BTOG 110 – Skill Selection

Day 9 of the event.

To be honest, Rin and I had very little to do today.
Yesterday we already got the key to the trials and finished replenishing our supplies for the upcoming <> event.
I’m not sure what we should do today.
The only thing I can do is collect stardust shards to get a higher ranking, which has become a little less important.
Of course, that itself is okay, but when a big event is coming tomorrow, I don’t want to do the same thing as usual.

“Has Nana decided what skill to use in <> event?”

With a cup of creamy coffee in her hand, Rin asked me that question.

“I’m not sure yet, but my level has gone up a lot, so I can put in most of the skills I have that I’ve been used to in my slot.”

Now that I’m over level 70, I have ten skill slots.
The initial two, another two from lv 10 bonuses, and one every ten levels from lv 20 to lv 70.
[Blunt Weapon] [Throwing] [Detection] [Hungry Wolf] [Instant Movement] [Oni no Mai] These six are my core skill that I cannot afford to replace because of my playstyle.
By the way, I only add [Oni no Mai] as my regular skill only after I reached level 60.
Why? Because its buff is short-lived, and it’s cool down time.
I tend to save my skill with that kind of cool down because I’m afraid I won’t be able to use them at the crucial moment.
As a result, I don’t get a chance to use them at all unless I’m in a serious fight, and that kind of fight unlikely to happen happens every once a day or so.
What’s more, to learn that skill, it only looking at your status and not your proficiency, so there is no need to nurture other skills.

I didn’t want to waste my slot on skills I wouldn’t use, which is why I kept them as a spare until level 60. That’s when I finally have some free slot.
Thinking back, when I dove into the Monster House for the first time on the second day, I left [Oni no Mai] off because I thought I wouldn’t be using it during the event.
The reason why I started wearing it all the time was simply that I had an empty skill slot and an easy-to-handle long-time buff called [Kikoku no Mai]. Today I planned to recharge it, so it can be used for at least 10 minutes in a fight since I know I spent a lot of its charge in the last fight.
I also got a new rare skill called [Diva’s Embrace], this time, I’m pretty sure that I will have a chance to use in the raid battle, so I’ll give this one priority.

Other than this, the other skills I might equip are [One-handed Mace] [Two-handed Mace] [Two-handed club] and [Barehanded Fighting]. {tln: what is the difference between mace and club?}
Those 11 is my possible choice this time, of course, there’s another skill as well, but I want to choose extra carefully for the last 4 slots.

“Should I equip [Barehanded Fighting] with me this time?”
“Yeah, that should be fine. I think it also had a chance to shine this time.”

Rin responded cheerfully to my question.
This time, I wanted to bring [Barehanded Fighting] because this skill boasts super destructive power, making it suitable for fighting boss-class monsters.
As long as it’s a raid battle with many people, hate will be distributed. At such time, I can find a chance to take advantage of the gap that will inevitably be created and deal tons of damage. {hate; should I explain these terms? It’s common slang among MMO player tho}
I think this will be a safer and more effective damage source than going for a high-risk, high-reward move like Meteor Impact.
Moreover, since it had all ten arts available from the start is also serve as a big plus. Though its damage correction is directly tied to your [status increase in the unarmed state.]
In the end, it’s a skill that’s best used barehanded, but you can equip yourself with specialized weapon like brass knuckles, gloves, and gauntlets.
Though I’m not very proficient with the [Barehanded Fighting] style, I was planning to use it with the [Heavy Metal Gauntlet] again.

Anyway, with this, eight slots were filled.
Of the two remaining slots, the [Two-Handed Club] and [Two-Handed Mace] were scheduled to stay behind.
As for why it’s because I don’t have any weapon to use with these skills.
I destroyed the [Meteor Impact Zero type], and I haven’t gotten a two-handed mace since the Kugel Schreiber. {tln}
I’ve got some limited edition weapons from the event, but I don’t think they’ll be able to keep up with this fight.
That’s why I plan to leave those two be at home this time.
I’m not that proficient in [One-Handed Mace] either, but I’ve raised its proficiency to almost 300 and learned a few arts to use with it, so it’s still useable.

“So, what about the last one?”
“I’m planning to bring my new skill [Blunt Strike Mastery]…”
“[Blunt Strike Mastery]? I’ve never heard of that skill before.”
“It seems that you need to max out all the [Blunt Weapon] skills and have over 250 strengths to get it.”

–It was a new skill that I had acquired after checking the results yesterday.

[Blunt Strike Mastery] – Skill
Rarity: Common (Master)
Proficiency: 15/1000
Granted to someone who has mastered the [Blunt Weapon] skill and is fully prepared with their body.
It will teach you the very essence of blunt attack.

Requirements: 500 proficiency in the [Blunt Weapon] skill and 250+ Strength.

“So, it’s a Master rank skill?”
“That’s right.”

I nodded at Rin’s words, and she seemed convinced.
The rarity of the skill in this game is divided into two: common and rare.
Some say it possible that there’d be a higher rarity level, but for now, only those two.
As for the [Named Skill] in the armor that uses the soul of the Named, it is a special case so that I won’t worry about it for now.
Then what Master rank means? Simply put, it was a higher version of a previous common skill. And master rank skill does not necessarily mean that its performance is higher than that of a normal common skill.
It is more like ‘a skill that requires you to gain proficiency in other skills in order to learn it’.

The [Dual wield] skill. For example, it’s a skill requiring 200 or more proficiency in the one-handed sword category.
In other words, this is a skill that can be learned by training one-handed sword skills such as “One-Handed Sword”, “Curved Sword”, and “Long Sword”.

While the dual wield style can deal overwhelming damage due to its large number of hits, it is significantly less flexible than the one-handed sword, which allows your other hand freely.
If you have a one-handed sword, you can equip a shield or use items, but with dual wield, you can’t do that.
This is one of the reasons why master rank skills are not necessarily better than common skills.

Nevertheless, Master rank skills are all specialized and can be very powerful as long as they are well combined with other skills and players. In the end, it’s all about the right combination and usage.

“I don’t know kind of new arts going to be added to this skill in the future, but the innate [5% increase in blunt weapon attack power] it has made it worth it to equip it. “
“You can have as many passive effects as you want. Also, it makes me happy that Nana is the pioneer in this field because everyone is only improving other one-handed weapon skill, and there left very few people who have continued to improve their [Blunt Weapon] properly.”
“I was really lucky to get [Firework], though.”

As Rin said, the blunt weapon is actually not that popular.
There are several reasons for this, but the biggest one is because their proficiency level stops at 500.

Basically, the more proficiency one weapon had, the more arts you can learn with it. And more powerful arts will appear at higher level proficiency.
While others can go up to 1000, blunt weapons had limited themselves at 500.
I can understand why people think that the future for blunt weapons seems bleak at that point.
And what’s more, its two top powerful moves are “Finisher” and “Meteor Impact”.
Every time you activate a powerful move, you’ll be forced to destroy a weapon.
The other arts are basically just bludgeoning attacks. It’s hard to have a variety of moves with a blunt weapon.

Even though you can learn skills such as the [One-Handed Mace] by improving your [Blunt Weapon] skills, you can still buy all the derived weapon skills from the blunt weapons at the store, at very low prices to boot.
In the early stages of the game, most players want to save money, so they train their blunt weapon skills and then get the derived skills, but once they have the derived skills, the blunt weapon skills tend to be useless.

Incidentally, Haruru saw Meteor Impact on the last day of the beta test from a player who was fully proficient in blunt weapons.
Well, it’s amazing that he was able to raise his skill level to 500 in the beta test period, and it’s no wonder that he couldn’t get the master rank skill before the beta ended.

“But when I look at the requirement [Blunt Strike Mastery], somehow I can understand why no information about this was found until now. Since it’s a skill that requires Strength instead of weapon proficiency to unlock it.”

Yes, I agree. The reason why [Blunt Strike Mastery] information kept itself hidden is probably because of its Strength value requirement.
There is no way that I am the only one who has mastered the striking weapon skill. There are 10,000 players who started two weeks before me.
No matter how few of them there are, one of them must have mastered the blunt weapon skill before myself.
There exist a minor group of players who put their heart and soul into a minor genre or an unfavorable job, so there should be a certain number of them who had maxed the [Blunt Weapon].

But I can’t say for sure that those players had reached 250 strength value.
I’m an Oni-type character who specializes its build around physical stats, and I’ve been adding my stats point to Strength since I was about level 30, and I’ve finally reached a strength value of 300 not long ago.

In other words, [Blunt Weapon mastery] won’t appear unless you’re a high-leveled payer who put almost all their stat into Strength, uses Blunt Weapon, and Maxed it.
If you look at those points, I think it makes sense if no one in the first wave had fulfilled the requirement.

Then again, it is also possible that some weird player intentionally kept this information hidden.

“The issue of status distribution is a stressful one for vanguards. The balance between agility, constitution, and dexterity is also important, and most players didn’t abandon their magic defense. That’s why, Nana’s red wolf costume is not fair, isn’t it? Since it has required almost no strength value.”
“And it also has agility correction.”

No, seriously, this equipment has been a great help to me.
It has more than enough defense for a Fias-level enemy, agility compensation equal to 10 levels of status points. Above all, it is unbelievably light with a required strength value of 5.
Thanks to that, I can spend all my time mastering weapons skills and allocate a large portion of my stats to Strength.
I’m not sure if she say it as a joke or not, but I can see why Rin-chan says it’s not fair.
The equipment performance is so good that I could only agree with her words.

“Well, I know how Nana is, so that’s fine. Then let’s increase the proficiency of the [Blunt Strike Mastery] as much as possible today.”
“Does Rin-chan free?”
“Yeah, I found an interesting skill combo when I was alone yesterday. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

Judging from Rin’s happy smile, it was probably a very evil combo.
I wanted to ask her about it, but she wouldn’t tell me because she already said it was for tomorrow.
Also, through this event, I accidentally find a use for an Arts that I thought was useless before.

This all is my preparation for the <> battle.
In any case, we can’t train my skill without hunting monsters, so Rin and I chatted for a while before diving into the dungeon.


You can learn a normal skill from a skill book sold in a weapon store.
Master-ranked skills, such as dual-wielding, don’t have skill books. That’s the only difference.

TL note
Kugel Schreiber. No, I didn’t mistranslate that, I also don’t remember that name came out before, it literally means ballpoint.
Can buy skill at the store, huh? Then what’s the point of basic skill… oh right, to lock secret arts.


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  1. Azure says:

    Yooho! I’m readinf this since Lazy9 stopped translating it, and i would like to says that mace is divided into two parts the ball spike on the top and the handel, while a club is technically just a huge stick. *Divas embrace should be Songtress embrace, since Siren is a name commonly tied to songs, and it should be Unarmed Combat, but I really don’t mind about it

  2. JustCallMeDaBoss says:

    Yeah sukuna herself explained the difference between them at one point dude which is the weight, length and shape.

    But like wtf? I’m sure there were 6 rarities not fucking 2 when first explained, common, high common, rare, high rate, legendary and Divine + named skills which are their own thing so wtf author?

    I do hate how a lot of things aren’t really explained about the game and the author just doesn’t really go into detail about sukuna’s growth and we suddenly just get new skills and such.

    • Nad126 says:

      Those weren’t the rarities of skills they were the rarities of items which is probably where your confusion comes from

  3. yuri-nerd says:

    Kugelschreiber is that weapon Haruru gave to Nana-chan to try out, the one she destroyed in one day using [Finisher] when she fought Rou at the Lawless swamp. It’s basically a two-handed club with a retractable short blade, which is why she was out trying it at the swamp cause the frog monsters there have ridiculous resistance to blunt weapon attack. Haruru herself mentioned she named it Kugelschreiber cause the retractable blade on a two-handed club is just like a ballpoint pen

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