LDM 512 – The Mysterious Facilities of the Holy Kingdom

Further inside the dungeon, deeper than the room where the black core was placed, we found another simple structure.

It’s way too simple to be called a dungeon. There were only seven rooms on one side of the passageway.

Well, it was better than the “just a cave” where Rokuko had been summoned me to, but this was almost like an apartment or something. It doesn’t have a door, though.

“Let’s take a look at the front first.”

Looking at the first room, I saw a large glass tube that connected the ceiling to the floor. It was large enough to hold a person, and there is a cable connected to the tube. It seemed to be empty inside. There is also a stone slab like the one that is connected to the black dungeon core.

“…some kind of incubator? It looks like something to make a Kaijin.” {tln}

『Master, what is a Kaijin?』

“If I had to describe it… it’s a human-sized, artificial creature, or you could also call it a modified human.”

『Then I would proceed to assume that kind enemy is here. 』

『’A monster the size of a man? That’s a formidable opponent, Narikin!』

“The two of you are also human-sized monsters, so you’re similar, right? …Well, you might be stronger than a normal human, but to begin with, all humans in this world are like monsters from my hometown standpoint since they can use magic and skills…”

For now, let’s assume that such a monster might be hiding in here.

“Ah, is it similar to like Holy Kingdom’s artificial Hero?”

『Oh. Artificial Hero? … there’s someone who can do something that Leona-sama incapable of? 』

Naana (Toy) said, she sound dissatisfied while peeking at our monitor.

“Nn, is that so?”

『Are you forgetting where we come from, Kehma-sama? The Toy series was created in an attempt to create a hero. The failed Niku that Kehma-sama loves, as well as me, the finished Toy, were unsatisfactory result to Leona-sama.』

Seriously? So, Niku and Toy were born that way?

They are actually very strong. But it is certainly not as good as a real hero like Wataru.

As they grow up, it is not impossible that they will beat the current Wataru in the future, but Wataru will be even stronger by then.

and look at me, I’m not a Hero. though I meet the criteria for talent, [You’re just a toy]. That’s what she told me. So, Kehma-sama. If Leona-sama couldn’t do it, do you think that people who are not even close to her power can do it?』

This is the first time I’ve ever seen her like this, a rare and serious emotion. It seems that I had stepped on a landmine. What I’ve just said s nothing but a random thought, but yeah, if Leona fails even with her alchemy and cheats ability, then it might as well be impossible.

“Hmm, then a facility to make an enhanced human, similar to Toy series? Or probably a facility where Leona herself is involved in it?”

『Oh. That is possible. Then if that’s the case, they’re our younger siblings. It’s getting interesting. 』

Naana turned and looked at the monitor with excitement. …Yeah, antagonizing Leona was Toy’s goal now, wasn’t it?

If Leona finds out that Naana is working with us, it might get troublesome. But it shouldn’t be a problem since it’s a rat body that’s hiding in the dungeon this time. The main body of Toy has already been secured and locked up in Gollene Village.

Now, let’s continue our investigation.

Up until the third room, the interior was the same as the one in front of us, and there was nothing to see, but the fourth room was a little different. There’s something in the middle of it.

It was twice as large as the other rooms, and there was a metal hemisphere in the middle of the room. From the hemisphere, a number of pipes extended, crawling across the ceiling and floor to the walls. I wondered if they were connected to the glass pipes in the next room. There was a peephole, letting in a thin beam of light.

And even though it was the middle of the night, there were four men who looked like researchers in white lab coats and two guards.

“…… What kind of magic tools?”

『Some kind of research facility. …What do you think, Naana?』

『This must be the power reactor. Narikin, I can see the contents of the furnace through the viewing window, can you?』

『Let’s move Hameln 6. …how about now?』

『Well, it’s a little fuzzy. I’m not sure.』

I check the view through Narikin’s sight.

Thi-this… divine light is!

“No way! God’s bedding!?”

“Oh, It’s definitely similar.”

The white light had to be the very bedding of the gods, although the small peephole required a closer look to see what was inside.

…No, it could be some other divine tool or something. I’ve heard that there are weapons and other sacred objects, and maybe that’s what it is.

『I’d like to check the inside thoroughly, but people are in the way. Do I need to force it even with the risk of being found?』

“No, wait. There’s no need for that.”

I stop Narikin before he brute-forcing the investigation. If I can witness this clearly, I can use my Super Transformation to discover what’s inside. That’s right, just like when we took apart the large magical tools in the orchard.

“We’ll find out what’s in there. Let’s check the rest of the rooms. …Well, I expect to find at least divine tools inside.”

『Wow. Expected of Master, to know that much just by looking at it.』

『Hmm. So this is a trick to capture some power from a divine tool? What do you think, Naana』

『The Hero is the power of the light god. The bedding of the gods also contains the power of the gods. Seriously, the thing about this artificial hero is keep getting darker. Extracting divine power and implanting it in humans – well, It is true that you may indeed, create an artificial hero if you can do that.』

So they’re trying to create a hero with the power of the Dark God? Well, that’s a bit… hmm? Hmmmm?

“Hey, do you think it might be possible to create a dungeon core?”

“The dungeon core? By using [father] ‘s power? …Oh, that’s it!”

Rokuko is dumbfounded.

If it’s the power of the light gods, you can create a hero, but with the power of the dark gods? Yes, a dungeon. You can create a dungeon core.

So, that’s the origin of the black dungeon core in the room right by the entrance. To think they were trying to make something like this here… I can’t be sure yet, though. Still, it’s a possibility.

“I think we’re getting closer. We should report this once to Haku-san.”

“Yes, it’s pretty important. I can’t believe they made a dungeon core out of [father] ‘s bedding!”

“It’s not confirmed yet.”

But it is possible, given the strange dungeon core in the very first room.

…By the way, the remaining three rooms are the same as the three rooms in the foreground. There’s one empty glass tube in each room. It seems that nothing is being made in this facility now. I would have liked to have seen a working room, but I guess it can’t be helped.

Tl note :

Kaijin : kamen rider, that’s should simplify the explanation.

Well what Kehma said already explain it to some extent.


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