LDM 508 – Kuromaku Survey

Kehma POV:

Naana’s investigation of the Kuromaku city revealed many things easily.

And you, Narikin, even though we got Toy’s body under our control, I still think you’re giving this Naana too much freedom. It’s okay, though. But you have even shown her the map.

However, the map shown by the dungeon function is a normal map that is usually used around here. Somewhat that part is okay. And should he want it, Narikin can always get a detailed map by taking aerial photos with a little bird (trans), so honestly, it’s nothing to be worried about.

Ah, Still, I feel like I had to remind Narikin again not to tell anyone about Soto’s [storage] transport ability.

“So, this dot here is Nayuta and Setsuna. The others are merchant, spy, and adventurer.”

“Mmm! So spies are infiltrating Gollen Village? Master, this is a dire situation!

((No, that much is expected, Narikin. Think about it, Nayuta and Setsuna are also spies for the Wakoku. Instead, it was strange if our defenseless village didn’t have any spies at all.))

“Yeah, it seems to be better now since the White Goddess’s subordinate is protecting Gollen village,  but I’m sure there are spies who they deliberately let loose.”

Because if you shut them out completely, they will suspect that the village has a critical amount of confidential information, and that will cause more trouble than it’s worth. It’s better to let the unimportant information flow moderately.

“It seems that they have a quota of two magical objects per day. That’s quite a pace under normal circumstances.”

((They’ve been captured?))

“Seems like it, but I haven’t made any contact with her yet, though my sister might have recognized my face. That girl has sharp instincts.”

Toy sister, Setsuna, is a skilled fighter on equal footing with Niku. she is a beastman, a mixture of a lop-eared dog and a rabbit, but her appearance somehow felt natural. Her bunny part was probably what gave her extra vigilance.

((Did you find anything in your infiltration?))

“I was listening in, but it most unlikely that they are the source of the magic potion from Chaos Pharmaceutical. I highly doubt that Leona-sama is involved this time.”

((That’s convenient, if you already have the information, they can cooperate with you, and the investigation will proceed quickly.))

Naana nods. At the same time, Narikin put his hand on his chin and started thinking about something.

“Master, how should we move? What should we do to establish contact?”

((Ah, about that, just say you like the work and want to directly order it. You can tell the craftsman that you won’t do the transaction unless you can meet the artisan, or you can try to buy Nayuta herself from them.))

“Naana is good at that. I’ll leave it to her.”

“…Understood, sir… by the way, Master Kehma? I’m not sure if I should say this, but doesn’t this man trust me too much?”

((… It doesn’t change the fact that you are useful as a servant, this time too, keep your guard up, Narikin.))

“Of course, Master, I’m always vigilant.”

Seriously, be wary of her!

“But aren’t Kehma-sama was the one who says [this time too], it means the other time is okay?”

I will pretend I didn’t hear that.

3rd party POV:

Naana immediately led Narikin and the others to the place where Nayuta and the others were forced to work- the magic tool workshop.

When they asked to speak with the artisan at the workshop (with some bribe, of course), they were taken into a reception room.

“My wife is very fond of this work. She would like to meet the artisan.”

“I’m very honored. I am the maker of this magic tool.”

The man who responded was an overweight, dark-skinned man.

Of course, this man could not be Nayuta. He is not even a beastman. Rokufa noticed this and tilted her head, and said, “huh?”. Naana predicted this kind of careless reaction. She immediately followed up.

“Oh, you noticed, Mistress?  Yes, it’s different. You’re not the maker of this particular item. Are you?”

“Hm?  But that magic tool belongs to my studio. In other words, it’s my work as the head of the workshop.”

“My Madam was not talking about the whole jewelry itself. She was impressed by how beautiful the circuitry of the magic tools, isn’t that right, madam?”

“Oh, yes, yes. This magic tool circuit is really well made!”

Rokufa nodded her head in agreement with Naana’s follow-up.

“Yes, that’s why we wanted to order it directly from the craftsman.”

“I see, I see. I’ll let them know what you want.”

“You mean you can’t let me see the craftsman? My wife wants to see him. I’m sure the workshop manager can manage that. He’s your subordinate, right? you can just call him.”

“Our craftsmen are very shy, and they are not used to talk with a customer.”

“Is that so?”

Then Narikin puts a silver coin on the table.

“That’s a problem…”

The head of the workshop kept his eyes on the silver coin while looked troubled.

“Is there’s a reason why you can’t let me see him? For example, is it made by a slave?”

“Master, it must be that! It’s made by a beastman slave! Madam, how it feels if it was made by a beast slave? Oh no, how dirty that thing is!

“i-I don’t know what you’re talking about. You must not slander people like that!”

“That’s right, Naana. Naturally, people will be using the slave to make things, don’t they?”

“But when it comes to beastman slaves, it’s a different story, isn’t that right, Madam?”

The workshop manager had no choice but to sweat profusely at Naana’s accusation since it was true that the beastman slaves were the ones who were making his products.

In this country, selling products made by beastman slaves is a rather controversial issue. Many people don’t mind it, but those who do will avoid it at all costs. The idea is based on the teachings of the Light Religion, which says that the human race is the most superior race.

“I don’t particularly care for it, but… because this magic tool is a very wonderful art. Is it really impossible to meet the craftsman?”

“Madam! that’s not good if—”

“Well, I could somewhat understand since Naana is a native of this country. But stop it. I don’t like how a mere servant is interfering with my wife’s wishes any further.”

“— i-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interfere.”

“…Well, Mr. Head Workshop. We are travelers, and we have no particular aversion to beastmen. We care not for what race he is. Call him.”

Narikin added another silver coin to the stack. He one-sidedly assumes that the magic tools’ craftsman is a beastman, but the workshop manager didn’t seem to notice that. He gently snatched up the silver coin on the table and put it in his pocket.

“Oh, if Mr. customer is a traveler, then it cannot be helped. But I beg you to keep this a secret. Also, I’ll need a bit of time to clean them a bit, if you don’t mind.”

“Very well.”

Thus, Narikin and the others succeeded in making contact with Nayuta.

TL note:

Oscar for Narikin party!


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