BTOG 122 – Defeat the Apostle general thread + Nana’s thread

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As usual, the BBS story

You can skip it if you want to.

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1: Metamoru

This is a general thread about the dungeon event: “Labyrinth of Stardust: The Final Act – Defeat the Apostle Battle”.

Feel free to talk and discuss everything related to the event here.

2: Sword

>>1 Good work.


3: Take

>>1 Good work.

Fifteen people are forced to go against it. It’s an impossible game.

4: Memeron

>>1 Good work.

I don’t know anyone besides Drago, Rinne, and Sukuna.

5: Nenene

>>1 Good work

The only clan player I know is from the Corporate Slave and Dragon Fang.

6: Raito

The massive dragon is cool.

7: Wai Wai

>>1 Good work

How unusual.

Drago brings her named weapon!

10: Sword

This is quite a slow start.

12: Bored Man

Well, I guess only rushed games will start with an intense raid from the get go.

15: Sesuna

That Lucifer the Fallen Angel looks familiar.

17: Teromea

Noel is a loli…

21: Ekusasu


The gap between her equipment and her stature is her biggest selling point.

23: Lobby

Sukuna did nothing.

24: Jyuai

I think she’s gauging the enemy power.

28: Sword


Look at her weapons. She’s preparing herself to use [Bare-handed Fighting]. It’s possible we will see that art.

32: Lobby.


I see. That’s why she avoids gaining any hate.

35: Haruka Kanata

Isn’t [Bare-handed fighting] is considered a trash skill?

37: Nemo

There is no one who uses a bow.

It’s supposed to be the third most used weapon. What’s going on?

40: Rakku


Because usually bow and dungeon are usually a bad match.

But this time, I think it’s really bad that they don’t have anyone with a long-ranged weapon.


I don’t know what’s going on in the beginning.

But at least the blue dragon is cool!


99: Mezzo


100: Memeron


103: Solty.

That was?

105: Takatin


108: Rerio.

^Not funny.

109: Sword

Four people down.

113: Ringo-chan

What the hell are Sukuna and Rinne doing?

114: Harunokko

Kimashi Tower?

116: Tetchan

I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with Sukuna.

She’s got these really scary eyes.

118: Felt

The raid itself seems to have gotten back on track.

123: Ringo-chan

Oh, it’s working!

125: Lobby

I can’t stop getting excited.

Can we finally see that?

127: Mezzo

I wonder how far she can use it.

If she can get it to 7th form, it’s already very good.

131: Sword

Ooh ……

133: Lobby


136: Ringo-chan

It looks like she was using some kind of skill to avoid recoil damage.

137: Felt

She almost shaves one full bar by herself.

How many strength values does it take to do that?

139: Memeron

Wasn’t she trying to do something at the end?

142: Haruka Kanata


I think it’s over 300.

144: Lobby


I think it’s the last art of bare-handed fighting.

I don’t know what it’s called, but I heard there’s something like that.

145: Tasukaru

Drago pulled that one out!

146: Sesuna

There it is!

The oversized kitchen sword!

148: Sedan


What, you don’t know the name?

149: Rolo.

It’s the Sky sword!

I’m so jealous, but it’s really cool.

150: Felt.

>>142: Gorilla yankowa! {tln}

152: Harupe

Are you valkyrie?

153: Lobby


I think the only way to activate it is to use [Barehanded Fighting] art from Souryu to Jyuju Sakura without getting interrupted.

If you never do that, you will never learn its name.

It’s impossible to land them all with our current level even if you specialize your build in durability, so I think you need a skill like a recoil damage nullifier that Sukuna used this time.

155: Torukumenisuta


I’m having a hard time imagining her as one.

156: Metamon


I heard she’s as powerful as a gorilla in real life.

158: Sedan



I wish I could have seen it.

160: Memeron

Right lol.

162: Sesuna

That’s not the power one hit should produce.

The game is unbalanced!

163: Rolo

I think my great sword will only do about a tenth of her damage.

165: Ekusu

Only two people needed to shave off one and a half bar. This is absurd.

167: Dragon Screw Saito


168: Night Fork Stance


169: Sedan


171: Memeron.

Hold on.

173: Tasukaru.

You’ve got to be kidding.

251: Mememe-mememe-mememeru.

I thought it was going to fail…

253: Sesuna.

They somehow managed to hold on.

Is that Rinne’s trump card?

254: Teppen Himiko

Sukuna-tan was showing off her weapon.

256: Rankaidou

I can’t hide my shock looking at Shuya’s hidden card.

258: Leo


I never see that person logged off.

I feel like I’ve been played by a fox.

261: Okashi-suki.


Good work, Leo.

Though it’s kinda useless lol.

263: Rankaidou.


Thank you for your hard work!

I saw how you protected Erumi-san!

265: Leo


I feel like all I did it to expose my shameful side.

I owe the leader an apology.


Thank you, Lancelot.

267: Fatty.

I like to see Leo’s soft side.

By the way, I also don’t think you should use “-chan” for a girl you’ve never met before either.

269: Okashi-suki.


That’s right.

270: Harupe


That’s true.

271: Rankaidou.


That’s just how he is.

273: Leo.

You guys….

275: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

But well, Sukuna-chan is having a very rough time this time.

278: M Mememe Mememe Mememeru

I am usually laughing my ass off looking at this kind of situation.

280: Teppen Himiko


When did you become so addicted to Sukuna-tan?

282: Bero

Keep the Oni-related topic for other threads.

Well, it’s true that her emotion is laid bare right now.

285: Zeronos

That Twin Greatsword skill is so cool!

286: Black Sand

It took three of them just to hold it back.

288: Turtle

Oh my god, does it just float?

290: Rolo

I thought Sukuna was a speed-type character. When did she join the muscle cult?

293: Haruka

Shuya, you’re good at what you do, but you can’t seem to break out of the usual limitations.

295: Memeron

I want to eat pudding!

296: Alpha

It’s about to be finished.

298: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

That looks bad.

299: Metamoso

No, seriously, it looks bad, doesn’t it?

301: Leo

This monster has a lot of big moves.

302: Black Sand

It’s making a squeaking sound.

304: O

She’s not planning to stop that, is she?

306: Teppen Himiko


Your name is only one letter!?!?

307: Noel

Good luck with that, Tetchan. ……!


I’m rooting for you, Sukuna!

310: Erumi

I’m pretty sure Shuya doesn’t have any ranged defense art.

And please decide if you want to show off or not.

312: Noel


313: Black Sand

Wow… evaporated ……

314: Sesuna

Too cruel

315: Metamoso

EXlayer Phalanx is so cool.

316: Chalky


317: Leo


318: Memeron

That was a cool way to defend yourself.

319: Takashi


320: Kame Kame

Erased and gone.

321: Ryuri


322: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

If you can use four types, so of course, you can use three. …… It’s amazing how you can drown that out. ……

323: Yakuza Men

It’s coming.

324: Marta.

I love this buzzing sound.

326: Sesuna

As a wizard myself, I’m jealous.

I wish I could shoot magic like that.

328: Rankaidou

I feel like this is more like Starlight.

329: Takashi

Wow, that’s amazing!

it lost so much HP!

330: Leo

I’ve seen her Judgment video.

If it’s just pure power, this one is much more powerful.

332: Drago

That’s a nice trump card.


334: Mememe Mememe Mememeru.

Still not dead.

335: Black sand.

You just gave up for a second there, Rinne.

337: Marta.

Well, they’ve done well so far.

338: Haruka

Why isn’t Sukuna moving?

339: Taj Mahal

If she put up a barrier, Rinne can survive, but ……

340: Sesuna

Why Rinne running to Sukuna?

342: Sedan

It’s her calm judgment.

343: Teppen Himiko

No, this is bad.

345: Black sand


Meteor Impact’s penalty

Weapon destruction and 30-second post-technique stun time.

347: Kalki

Sure, it might be for the best.

But is it alright to throw her life like that?

348: Rankaidou

It’s called “respect”.

349: Ryuri

This is just like in the movies…

350: Leo

It’s precious…

352: Memeron

Rinna… {Rinne+Nana}

353: Mememe Mememe Mememeru


354: Metamoso

what is that?

356: Sesuna.

Secret skill?

357: Persona.


358: Black Sand


360: Teppen Himiko

She’s crying.

361: Sedan

There’s an Announcement.

363: Dragon Screw Saito

Dead skill?

364: Drago

What the hell is going on?

[Darkness Corruption] Nana/Sukuna General Thread 32 [Furious]

1: No Name Nana Fan

This is a thread to talk about the professional gamer “Nana” who belongs to the VR division of “HEROES” and “Sukuna” of WLO. Troll is strictly prohibited, and anti is NG. Love your blunt weapons. {NG = No good}


35: Anon Nana Fan.

I didn’t quite get that last one after all.

36: Anon Nana Fan.

Emotional values are those brainwave things that were popular a few years ago.

You can see your emotions in color.

39: Anon Nana Fan.

I was surprised to see her laughing so hard.

But the most surprising thing was that is to see Nana angry and cry…

45: Anon Nana Fan.


I know what you mean.

47: Anon Nana Fan.

You’re right. For better or worse, I’ve only ever seen her surprised and laughing face.

51: Anon Nana Fan.

No, she was pretty shaken in Monster House.

53: Anon Nana Fan.

Well, I’m not sure if I ever see streamers cry or not.

58: Anon Nana Fan.


That kind of content is common nowadays.

62: Anon Nana Fan.

She’s crying and fighting the whole time.

It was a bit painful to watch.

65: Anon Nana Fan.

It’s been quite a while since the introduction of emotional expression in VR, but when did it become quantifiable?

71: Anon Nana Fan.

I got a lot of clips of Rinana, so I’m happy!

73: Anon Nana Fan.

Kohaku-sama is also cool.

75: Anon Nana Fan.

I wonder if Nana is okay.

I’m so worried about her. I want some kind of official comment.

79: Anon Nana Fan.


That’s a concern shared by all her fans.

But take a look at Rinne’s SNS.

83: Anon Nana Fan.


Thank you.

I died of preciousness.

84: Anon Nana Fan.



85: Anon Nana Fan.


Is this… okay?

86: Anon Nana Fan.

>>I don’t know.

But it’s precious ……

88: Anon Nana Fan.


What kind of person are you? It’s just 15 seconds after Rinne post this…

89: Anon Nana Fan.


Rinne’s knees look soft.

90: Anon Nana Fan.


They really do live together, don’t they?

92: Anon Nana Fan.


It’s a Nana-only position, so give it up.

93: Anon Nana Fan.

She looks so happy.

95: Anon Nana Fan.

It’s like introducing a pet cat, but it’s a person.

98: Anon Nana Fan.


As for Nana’s real face reveal, it’s too late now.

It’s been revealed since the first day of delivery.

99: Anon Nana Fan.


I was so shocked that I lost consciousness.


100: Anon Nana Fan.

I’m not a WLO player, so I don’t know, but at least I’m happy to see the different sides of Nana.

102: Anon Nana Fan.


Well, Rinne is too famous in a real person.

She’s a good friend of Rinne’s, so it’s easy to find out who she is.

And Nana doesn’t seem to care too much about her real-life being exposed.

103: Anon Nana Fan.

Nana seems to be very shy in real life.

The best way to get to know her is to comment as a viewer.

105: Anon Nana Fan.

The service photo from Rinne was too strong.

106: Anon Nana Fan.

Rinne herself is a real beauty.

108: Anon Nana Fan.

Nana is the cute type.

But not as pretty as Rinne.

But still, she’s very cute, even if she looks a bit flat at first glance.

109: Anon Nana Fan.

The heavens give Nana two blessing…

112: Anon Nana Fan.


A chest will become a hindrance when you are doing exercise, you count that as blessing??

116: Anon Nana Fan.


I hadn’t thought of that.

So that’s why Rinne is so athletically challenged.

118: Anon Nana Fan.

That’s enough of the trivial stuff.

Now is the time to chew on this preciousness.

119: Anon Nana Fan.


120: Anon Nana Fan.


121: Anon Nana Fan.


122: Anon Nana Fan.


Tl note:

I hate BBS chapter… so many different name, which the author will never use again.

And frick those name, I will just write it in its raw katakana.


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    “I got a lot of clips of Rinana, so I’m happy!”

    This person’s hot the right idea lol.

    Rinne giving out some fan service and assuring everyone Nana is all right, precious indeed.

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