LDM 513 – Take-away investigation

The facility is so small that we couldn’t find any more rooms. But since there might still be some hidden ones, we decided to hide the rats in this facility. I handed control of Hameln 1 back to Narikin’s side, ended the investigation, and cut off our communications.

Now, let’s investigate the magic tools we found in that facility; I will use the same method when checking the magic tools from the orchard.

“Then, Kehma, please use [Super Transformation] again!”

“Okay. But this one is huge. Can I do it here…?”

“We will only find it out after we try it, but right, I don’t want to get crushed because we do it carelessly… I wonder if the arena area is big enough? I will also call Nerune.”

Said Rokuko while sending me to the arena area. Currently, there’s no one coming in, so that’s good, but I’ll keep a lookout in the front corridor, just in case.

For now, I’ll start with the room in the middle, the one that piqued our interest the most, and more than that, I’m also curious about the sacred tools that were in there, so I guess I will start with that.

Here goes nothing, [Super Transformation].

…it seems that I was able to transform at least, but did I really succeed?

“I’m homeee… Oh, it’s huge, isn’t it?”

“Ara? I don’t remember it looking like this …Oh. I look it from the bottom; that’s why there are more parts I didn’t see.”

What a surprise. It goes further down deeper than the facility itself. … It’s kind of amazing that they could make such a massive magic tool, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve decided to leave the analysis to Nerune. …All I had to do is let myself be dismantled, though.

“At this rate. I think I’m going to be addicted to the immorality feeling of dismantling my Master…”

Please don’t, do not let your weird sexual fetish blossom.


…. Nelune’s investigation, day one.

“It’s beyond my comprehension…. so big… I don’t even know where to start. …… It’s so complicated, it’s going to take me years to analyze it if I force myself to.”

Just like that, she gave up.

Basically, she said she couldn’t do it, and I don’t have a year’s worth of time to let Nerune take apart my body, Nerune also has her own work to do. In the end, we decide that it would be wise to abandon the analysis.

“By the way… the area where the power reactor is supposed to be… it’s empty.”

Perhaps the skill decides that divine tools and magical tools were separate items. Oh well, I’ll ask the rats that have been lurking to check it out again.

“Kehma, how much will you report to big-sis?”

“I think we should tell her that we found a strange dungeon core or facility, noting that it’s only a possibility.”

“Ah, in that case, wouldn’t it be quicker if Master used [Super Transformation] to show her the real thing? Haku-sama knows about [Super Transformation], doesn’t she?”

… I see, that’s a good idea. Haku might be able to tell us something if she directly observed it.

“E? Kehma’s going to transform to that creepy black dungeon core? Will you be okay? Won’t it  contaminate you or something?”

“…good point, Rokuko, I will leave the [God’s Alarm] in your hands.”

“In that case, it’s all good.”

“If it fails to de-contaminate me or cancel anything, you can file a complaint with your [father].”

I’m sure he’ll do something since that alarm was his masterpiece.

“By the way, since this is a good opportunity, I’d like you to ask Master about something else I’m curious about…”

“Hmm? What is it, Nerune?

“If I feed Master’s transformed body to Soto, will she be able to use [Weak replication] on it?”

…..? Nerune, did you just propose a bizarre idea of feeding a parent to his child?

“I mean… Master is going to [Super Transformation], isn’t he? You become a big magical tool, then I’m going to peel just a little bit off you so that you won’t die — and then Soto-sama will eat it, you know~? Don’t you curious…? if the one that will be duplicated is if a part of the Master or a part of magic tools? … I’m excited  to find out!”

“…I wonder, it also possible that Hero skill and pseudo-Hero skill will cause a strange reaction.”

And it would be a horror story if parts of my body were duplicated.

“–Also, if I had Soto-sama duplicate a potion or skill scroll, would it be usable?”

“…Indeed, it would be very convenient if scrolls could be duplicated and used. Everyone can learn a skill with one scroll. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to have her try it, Kehma.”

“That will be quite a cheat, but okay, you can check that out with Soto.”

“Yay~~ thank you, Master!”

Thus, we decided to investigate Soto’s abilities as well.

…as expected, Soto demanded a reward for her cooperation. Nerune socks will be used to pay for it.

“….You certainly takes after Kehma, your father.”

“You’re definitely the Master’s daughter!”

Uhh, I feel they will spread another unwanted rumor, but I don’t think it’s worth saying anything. It’s not like there’s any real harm in it, so I’m not going to argue.

“I’m the one who passed the socks I was wearing to the handbag, but… when I saw she was squeezing it to her face…… it was embarrassing to me….”

“Oh, Nerune still has a sense of shame too? I thought since this related to magic you will say that Soto can have as much as she wants.”

“I’ll even gouge out my flesh and offer my blood for magic if necessary, but… when Soto-sama sniffed my socks and said, “They smell like wind magic,” or “This one is recovery magic,” or “Next time, why don’t you wet them with water magic and dry them?” I become so anxious… perhaps… this is  love?”

Nerune quickly put her hand to cover her rosy cheeks.

Oh, my God. Wataru, if we don’t do something, Soto’s going to NTR Nerune from you. Wait, isn’t that a compliment?

By the way, the result of our study is; Soto’s scrolls and potions can be used normally, and the effects do not seem to disappear even after one hour, which is the time limit for a [Weak replication]. I’m guessing that this skill was originally designed to allow you to use potions as much as you want with cool-down limitations.

…Well then, it looks like Soto’s snack will be the skill scroll for a while.

Tl note:

As expected of hero skill, even if it is a pseudo one, it’s still so freaking OP, not to mention her dimension storage teleport. Be glad Kehma didn’t feed her that miniature orichalcum golem…. or he did already?

BTOG coming soon, tbh I just forgot to post this one, this was finished about 4 days ago….

also thank you my new patreon and ko-fi supporter, next month you all will get one extra chapter as promised, and please do support me if you have some penny to spare, a semi-lockdown in my country and my post covid medication is draining my wallet at very scary rate…


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