Blunt Type Ogre Girls 104 – Update on events

TL note: … how should I shorten this title… Dagekioniko? BTOGWLT? BTOG? Lol, dammit, I need it for my folder.

And yeah, this time sickness is quite severe… I cannot concentrate for more than 30 minutes; my body feels so sluggish. It even a miracle I could translate this… anyway, enjoy.

the poll is concluded, I will translating the top 2 winner of the vote.

“Welcome home, Nana.”

“I’m home… uuh, I’m tired…”

I was thrown out to the exit of the warp zone in the safe room.

I trust my body to Rin hands, who softly catch and welcomed me.

“It’s been a long day.”

“It is, but look… at least I got this.”

When I showed Rin the large key I had gotten from the trials, Rin-chan also took out the same one and smiled.

“As expected from Rin-chan.”

“My place was simple. Or rather, Nana’s place is too difficult.”

“Were you watching?”

“Yes, from the middle. I heard the rest of it from our viewer.”

“Oh, right. I was streaming too.”

I took a peek at the comment section, and I realized that the comment has piled up. I feel like my live viewer count also increased considerably.

『Precious ……』

『Precious ……』

『Precious ……』

“What is this?”

I was frightened by the “precious” comments spam because there’s a weird sense of unity in it.

“Don’t worry about that.”

“Is this normal?”

“Yeah, it happens all the time.”

“o-Oh, I see…”

Was it really the case? Because I could feel her arms is tightening around me. While being overwhelmed by Rin-chan wordless response, I decided not to pry further behind the meaning of those comments.

Not understanding my viewer comments is an everyday occurrence for me. I’m not that fluent in internet slang, after all, so please forgive this Arbeiter who has been off the internet for six years. {part time worker – more on tln1}

“By the way, Nana, the event page has been updated.”

“Is it related to the trials?”

“Yes, here, take a look.”

Rin-chan then holographically projected the official event page using her menu card. Her finger pointed at a banner with an impressive monster’s silhouette.

☆ Dungeon Event: <<Labyrinth of Stardust: The Final Act – Destroy the Apostles>> ☆

The apostle monsters that lie dormant in the labyrinth finally awaken.

Defeat them before they descend on the world and save the city of beginnings from danger!

Period: Immediately after the end of the Labyrinth of Stardust event

Eligibility: Players and NPCs who possess the special item “Great Key of Trials” and are present in the dungeon at the end of the event

※ This event will be held after the ranking is calculated.

※ There will be no change in the final rankings depending on whether you participate or not.

※ The battle against the Apostles will be broadcasted by an official live broadcaster. For more information, please click here.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“<< Destroy the Apostles >>… official live broadcaster?”

“They are a broadcaster from the game company sides. Usually announcing a new update to the game and sometimes they will invite famous gamers and VA, while holding a small event, like an official demo of the game new elements.”

“Oh, I didn’t know they did that.”

Regarding that, I’ve never seen any stream other than Rin-chan’s. I was so engrossed in the game that I never thought of watching anyone else play.

I think I’ll give it a try next time. Maybe I can learn something as a fellow streamer.

“Right at this moment, the forums must be chaotic. because they don’t know what exactly triggers the way get into the trials.”

“Oh yeah. Well, I can understand how they feel. It’s like there’s only hidden mechanic after hidden mechanics up till now.”

“That’s the problem, isn’t ino …No, I understand that they probably wanted to make it look like an official broadcast of the final raid battle. It’s like an unveiling event for the raid battles that will be held in future.”

I was a little surprised to hear Rin-chan say that while bearing a rare frown on her face.

Rin-chan further explains, first of all, official live broadcasts themselves are planned out in a certain way, with venues and times set, so it’s not something that can be done spontaneously.

In other words, this was a plan that had been decided in advance before the event.

Using <<Destroy the Apostles>> event, they aimed to show off the graphics, system, and other technical aspects of WLO, which they claimed has been made using the best technology.

In addition, the raid battles, which had never been held since the beta version, would be unveiled to the game players.

Based on the information she had gotten from Gold, <<Destroy the Apostle>> Battle would probably be much larger than a raid.

In addition, since they’re going to the trouble of broadcasting it officially, they may also announce other new elements that will be implemented in the future.

This was the purpose of the official live broadcast, based on Rin-chan prediction.

“The problem is, as Nana said, that this apostle defeat battle was hidden from the players as a secret element. …… It’s fine to pack hidden elements into events. Because the pattern is repeated after a few events, it can become a tradition and motivate players to do more.”


“But for this apostle defeat battle, without the players’ self-help efforts, there’s a possibility that there would be <<zero participants>>. I can’t believe they dare to do an official live broadcast under such circumstances. But I understand that it’s a world where NPCs live freely, so they don’t want to put too much control on it. still, I think there’s a better way to do this, like making the Great Key of Trials as a ranking reward.”

Although Rin-chan has a harsh opinion, there are many aspects of her argument that I agree with.

In fact, the forums currently are in a state of disarray, and the management has done a poor job explaining the details of the Defeat the apostle battle and extending the duration of the event.

Well, that being said, this is the first event since the launch of the service. It may be inevitable that there would be some sort of problem. {tln: you are the problem}

In any case, as long as we got the “Great Key of Trials”, there should be no worries that Defeat the Apostle Battle would have zero participants.

The only thing left to do is pray that we could get as many players as possible to get the Great Key and hope we have balanced party composition.


Until now, I’ve agreed with Rin’s complaints about the event, but looking at the description of the event, I noticed something outrageous.

“What’s wrong?

“This official wording says that if we lose Defeat the Apostle battle, the said apostles will appear in the town of beginnings, right?”

“I suppose so. It says that the city of beginnings is in danger.”

“Isn’t this dangerous? NPCs don’t come back to life after they die, right? And the fourth group of new players just came in yesterday or today, right?”

With new players being brought in at ten-day intervals, 20,000 new players from the fourth group have already landed in the city of beginnings.

As I recall, to accommodate double the number of players this time around, they divided them into 10,000 each and delayed the time they could log in by half a day. {tln2}

The number of players will now reach 50,000, and I think it’s good that the game is getting more exciting.

However, the Apostle Defeat Battle is clearly content for “advanced players”.

As I thought when I asked Gold earlier, what happens if a monster of that level lands in the city of beginnings?

If a novice player dies, it’s okay because the death penalty is light, but if an NPC is harmed, what should the player who “lost” the battle do?

It’s just a game. But life is life. I think it’s inevitable to regret that you couldn’t protect them.

I think this event is going to be worse than I thought.

Worst of all, wouldn’t it be better to have the top players who can’t participate in the apostle defeat battle go to the city of the beginning?

If you’re a fighter, you can get from Fias to the city of beginnings in two hours.

“The only thing we can do is to prepare as much as we can. We have to go through the events, collect items that we can use in the raids, and repeat…”

“Then, Rin, can I have the morning free today? I need to prepare something.”

“Okay. In any case, we’ve almost met our quota for the day by clearing the monster floor. I also have some things I want to do, so let’s start today’s run around three o’clock.”

With Rin’s permission, I was able to get some time to prepare for the end of the event in two days.

Fortunately, it seemed that Rin-chan would be preparing for something as well. It was probably for the best.

Once I exchanged my return ticket to get out of the labyrinth, I escaped from the safe room one step ahead of Rin-chan.

The management has been struggling a lot with this event. Even so, there’s nothing they could do but accept the player’s complaint.


Tln1: literally means part-time worker in Germany, but in Japan, it had additional meaning. It means “students who work.”

Tbh, I don’t know the meaning in German; if anyone can enlighten me, it would be perfect.


Tln2: try that outside Japan. There will be RIOT. No pun intended.


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      The problem is that Sakuna’s personal skills in the real are broken to the point where it’s a “real cheat” a person normally cannot focus on a “counter attack” strategy for 2 hours straight in actual combat yet Sakuna did that and defeated Aria. This ends up tripping the event flag for the “Labyrinth” to appear.

      So simply put the reason the developers are on the back foot is because the “impossible” happened. They thought more players would be at higher levels/better equipped/ better skills before Aria took their first dirt nap. But at the same time because the way the game is designed a “rollback” would be impossible to do as well since it’s supposed to be a persistent game world and a rollback when the game just released would set a terrible precedence.

      It’s not the the developers are trying to hide the event details and revealing them for suspense purposes they are more likely scrambling and going “Holy shit! Where are the event details for this part of the game!?!?!?!? It happened way too damn soon!!!!” it would be like someone triggering access to AQ 40 in WoW while most people haven’t even gotten through the Arathi Highlands. Except the AQ 40 opening comes with the added caveat of the Major Cities for the Horde and Alliance getting besieged by AQ 40 enemies as an introductory event.

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