BTOG 119 – Defeat the Apostle: Overrun

The Kishin once destroyed three race in her rage. 

The sky-winged race that dances in the sky. 

The bloodsuckers who control the night. 

And the dragons that rules the earth. 

The destruction of the three races that held their supremacy had a huge impact on the world, and the girl who was called the Kishin went to slumber called seal. 

“aah, right… what a nostalgic memory. I never expect you to reach it though.” 

Even though she said that, Shuten loves the passion that dwells inside Sukuna. 

She knows better than anyone else the pain of having something precious taken from you. 

“Well… Just destroy it then. As you wish, as you will.” 

The Kishin declared as she sipped her sake. 



The Demon girl, who is already consumed by her furious rage, laugh. 

Overflows with emotion, she wields [Yoiyami] covered with an aura of evil and easily drowned out the breath of ultimate light that she once struggled with. 

There are several unique skills of Oni race, but only two of them are famous. 

One is their famous rare skill, [Oni no Mai]. 

The other is the [Bouga no Ikari], a bad skill synonymous with the Oni race. 

Anger, disappointment, grief can cause an Oni to forget themselves, and in exchange of gaining powerful buffs, they will fall to [Furious] state, which is one of the unique traits of the Oni.               

In the village of Oni, almost everyone will develop this skill; it was so common that it becomes a symbol of maturity. The reason why Kohaku is only exiled after destroying half of her hometown is because this was considered as a normal routine among the Oni tribe. 

Aside from that, there’s one more. And this is the worst race specialized skill that has been called a taboo even among the Oni. 

It is belong to [dead skill] category, it was so dangerous that is was counted as the world’s disaster. A cursed skill that will not stop until it destroys all of its targets. 

The name of this skill is [Furious Rage].  

It was a disastrous skill that the Kishin (demon god) had once created when she was so sad and angry to the point she wishes for the world’s destruction. 

The aura of darkness that surrounds its user is a blessing of [Furious Rage] which will bestow both enormous advantages and disadvantages for its user. 

The current Sukuna, which has drowned in her fury, has inherited the power of [absolute destruction] that the demon gods once possess. 

It is a power that literally destroys everything. 

In front of this power, the power immortality will become useless; what once is infinite will turn into finite. 

It is an absolute power that tramples on the attack, defense, and even logic. 

But this is just a byproduct. 

The essence of this skill lies in its endless rampage. 


The dead skill is a forbidden power that erodes the user’s soul. 

It will only show itself when one has reached the peak of their rage and purely wishes to destroy the target of their hatred. 

Even its massive disadvantages, as such the erosion of its host, are but an obstacle that will fade like a flash of light in the face of this anger. 

This is the original effect of the [Furious Rage], and it would have been the same for Sukuna if she had been consumed by anger. 


Broken laughter echoed through the devastated battlefield escaped from Sukuna, as her eyes were dyed in red and black. 

Laughing, laughing, and laughing like a madman, enjoying herself from the bottom of her heart. 

She regained what she had been missing. 

Remembered a memory she had forgotten. 


She lost so many friends. 

She lost Rinne, her most beloved friend. 

Right in front of her. 

The anger must have served as a trigger to unleash such tremendous rage, an anger that is so massive, to the point where the system is forced to acknowledge it. 

The rage so intense that it opens her sealed memory. 

So many factors overlapped together, and Sukuna was consumed in the [Furious Rage] as a result. 

But this time. 

Since the trigger had been force pulled, Sukuna’s [Impulsive Destruction instinct] that she had been suppressing since before she met Rinne had also awaken. 

Normally, Sukuna would never have allowed it. 

Because it was the same power that had hurt her mother and father, the very power that Sukuna herself had avoided. 

And on that snowy day, she had locked away her memories to prevent this from waking up. 

But now, it is too late. 

She lost her friends right before her eyes, and Rinne perished at the worst possible timing. At that time, Sukuna’s emotional condition is still unstable. 

The last defensive line of Sukuna’s spirit, which had survived even after she lost her parents, has now been broken. 

There was no longer any hesitation in Sukuna’s heart. 

With Rinne gone, there is nothing in this world that she wanted to protect. 

Sukuna no longer had any reason to stop her destructive impulse. 

For the first time in her life, she surrendered herself to her inner Devil.  

A delight that surpassed anger-filled all of Sukuna. 

She now wields a power that exists only to bring ruin to her enemy. 

She turns her demonic eyes on the giant beast, lusting after everything in the world. Sukuna quietly stepped forward. 

Stepping in and leap. 

A mere movement can turn into a rush with bullet-like speed, thanks to her agility that has been boosted by a factor of five. 


With a childlike smile painted on her face, she lightly swings [Yoiyami], and… 


She made a destructive sound directly on the giant Dragon’s back. 

The art she uses is [Slow Bomber], an art from the [Blunt weapon] skill, which will double the power of an attack at the cost of slowing her swing speed. 

A slow speed which should be a downside is an unavoidable strike with Sukuna’s current status. 

Her destructive blow, armed with speed and power, made the giant Dragon’s body stagger, ignoring their ten times body size difference. 


Without a pause, another rumble resounded. Thanks to the massive Dragon’s body sinking as it was struck from above, Sukuna once again spun her body in the air and slammed [Throw Bomber] into it. 

The giant Dragon took two heavy blows in a row and collapsed, significantly losing its HP. 

Not long after, Sukuna landed on the ground and spoke to the giant Dragon in a cat-like voice that you wouldn’t normally hear from her. 

“oiii, It’s a little early to go to sleep.” 

She then swung with all her might and unleashed [Deadly Smash]. The giant Dragon screamed as its jaw broken and had its body lifted off the ground, the Dragon no longer has any power to maintain it’s stance. 

“Ahahaha…ha.. so you can make a good voice too!” 

GONG-GASH-CRASH!!! With such a sound, mere beatings with no sort of form are slammed onto the giant Dragon’s leg. 

It’s still unstable because the impact that had landed on its head, and without minding it, Sukuna is now trying to crush the legs that supported the Dragon’s body.  

Facing such opponents, the giant Dragon swung his left arm in disgust. 

As if she had been waiting for this, Sukuna used her Instant Replacement to switch [Yoiyami] into her event weapon, the [Stardust Mace], and retaliate against the Dragon’s attack using [Meteor Impact]. 

“Get crushed, Okay?” 

Dosha! the sound of a dull, heavy blood bag exploded echoed through the field. 


“Ahahahahahahahaha! Now, now, Isn’t that interesting?” 

It was the sound of a giant dragon’s left arm exploding. It’s not just the level of part destruction. It literally popped. 

A blood-colored effect enveloped Sukuna, and she spread her hands wide and laughed as she is basking in it. 

The [Stardust Mace] is an event weapon that has an attack power on the level of Trillia’s store-bought weapon at best, but it has a rather unique status; its durability is on par with the initial weapon. 

A value of 5000, a number that would make even [Kagenui] jealous, and which would normally mean that it is simply unbreakable. 

However, Haruru had once taught Sukuna that the [Finisher] type attack had a hidden element. 

Normally, the original attack correction of [Finisher] is 300%, in other words, three times its initial attack, plus 1/10 percent of the remaining durability value. 

This characteristic is naturally inherited by the [Meteor Impact], an higher version art of the [Finisher]. 

The skill calculation is, 600% + (5000 x 0.1)% or 1100%. In other words, [Meteor Impact] will make [Stardust Mace] 11 times more powerful. 

Even if it were a raid boss, its arm would be blown off by her attack, that was an expected result. Considering that current Sukuna has received a tremendously powerful buff to all of her stats due to her Dead Skill, which once said as the strongest skill in the world.  

The giant Dragon screamed aloud when it saw its torn left arm, which was almost completely gone, and Sukuna smiled, knowing she was the one who did that. 

The giant Dragon’s left arm was completely crushed and popped in exchange for a single weapon, rendering it useless. 

The urge to further destroy fills her. Looking at the Dragon breaking down in front of her eyes gradually satisfied Nana’s heart. 

“Hahahahaha! But it’s not enough… It’s not enough!” 

The [Instantaneous Replacement] had already returned [Yoiyami] to Sukuna’s hand. She still want to do more follow-up attack against the giant Dragon, which was still staggering with its left arm destroyed. 

After a big move like [Meteor Impact], Sukuna should be under the effect of 30 seconds stun time imposed by the system, but there was no such thing for the [Furious] Sukuna. 

Yes, the essence of [Furious Rage] lies in its endless state. 

It’s not a metaphor or a figure of speech; the person who activates this skill is “not bound by the cool time of any skill, the stun time of the skill, and completely nullifies their consumption of SP.” 

Meaning, the current Sukuna is nothing less than an incarnation of destruction that can freely unleash any art indefinitely. 

She unleashed a barrage of [Slam] with the ultra-heavy metal [Yoiyami]. An unending series of art that are normally causing a skill stun on each of its use, struck the giant Dragon mercilessly. 

In response to this tyranny, which one could justifiably called it a bloodbath, the giant Dragon enlarges its right arm and cleaves the surrounding area. 

It was a destructive act that cleared the land around it, but the current Sukuna could ‘see’ it before it was released.  


Sukuna jump lightly and avoided the cleave; she placed the second [Stardust Mace] in her hand, and with the momentum of her fall, she struck the giant Dragon’s head with [Meteor Impact]. 

The two horns that had already been broken off by Drago’s hand are now shattered into tiny pieces. 

The spectacle that was produced was so destructive that make the earlier blow that blew off its arms seemed so gentle. 

A thunderous explosion resounded across the battlefield and its shockwave trasmitted the sound of the Dragon’s skull cracking. 


A One-sided overrun. 

Everything was shattered and pulverized, and it seemed that the giant Dragon no longer had any room to resist. 

More than 80% of the giant Dragon’s remaining HP had been lost in less than two minutes of her stampede. 

The gauge, which should have been long, entered the danger zone and turned bright red. 

While the demon girl saw this, all that runs through her mind is a disturbing thought of how she will end this. 

In the face of a clear fear of death, the giant Dragon had its final awakening. 


Every muscle in his body bulged. 

Once again, it is a demonic charge that would bring ruin, and what comes out a few seconds later is a dome-shaped energy wave that diffuses over a very wide area around itself. 

“stop it, already bored seeing that.” 

Sukuna, who had been watching the wave at an extremely close range, boringly waved her [Yoiyami] to cancel out all the energy that would engulf her. 

However, in that blinding light, Sukuna felt a vibration under her feet. 


Before she knew it, the giant Dragon that was supposed to be right in front of her had moved to the far edge of the field. 

Sukuna was momentarily disappointed, thinking that it was going to run away, but soon her face was tinged with joy. 

The giant Dragon’s enlarged body shrank at once. Like a spring that was just about to be released, it was ready to make its next moves. 

“Ehh? That’s good, very very veryyyyy good! It won’t be fun otherwise!” 

Anticipating the final blow of the giant Dragon, Sukuna claps her hands to answer its spirit. 

Sukuna activated [Oni no Mai] using it’s fifth form, [Douji no Mai]. 

It activated the [Absolute Destruction], an art which has the effect of pseudo-reproducing the power of the Kishin’s [Furious Rage], it opens up the upper limit of the [Oni no Mai] to a certain extent, allowing the use of all dance types, from the first set to the fifth. 

Although she’s not allowed to use the final form, Sukuna still use it, she use the forbidden [Douji no Mai]. 

Shuten once told her, The [Oni no Mai] {demon’s dance} is the only skill that can be used to trigger the [End Ceremony]. {Tsuishiki} 

And the fifth form is a special dance that will enable it. 

“Well… this one is also special, right?” 

Sukuna stores [Yoiyami] back into her storage and let out a mischievous smile on her face in anticipation of the giant Dragon. And she did not bring out another weapon, which now left her hand empty. 

The end is near. 

The giant Dragon’s humongous body rises to an unprecedented size then It shrinks to the very limit. 

The huge amount of energy that had been used to release the wave surge is now circulating throughout its body, and the giant Dragon was clad in blue light. 

Currently, its huge body has developed enough physical strength to jump up to the sky, and the giant Dragon fired its own body like a cannonball with the greatest instantaneous force it could muster. 

When a giant beast does this, it was easy to predict its trajectory. 

If Sukuna had wanted to duck to avoid it, she could have done so. 

But Sukuna did not. Rather she smiled as if to say this is convenient. 


Even when she sees the giant Dragon rushing towards her, her smile does not falter. 

The only thing Sukuna does is gently clench her fists, which were painted by a crack of darkness. 

There’s no time to put up a weapon, and [Jyuju Sakura] is not an option. [Jyuju Sakura] was art that increases the power after a series of attacks. Its total damage output is huge, but the first hit is weak. It cannot be used for interception. 

In the first place, the true power of [Jyuju Sakura] only will manifest after the user unleashed 54 super-strikes starting from the [Souryu]. If you use it by itself, you cannot expect much power from it. 

To put it simply, the original starting point of the [Jyuju Sakura] is the [Souryuu] the second fist. 

So, what is the name of the 10th art from the [Barehanded fighting] skill? The answer to that question will now be revealed. 

–You don’t need a stance. You don’t need morale, a will, or a heart. The only thing you need is to see the one at the end of your series of attacks— 

The god of war, the creator of the [Barehanded fighting] skill, said this when referring to this one art. 

Yes, that’s right. 

This is the ultimate art from the [barehanded fighting] skill, its final special art. 

The whole existence of [Barehanded fighting] skill is to unleash this one blow. 

“Zekken Yui!”  

It is a fist that twists your entire body, steps forward, and is simply struck with all your might. 

It’s an extreme move that doubles your physical status when activated. 

This is the final art of the [barehanded fighting] skill. 

The most powerful blow that can only be used once, after using all the arts from [Souryu] to [Jyuju Sakura]. 

The power of 54 consecutive strikes is unleashed in a single fist, making this the ultimate art. 

Referring to it’s name [Zekken Yui] {Fist connect/end/alliance}. In terms of the power of a single blow, it was an unreasonable fist that boasted itself as the most destructive art. 

No matter how powerful the foe is. 

No matter how heavy and hard the challenger. 

All it asks is destruction. 

And a heavy price that will eat even its user. 

a recoil damage of the exact same value as the damage inflicted will be directed to its user, Sukuna. 

However, Sukuna will not fall. 

This is because of the blessing of the fifth dance she performed. 

“Bye-bye, that was fun.” 

The two don’t even touch each other, and the [Zekken] that Sukuna unleashed pushes back the giant Dragon’s rush with brute power, its impact pierces the heart and guts of the giant Dragon, scrapping all its remaining HP. 

After a battle that lasted less than five seconds, the giant Dragon was blown away and slammed into the ground, where it disappeared as a polygon under the shockwave. 

As if the fierce battle so far had been a lie, <<Defeat the Apostle>> ended with an overwhelming victory. 

“Kuhu, hihihihi, aha, ahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” 

Sukuna’s loud laughter resounded throughout the empty field where there wasn’t even a shadow of another living being. 

She killed the giant Dragon. 

But it’s not satisfied. 

Her urge to destroy is not satisfied. 

A never-ending craving is devouring Sukuna’s heart. 

Perhaps because the battle is over, a warp portal appeared and wrapped around Sukuna’s body. 


Seeing this, Sukuna smiled wickedly. 

Let’s break it 

Break it. 

Break everything. 

There are so many toys to break just ahead. 

Happy, oh so happy, Sukuna laughed. 

–Dead skill [Furious Rage]. 

–Two minutes left until deactivated. 

 In the city of beginnings, a disaster with a will was about to descend. 


《System Announcement》 

The event <<Defeat the Apostle>> has been cleared. 

《Surviving Player: 1》 

《MVP Player: Sukuna》 

《Last Attacker: Sukuna》 

All players who participated in the <<Defeat the Apostle>> will receive a reward. 

A special reward will be given to all players who participate in the event. 

《With this, the dungeon event “Labyrinth of Stardust” will come to an end. 》 

A major update will be released four hours from now. 

Players who are currently logged in will be forced to log out, so we recommend logging out as safely as possible. 

The event is over. 

The event is over, but the battle is not. 

Tl note:  

IMO this is the hardest chapter so far, not because it’s long or complicated. 

But the author somehow changes her way of writing, the sentence feels so fragmented, it was probably one his his/her way to picture Sukuna madness… but man… it’s so hard to weave it to proper sentence in English. 


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