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This is a bulletin board session.

If you don’t like it, you can skip it.

<<Defeat the Apostle>> Stardust Labyrinth Strategy Thread 45 [The Great Key of Trials]

1: Belarus

This thread is about the dungeon event: Stardust Labyrinth. This is the first time I’ve open this thread.

2: Momo no  E


Good work.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing.

3: Ringochi


Outstanding job!

Most likely an annual event!

4: Roshin


Good work.

Enough with the criticism about the management’s poor handling.

I’m curious what kind of event <<Defeat the Apostle>> battle will be after all.

6: Krypton


Almost certainly a raid battle.

7: Eruma

Sukuna, Rinne, and Drago are confirmed as a participant.

9: Memeron

Why didn’t we get the trial?

Is it limited to streamers?

11: Memeron


The trial itself is confirmed to be available to non-streamers as well.

But for now, it is known that there is a minimum amount of 150,000 shards that you must possess.

They are not looking for anyone less monster than people who’s been hunting monster houses all day.

12: Hachimitsu

I can’t get through the trial before the real trial!

15: Eruma

That’s a real problem. 150.000 is kind of impossible.

17: Deron


I’m glad it’s not limited.


I’m playing quite hard and still at the 20.000 mark.

19: Ringochi


As expected, it’s impossible.

This time, it is just an event battle, right?

And it’s just an unveiling event, so it’s not a big deal.

20: Maruta

It’ll probably be a two-day event.

Do they even have enough people for this raid?

23: Rayban {tln}

For now, It’s just the Rin-nana duo and the Drago group, who have been optimizing all the bosses. They are going way too fast anyway, and it’s pretty hard for regular people even to get around 10,000.

24: Momo no E

I wonder.

If no one else can be qualified for the raid, will the three of them still be forced to take on the challenge?


26: Memeron


That’s actually pretty cool.

And I heard that Drago’s party failed the trials except for Drago.

28: Parfum


Too much hell.

So, currently, they only have full attackers as raid members.

29: Noppe

There are no healers or tanks!!

31: Maruta

Will the city of the beginning be destroyed if they fail to defeat it?

If the spawn point is destroyed right after the event starts, that would be interesting.

33: Momo no E

I’m looking forward to the raid battle, but I wonder if there will be some kind of update they put on the official broadcast.

34: Melancholic Power


Should that happen, a new player will stop appearing.

35: Road Odyssey

If they’re really going to destroy the city of beginnings, they’re going to have to do something to prevent it.

37: Momotaro

It’s hard to get an invitation to the trials…

40: Typhoon no Typhoon

I’m not sure what the point of the ranking is because of the <<Defeat the Apostle>> event.

42: 0120


Well, I guess there will be an update.

It’s a necessity to leverage the title-related issues.

There’s also a disappearing bug.

44:A Member V

Speaking of bugs, has there been any progress on the warp bug in the World Tree Cave?

45: Road Odyssey


That’s right.

Well, the ranking itself was originally just a decoration gimmick.

47: Ringochi

Was the prize is the revival potion?

I wanted that one.

50: Metamorphage

The event itself has encouraged the players to gather various materials to buy equipment.

It’s not really an event. It’s more like they just want you to run an errand.

52:A Member V

Well, it’s a fun errand, though.

I like the look of the event armor.

53: Deron

I’m not going to make it to <<Defeat the Apostle>> battle.

I think I’ll wait for the last day in the city of beginnings, just in case.

55: Great Moss

Right, if the city of beginning is destroyed, that’s a bit…

So, management, please give us a warp gate that leads directly to the city of beginnings!

58: Noppe

The city of beginnings is too far away.

59: Rayban

In fact, if you start from Griffith, you won’t make it to the city of beginnings until two hours after the end of the event.

Even if you start from Fias, the time is tight.

60: Road Odyssey

How many players does it take to hold off a raid boss that 150,000 shard holder players can’t beat?

62: Teppen Himiko

I cannoooot be helped then.

I’ll go with you.

63: Melancholic Power

Oh, It’s Teppimi! Hello.

65: Teppen Himiko


Shut up!

I just got to level 37 yesterday!

I’m going to leave that Teppimi thing behind!

67: Noppe


You really are weak.

I’ve already reached Griffith. Lol.

68: Great Moss

Teppimi-san huh?

Are you perhaps…. Himepu?

70: Akasatana

Teppimi-san is a famous self-restricting player(lv) who got her friends to carry her to Onin no Sato, but because they left her there, she couldn’t even beat the small fry monster around the Sato, so she could not leave Onin no Sato.

It’s funny because I’ve leveled up about 20 level since I heard that story.

71: Teppen Himiko

Everyone’s too busy being funny to help me.


72: Great Moss


That’s low.

73: Melancholic Power

Well, I guess I’ll at least be ready to protect the city of beginnings for now.

Let’s hope there’s a helpful response from the management.

[Sad news] About <<Defeat theApostle>> event, too few players can participate [Unreasonable game]

1: Owata

We’re less than two days away from the end of the event, and we’ve only found out about five people who are qualified!

2: Rondobel


Sukuna Rinne Drago

Who else?

3: Owata


Shuya of the [Round Table] and Tetsuya from the [Corporate Slave Special Force]

4: Metal Punch


Just because all the [Corporate Slave Special Force] are freelancers, it seems that they can participate in the event as much as they want.

Ah right, Tetsuya is the Vice Deputy, by the way.

Didn’t you also get to the trials there?

5: Owata


I died in an instant death trap.

6: Shiro Anko


I’ve heard that Shuya is taking this event very seriously, but I didn’t expect he managed to gather 150,000 shards when soloing the dungeon.

7: Metal Punch

I don’t know how, but Shuya is rarely taking anything seriously when Arthur isn’t around.u

8: Owata


I’m not a streamer, so I don’t know the details. But I’m pretty sure Shuya had cleared the trials.

At this rate, they’ll fail the battle, and the city of beginnings will be destroyed.

9: Rondobel


Anyway, if this is what you want to talk about, go talk about it in the main thread.

It’s not worth the trouble of making a thread about it.

It’s not free to make a thread.

10: Owata


I’m sorry.

I’ll go to the main thread.

11: Metal Punch

I guess he just wanted to try to make a thread once.

[Fireworks] Nana/Sukuna General Thread 25 [Fireworks girl Sukuna]

1: Anon Nana Fan

This is a thread to talk about the professional gamer “Nana” who belongs to the VR division of “HEROES” and “Sukuna” of WLO. Troll is NG(No good), and any kind of violation is not allowed. Love your blunt weapons.

33: Anon Nana Fan

I’ve been trying to use demon club out of respect for Sukuna for a while now. And I was surprised at how easy it was to handle.

35: Anon Nana Fan

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with it.

It seems that I’m not compatible.

36: Anon Nana Fan


Blunt weapons have been used since primitive times.

37: Anon Nana Fan

Every man has an excaliborg in his heart …or something like that. {Dokuro-chan weapon lol}

39: Anon Nana Fan

It’s the same with Rinne.

I like the atmosphere around her changed when she shows us her player skill.

40: Anon Nana Fan

Mostly she’s always in relaxed mood tho.

And I don’t think she’s interested in the antis.

Almost like she filtered the bad comments.

42: Anon Nana Fan

It’s obvious the best way to deal with anti is to ignore them.

43: Anon Nana Fan

I like the fact that even the viewers have silently nixed the antis because they won’t be able to respond to the Sukuna if they respond to the antis.

45: Anon Nana Fan

There are no anti these days, so it’s a friendly world over there.

48: Anon Nana Fan

Nana just tweeted a condition for getting [Fireworks].

49: Anon Nana Fan

It’s easy to make friends when you’re streaming, so if the streamer is cool, the listeners tend to be cool as well.

50: Anon Nana Fan



Hmm, the condition is pretty tough.

52: Anon Nana Fan


I think it’s better to have a stream that you don’t feel uncomfortable watching

because the streamer, viewer, and all of their comments are all part of the content.

53: Anon Nana Fan


Ugh…. Not everyone can do this…

And almost no one ever masters the blunt weapon skill in the first place.

55: Anon Nana Fan

Because there are no attribute arts for a [blunt weapon] skill.

There’s not much difference between its art form and normal attack.

The problem is, the only thing that stands out is the meteor impact.

56: Anon Nana Fan

But you can always have a plus 20% attack with [Blunt Weapon Specialist] and [Fireworks].

Which makes this attack correction a must-have for blunt weapon users, right?

58: Anon Nana Fan

It’s not fair that all blunt weapons get a correction.

60: Anon Nana Fan

Swords and spears have a lot of skills and derivatives to compensate for that.

They’re also a lot of different types and a variety of attribute attacks.

I think it’s safe to say that blunt weapons have a higher basic stat due to their more general nature.

61: Anon Nana Fan

I’m glad you’re so passionate about the WLO topic.

It’s a bit of a tricky subject to discuss a blunt weapon.

63: Anon Nana Fan



Back to firework Sukuna (), it seems like listeners are learning how to mess with Sukuna, too.

64: Anon Nana Fan



It’s been a long time since Nana solo streaming! It was fun!

The collab is precious, but I’d like to see her own stream too.

66: Anon Nana Fan

I love the gap in her expression.

I want to be stepped on while she is glaring at me with her sharp eyes during her battle mode.

67: Anon Nana Fan

I’d like to feel her meteor impact.

69: Anon Nana Fan

Maybe if I get her a heavy metal hammer, she’ll do it.

70: Anon Nana Fan

Nana looked even more happy than usual when she was fighting Gold.

But the whites of her eyes were so red, and it was a little scary.

72: Anon Nana Fan

Look at this!

Sukuna – Kikoku no Mai.png

74: Anon Nana Fan



75: Anon Nana Fan


God painter appears!

76: Anon Nana Fan


Isn’t it too fast?

It’s only been about half a day since the last one.

78: Anon Nana Fan

I draw it with a brush.

79: Anon Nana Fan


N… this style is… could you possibly the guy with “L” in his name…

81: Anon Nana Fan


82: Anon Nana Fan

L’s is a real god painter.

84: Anon Nana Fan

sensei, you’re leaking your thought out.

86: Anon Nana Fan

What are you doing?

87: Anon Nana Fan

W-what are you talking about?

89: Anon Nana Fan

Bad attempt to deceive.

90: Anon Nana Fan

That’s adorable, sensei.

92: Anon Nana Fan

Thinking about it, L does have this inclination in his works.

93: Anon Nana Fan

L loves to draw yuri with foreign girls.


The Strategy thread is pretty active for a while, and then it settled down.

That guy with the “L” in the Nana thread hasn’t appeared in the main story yet. He’s a God-level artist with 150,000 followers.

TL note :

Anti(s) :  japanese internet slang for troll and bad comments, at one point I almost replaced it with “troll” since they both have same inclination, but then again, not exactly the same, hate comment also included in it.

The name of L / Re, still not clear. I don’t know his full name but let’s go with L… for a certain reason.

Rayban is a Sunglasses brand. I have one, lol

gotta admit, I don’t know what 92 is talking about.

Ok, I finally get the hang of this. This chapter took almost four days to translate because of its thick Japanese internet slang.

Overall, I think it’s pretty accurate, except for that ‘92’. I will be honest; I have zero ideas of what he is saying. What I put there is words-by-word literal translation, with a spice of creativity on my part.


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3 Responses

  1. JustCallMeDaBoss says:

    Now there we have a pretty cultured man, thx L doing gods work.

    Ohh yeah why the fuck didn’t sukuna just say what the requirements were? It wasn’t hard at all to just say it wtf lol?

    Corporate Slave Special Force]” that name killed me for whatever reason lol.

  2. Alicia Putri says:

    Probably because either she is afraid to sound as if she is bragging for soloing boss, or most likely it is that she want to consul with Rin first if it is okay to say the requirements.
    Nana is, after all, a gorilla with no knowledge of culture.

  3. Chrisu says:

    92 is prolly talking about how artists have a certain feel to them, like one can usually easily recognize a painting made by for example Sakimichan, or certain mangakas.

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