seems so happy with that.

So this time, I decided to focus the investigation around this Nayuta Shishido as our starting point.

The town of Kuromaku.

Narikin opened the dungeon menu at the inn and checked the map.

A map of the town appeared on the screen. According to what he had heard from his Master, there was a beastman’s girl named Nayuta Shishidou in this town. He also said that the person is tagged, so Narikin should be able to recognize her sign immediately.

… But apparently, there are several people in this town who have been tagged.

“Um? This is a little different from what Master had told me. There’s 5 sign, you know?

“We can’t see the name. That’s why it’s hard to tell which ones are the ones we’re after …What this is mean?”

–Rokufa, who was looking at the map with me, glanced at Naana.

“I can’t see the “map” to begin with, but I’m guessing it’s either spy who’ve been to the village of Gollen or adventurers or merchants who’ve stopped by. At the very least, I’m pretty sure they had a contact with Lord Kehma or at the very least has visited the village.”

“I see. It is not only Nayutashi Shidou who came to the village.”

“…… Shishido, ah, Nayuta is supposed to be her name, right?

“Hmm? Yeah, I guess so.”

“Nayuta, Nayuta… Yes, I remember now. That person is my sister. She’s a dog-beastman, right?”

Narikin only remembered that Naana(Toy) as a human, but Toy was originally a dog-beastman. He doesn’t know because he never saw Naana(Toy) in that form.

“Well, if she’s Naana’s sister, wait, that’s wrong, if she’s Toy’s sister like you mentioned, your other sister might be with her too, do you have any clue?”

“Another one? Is it another Toy? Or someone else?”

“Master says her name is Setsuna.”

“Oh, yeah, that one. I heard there’s one with that name.”

Naana recalled her two sisters named Setsuna and Nayuta. When she shared this information with them, she knows it was that they were being cursed and played with by Leona. Envy sported from her Toy’s heart.

But she has been instructed by Leona to actively cooperate, so she will tell Narikin every detail about her sister without any concealment.

“… that’s about all, the information I know is probably outdated, but I’m sure I’ll be able to identify her when I meet her.”

“is that so? you know her face?”

“… I don’t know what they look like, but if I get close enough, I can tell by the smell. It’s not about literal smell, more like in soul sense, so it’s not a problem with this body.”

Either way, it’s a special characteristic of the lineage of chaos gods.

“For now, why don’t you just tell me where it is, and I’ll go check it out? Should—”

“Hmm. it certainly easier if you know the face. Well, can’t I just leave this matter to you?”

“… it is fine, but you’re not going to let me go in there alone and unsupervised, are you?”

“Oh, I almost forgot. You can take Tran with you if you want. If Tran is watching, Master will be able to check on you later.”

“As I said before… a little bird won’t be able to hold me back, you know?”

“But Naana won’t run away, will she?”

“Well, I won’t run away.”

“It’s all good then. Right, Rokufa?”

“Yes, I agree. I’m counting on you, Naana.”


…This couple is still too good-natured and careless. They must have taken it from their creator, Kehma and Rokuko. But it’s not a problem. I’ll cooperate as much as I can.

“I’ll show you the map, and you can go check it out… look, there are five candidates.”

“Leave it to me. I’ll do a little research on the other candidate as well.”

“Naana is very reliable! I’d like to learn from her.”

“…Why did you even show a map to an outsider like me …ah, so this is how the dungeon function works, huh?”

Narikin put a mark in the candidate locations on the map then he had set to display. There are five tagged targets, but there is one particular place that has a set of two tags, so if the sisters are together, this is probably the place.

“You are a trustful one, letting me do what I want after having me check out the escape routes on the town map.”

“Is that so? It made me happy knowing I’m one step closer to be like Master.”

“That’s not a compliment.”

With a sigh of exasperation, Naana went out of the room to gather information.

TL note:

Ngl; I already forgot about Nayuta.


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    Stop! If Toy can feel a soul’s smell then how did she not smell through Khema’s transformation into Leona? Can his ability transform the soul as well?

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