BTOG 116 – Defeat the Apostle: Starlight

Item: Yoiyami {Darkest Night}

Rarity: High Rare – PM

Attribute: Gravity

Required Strength Value: 295

Attack Power: +139

Endurance: 506/506

Category: [Blunt Weapon] [One-handed Mace] [Dark Attribute Weapon]

The world itself will bow its head when the night falls.

Is it man or demon that loves the darkness of night, or is it the fangs of a beast that blends into the wind?

Death to all who live, and blessings to the sleeping baby.

Let us play the endless night so that the sun will never rise on the world.


Item: Kagenui {Shadow Stitch}

Rarity: Rare – PM

Required Strength Value: 208

Attack Power: +82

Endurance: 1870/2005

Category: [Blunt Weapon] [One-handed Mace]

Even if its attack is dodged, the impact will sew the shadows. A heavy blow that melts in the darkness of night, a harbinger of destruction with no one to withstand.

Haruru had to spent two whole days creating [Yoiyami] at the cost of skipping her other work, though the visual difference between [Yoiyami] and [Kagenui] was minimal. At most, it is only different in size and color.

However, the difference in performance is remarkable. To be precise, the strength and attack power required had become so high that it was almost laughable.

On the other hand, the durability of the weapon has been reduced to only 500. If we compare it to the durability of the [Kagenui], which has more than 2000, the difference is very obvious.

That said, its durability is still much higher than ordinary weapons.

But even with these upgrades, it’s obvious that [Yoiyami] is still a sister of [Kagenui].

Thanks to this, [Yoiyami] already felt very familiar in Sukuna’s hands. Sukuna felt a heavy weight in her hands when she gripped it firmly, just like when she first held [Kagenui].

Just by looking at the required strength value, it’s not an exaggeration to call this an exclusive equipment for Sukuna. While thinking about this, Sukuna smiled while admiring Haruru’s work.

Sukuna avoids the swinging right claws of the giant Dragon with a gentle movement. The attack speed now is faster than the first gauge. But since the attack itself is a wide swing, it’s easy for Sukuna to avoid it.

Earlier, Drago made eye contact with Sukuna when she got off the giant Dragon’s back. At that moment, she understood, from this point on Sukuna will need to use all her concentration to hold this monster here.

Drago is probably trying to set something up. Noticing this, Sukuna decides to concentrates on maintaining the hate that directed to her.

Suddenly, a chill runs down Sukuna’s spine.

Following her instincts, she leaped back; a moment later, the spot she had been standing has been destroyed by an “invisible something”.

(What just happened?)

Sukuna landed on the cracked scaffolding and pondered the phenomenon caused by the giant Dragon.

She couldn’t see it properly because she reflexively dodged the Dragon’s attack; where did the attack come from?

She observes the destruction marks and calculates the angle of fire. The position of the giant Dragon has already changed, but Sukuna guessed that the attack was probably launched from around the head.

(Probably near the head, which means it come from the eyes, mouth, or horns?)

Well, it cannot be helped that Sukuna’s attention was focused on both of Dragon’s arms since she was caught in the continuous swipe and cleave attack of the Dragon.

It was a little different from sight guidance, but it was definitely trying to distract Sukuna’s consciousness. Although it’s still within the boundary set by the game’s system, at least this giant Dragon was smart enough to put a proper fight.

‘Let’s fight while being wary of that from now on.’ As Sukuna thought this, she saw the giant Dragon’s mouth trembled slightly.

“I see…”

Sukuna moved to avoid standing in the line of fire from the giant Dragon’s mouth, and something invisible crushed the place where Sukuna was.

When she looks at where the impact lands, she saw similar destructive marks as before. With this, Sukuna is convinced.

That mysterious attack was probably some kind of breath.

There are several possible reasons why it is invisible, but the simplest one is that it is releasing the air as breath.

Just as wind is invisible to the eye, it is naturally impossible to saw this breath with naked eyes.

It is also possible that this Dragon was shooting an energy wave.

It could be purely magical, or it could be something that could be called an [Hado] as the name of the giant Dragon implies. {wave=hado}

Whatever it is, it’s a nasty technique. There should be some preliminary movement for the attack, but at the moment, Sukuna can’t tell.

Sukuna can barely dodge it because she can see the dust wavering in the air, but that method won’t always work.

“Well, well…. WHOA?”

First, let’s relearn the attack moves of the giant Dragon. As Sukuna was trying to chew on this thought, she noticed Drago gave her another signal from behind.

“Shoot and pierce, the claws of the Griffon that drives in the blue sky.”

Drago held up her [Heaven Sword – Sora] and activated her buff skill.

It’s a rare skill, the Griffon’s Claw. It’s a buffing skill that can be activated just like the [Hungry Wolf] that Sukuna got from the Red Wolf.

Its effect is to [double the damage of three attacks after the activation].

So, from now until three shots later. Drago’s sword will turn into an incarnation of destruction.

When Drago saw that Sukuna shaved off almost one HP bar of the giant Dragon with 54 super combos, she was honestly amazed.

People always said that the [bare-handed fighting] is a skill to be used against boss monsters, but Drago never imagines that [Jyuju Sakura] could unleash that much power.

Sukuna was able to cut down 1/6 of the total HP of the raid boss by herself. With that, anyone had to acknowledge her pure and outrageous power.

And when Drago saw this, she thought.

(I, too, want to try to release the maximum attack with everything I got.)

Is it her instinct as a gamer or simple curiosity?

Or her desire to use the most powerful attack her beloved sword could deliver but never had the chance to do so?

Regardless of Drago’s reason, now is the best time to do that since the hate is still directed at Sukuna.

Her party member, buffer “Necro”, applied all buffs for firepower, and Drago stood up.

“This is not like me…”

Drago muttered, and swung her blue sword wide, and start to change her MP.

The art Drago was about to use is the most powerful art under [Great Sword] skill, it can only be obtained after you reach 800 or more proficiency in this skill category.

It requires the use of her MP to activate and takes a few seconds to charge.

The blue light envelops Drago’s entire body and illuminates the field. It is a light that shines so intense that it made even the giant Dragon momentarily alarmed.

In the center of the light, Drago swings her great sword down. She used all her MP to unleash her most powerful art.

“[Starlight Slasher]!!”

A massive sword force filled with destructive energy ran through the earth.

 Yes, this art is not a close-range art.

It was a ranged art that cut through anything and everything in a straight line following the direction the great sword was swung.

The giant Dragon faltered for a moment in the face of the oncoming slash.

But the giant Dragon, which was focused on Sukuna, could not even avoid the slash, which was far taller than him. it was forced to take the slash head-on.


The direct hit of Drago’s most powerful art caused the giant Dragon to let out a loud scream.

The two horns on its head were snapped off by this strike.

One of Its HP bar was obliterated by 50% with just one hit, and the giant Dragon’s total HP ended up being reduced by less than half.

Even though it wasn’t as powerful as Sukuna’s attack, Drago was able to unleash a tremendously powerful attack, and she felt a certain sense of accomplishment.

Still, Drago and all the raiding party members were not letting their guard down.

The second HP gauge was broken. Since it had come to this, everyone was on the alert for the [wave] that would come again.

Sukuna had retreated to the edge of the field as fast as she could after guiding the giant Dragon into Drago’s attack, and Tetsuya had gone to protect his attacker, who had no means of defense.

Soramaru was also calling out to the stray wizard players to evacuate in advance, anticipating the dangerous attack that his clan leader would unleash.

It may have been unexpected that the second gauge was instantly broken by the onslaught of Sukuna and Drago. However, still, everyone was about to get ready to receive the incoming wave attack.

However, as if to ridicule everyone’s caution.

The giant Dragon [without any preliminary movement] scattered a wave of destruction from its entire body.


One might wonder who in the raid party had time to say those words.

(Oh no, I cannot guard in time.)

Drago, who realized that she couldn’t put her guard up in time, can only stare at the storm of destruction laid waste to the entire field, destroying everything in its path.

I’m not dead.

That was the first thought that came to Drago’s mind when she opened her eyes.

Her HP was somewhat reduced, but the damage was far too little for someone who received the attack at close range.

“…how rare is this. Usually, you’re a very cautious person.”


Erumi, the swordsman of the Round Table, stands between Drago and the giant Dragon to protect her.

Looking at her rapidly dwindling HP, it seemed that she would no longer be able to escape death. This was clear to Drago.

“No, that’s actually me, isn’t it? …I shouldn’t do anything I’m not used to…”

Drago could not reply to Erumi’s self-deprecating words.

What a waste of time. I can’t believe I ended up doing nothing in this situation. That’s what Erumi thought as she laughed at her own inadequacy.

Leo is dead. That fact had given Erumi a tremendous shock.

First place at the round table. That title may have been temporary, but at that moment, aside from Arthur, Leo was the strongest person at the Round Table.

Erumi was always working with Leo because she believed that he could cover for her wild nature.

In a way, Erumi was even more distressed than Sukuna was at that time. And Erumi had no one like Rinne to calm her down, even more when Leo, who usually played that role, had already died.

It was as if Erumi had been watching a dream. Even when Sukuna unleashed a barrage of punches, even when Drago used his killer move, Erumi just watched, and just before the giant Dragon unleashed the second wave of destruction, she realized she was standing not far from Drago’s side.

Erumi had a bad premonition about this, so she moved to protect Drago, who was closest to her.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do anything. I’ll leave the rest to you~.”

“….yeah, I understand.”

Drago nodded strongly to Erumi, who forced her smile and then disappeared like a broken bubble.

However, fate trampled the girl’s wish too mercilessly.

Drago reached out to her sword as she was about to stand; at that time, Sukuna’s ear-piercing voice reached her.


“!! na……”

The surprised voice was cut short.

Drago’s body was torn apart by the giant Dragon’s claws, which were already free from the recoil that only lasted a few seconds.

Drago, whose avatar was divided equally by the number of claws, disappeared without even leaving a word.

The only thing that spoke expressively of Drago’s death was the Heaven Sword, which clanging loudly as it fell to the ground.



The cost of the onslaught was great …….

Tl note:

Heck that was anti-climatic

Next chapter is… long…


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