LDM 510 – Information is unconfirmed information until it can be confirmed. (a quote that just stating the facts.)

[possess] is used to Tran, and I proceed to listen to Narikin’s report.

“So, here’s the information I got from Nayuta.”

(Oh, there’s a lot of information about the hidden dungeon. And this coordinate… it’s not that far away from the workshop.)

“Most of the work is done by Naana this time. Please praise her, Master.”

(Yes, well done.)

“No, it’s nothing much.”

It seems that Toy used her position as a little sister to extract information from Nayuta easily. Well, I don’t hate her method of using whatever is available to get the job done.

(“I’ll report to Haku-san for the time being, but next time I’ll send the rats in.)

“Good idea Master, I’ll prepare it right away. “

Rokufa said while opening the menu.

(Rokufa…  Just go on standby for now.)

“So-sorry. I’m a bit hasty because I cannot contribute anything this time.”

(Don’t worry, for this information-gathering mission, I will give credit to the three of you.)

Naana sighed at my words.

“Master Kehma. Mind if I ask? Why did you count me in?”

(You’re the one who got the information, so there’s no way you’re not included.)

“That’s true… but…”

Naana sighs again. Don’t sigh that much. You are wasting away your happiness. {this is some Asian urban legend. For every sigh you take, you will throw away your luck.}

“Still, aren’t you giving me too much credit? I may be lying in this report, or let’s say I did not. Nayuta could still lie to me.”

(That’s why I’m going to investigate this further properly.)

It’s not like I’m going to die if the investigation fails, and of course, I cannot give half-baked information to Haku-san. And in the worst case, if the info turns out to be a trap, we could be purged on the spot by her.

“…I hope that’s is the case.”

(Ah right, Rokufa, Give names to the rats you will summon for the investigation because I want to know if I can possess the rats you named.)

“Understood, Master. What should I name it?”

(Let’s call it Hamelin. With an incrementing number in its name, so it will be Hamelin One, Two, Three, etc.)

“Okay, I’ll do that.”

Naana then interrupted our conversation and smiled.

“Kehma-sama, is it possible for me to borrow one to accompany you?”

(……You just need to keep watching monitor from over there.)

“I’m relieved then. I don’t know what to say if you really lend me one.”

Don’t just casually test me like that. It’s troublesome.

Now, it’s time to investigate the hidden dungeon.

As the sun went down, we moved the rats discreetly toward our destination.

From the master room of the Cave of Desire, I could see the rats on the monitor, and there were six of them – seven if you count the rat that function as monitor – running in the night streets of Kuromaku.

Their code name, or rather names, were Hameln 1-7, respectively.

I can prepare as many as 100 rats if I want to, but a large number is not suitable for an infiltration mission since it will stand out. Just like God, Samurai, and Herb, seven should be a good number to go with. {7 samurai, 7 gods of fortune, 7 herbs}

By the way, we have to pay a lot of DP for communication costs since we use the monitor continuously. But Haku-san is backing our operation this time, and she promises to reimburse us if we are listing it as an expensive cost. In exchange, we need to show her the video recording of this whole operation.

Since she had given us the opportunity, I will abuse the communication without hesitation.

“The dungeon function is amazing. It’s allowing you to investigate foreign countries from home comfortably.”

“ehehe, it’s not that amazing~”

Rokuko looked pleased with my word, though I didn’t mean to compliment her directly. Is it because she and the dungeon are the same?

“I didn’t think I’d be able to see this far either. but Kehma said I could, so I tried.”

“It’s crazy that you can peek into foreign countries wirelessly. Except, this was done without wires or relays. I don’t think we have anything like this even in Japan.”

“Huh? …What are you up to? Why did you praise me so much? Do you want to use me as a pillow tonight? You can’t!”

“I’m just giving you my opinion. You don’t have to do anything.”

Leaving the red-faced Rokuko aside, we arrived at the target coordinates on the map. It was a small house covered with a black curtain, like all the other buildings in Kuromaku. There are some fold parts that are unnecessarily stiff and hard, so there seems to be no trouble finding a good foothold to climb up.

(Master, can you hear me?)

I hear the voice of Narikin from the inn room. Not only can I hear him, but I can also see him. It was as if the vision and hearing of the little bird were being reflected directly on our other monitor.

And our appearance and voice are also reflected on the dungeon’s surveillance monitor.

“I hear you. How’s it going over there?”

(I can hear Master’s sound loud and clear, this is surely a convenient feature.)

“But the communication costs are consuming a lot of DP. Well, this time, Haku-san will pay for the expenses, but in the future, it would be better to possess Tran as usual for regular communication.”

(Oh, is that so?)

I’ll call this two-way monitor system– …or simply a videophone.

It displays Hameln 1’s view as a monitor in the center and three other rats’ views on each side. This kind of easy monitor manipulation is another useful feature of the dungeon function. By the way, it seems that the communication cost remains the same even if you display two-way or multiple monitors. I wonder if they use DP to open a dimension hole to connect two places like… Soto.

“Now, how do we get into this building?”

(Master Kehma, in the structure of Kuromaku’s building, there are ventilation openings hidden in the folds of the cloth. Of course, a person cannot enter, but a mouse can. I think it would be a good idea to get in through there.)

“Well, in that case, then the first thing we need to do is to go to…… did you know where this building ventilation hole?”

(We’ll have to split up and look for it, I’m sure it’s on the low ground.)

The seven rats split up to explore the folds and the rat that Rokufa was operating found the ventilation opening. As Toy had predicted, it was low ground.

(Found it, Master.)

“Good job, Rokufa.”

The vent is a small window with an iron grate. It seems that rats can get inside. Even if there is some kind of trap, at worst, we will only lose seven rats. And I did was looking through the monitor. It’s not going to hurt or irritate me.

“I will take it from here, give me the control of Hamelin One, and I will leave the rest to you.”

(Right away!)

Then the rats ran up to the building folds and snuck inside through a gap in the ventilation.


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