BTOG 124 – #About_yesterday.

“I’m sorry about yesterday. I fell asleep after the stream.”

First, I need to apologize. This is a special move taught directly from Rin-chan.

『It’s okay.』
『We heard from Rinne yesterday.』
『Good work.』
『It was fun to watch.』
『Sleep streaming.』

“Thank you, everyone, but I won’t do sleep streaming.”

After being restricted from logging in for two days by WLO, I decided to hold a chat session like this to apologize, take responsibility, and explain yesterday’s event’s aftermath.
Though I just realized this, I’m not a pro gamer since I have no achievements or notable activities.
Currently, I’m just a streamer, then? Even if that is the case, I still need to explain what happened after yesterday’s event.

I must have been tired beyond imagination because I fell unconscious on Rin-chan’s without even realizing it, and I woke up the next night.
Since it was not vacation time, most of my viewers could only watch the stream if I did it in the morning or afternoon, so I had to apologize, explain, and answer questions on a Monday night when most people are online.

This is what they called face-to-face broadcast, and I’m borrowing the room Rin-chan used to broadcast a game that is not a VR.

When I asked her if it was alright for me to show my face, she said. “There’s no problem”. So, I just talked in front of the camera without wearing a mask or anything.

Well, simply put
There are so many things I don’t know about what happened yesterday.
Therefore, I think this stream session will be packed with questions and answers.
I’ve heard that Rinne has been sorting out the question people submitted to the official HEROES account, so I’m hoping I can respond based on that script.

“In the meantime, I’m glad that I didn’t cause any damage. I think I probably annoyed a lot of players who were in the city at the beginning, so I’m really sorry.”

I think this much is the truth.
Miraculously, there were no human casualties, but when I look back, the people surrounding me at that time were all players.
They were probably elite players who had gathered in the city of beginnings to stop the giant dragon.
Kohaku had been luring and guiding me to minimize the damage and maybe to keep me away from the resident at the same time.

In the end, Kohaku stopped me, but it was thanks to the combination of everything, including the defensive wards that Melty put up, that I did not cause too much trouble.
It’s really 100% my fault for being out of control.
The dead skill [Furious Rage]. I don’t know much about the details of that skill, but it was just the system reacting to my emotions, not me being controlled by the system.

If anything, my behavior could have been taken as me abusing the system.

“I’m really, really sorry. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

『It’s okay.』
『It’s okay.』
『I like that a lot.』
『I like the current atmosphere best.』
『I was horrified, but then I realized that Nana is kind enough not to kill NPCs.』
『 It’s okay if you’re sorry. It’s a good thing there was no damage.』
『Why are you targeting the girl first?』

“No, but… well… I don’t remember what I was thinking at that time. …… Rin-chan died, and my mind was completely blank.”

When I think about it calmly, sure, why did I throw that knife at that girl as my opening move?
It’s so villain-like move that it’s almost funny.

“Anyway, I’ll take your criticism and opinions seriously. There will be no excuses!”

『I said this before! That was Demon doing!』 {tln}
『↑Demoness*, don’t mix that up』
『Your title as ‘blunt weapon demon(Oni) girl’ is now suitable』
『Even if you try to make it softer, rather than ‘blunt weapon demon girl’, won’t it better to call yourself ‘Bulgeoning demoness’?』

“Wait. It’s not a criticism, is it?”

『Bludgeoning demoness that is.』
『Suitable, considering how she kills the monsters.』
『Using Wailing Demon Dance(Kikoku no Mai).』
『↑5,000 doesn’t sound like much.』 {no idea}
『Just give in.』

“Ugh… You guys, your words are painful…”

Looking back, it seems that from the first day I was put on Rin-chan’s stream, I have already been given the nickname ‘Blunt demon girl’…
I think it was my bad luck to choose a blunt weapon since it was easy to use. Now that I got this far, many blunt weapons are harder to use than I thought.

“Should I have chosen to use the blade instead…?”

{onimusume = demon girl}
『Slashing Onimusume?』
『Decapitating Onimusume?』
『Road-slasher Onimusume?』
『Head collecting Youkai?』
『Nothing sounds good.』

“I don’t know what’s going on with my image. Wait no need to type it, I get it.”

Is it because of how I’m usually spending my daily routine? Thank you, my daily routine. Thank you for making me had this image!

“Le-let’s get back on track and answer the questions from the post box that Rin-chan had sorted for me!”

『Post box?』
『How many are there』
『 I’ve been waiting.』
『the all-can-do Rinne.』
『A talented manager.』

“She really is.”

Unlike the part-time job where I just had to do simple tasks over and over again, I don’t know what I should do as a game streamer.
It’s not good to always rely on Rin-chan for this kind of thing. I will need to learn how to do it myself.

“125… I don’t know if that’s too many or too few, but let’s start at the top.”

Q: How long have you and Rinne been best friends?
For most of my life, but for the last six years, I’ve been living alone.

『Eighteen years?』
『That’s a long time.』
『Truly the best-est friend atmosphere you girls had.』
『Was it different six years ago?』

“Yes, it was. When my parents were alive, I lived at my home, and sometimes I would visit and stay in her room, and she would stay in mine. We were together every day.”

At that time, I was so attached to Rin-chan.
I didn’t even know what to do without Rin-chan or my parents around.

『I see…』
『 I’m sorry.』

Ack, the way I said it, it sounded like my situation was because of my parent’s death. Well, actually, that was one of the reasons.
But t’s a story that I finally got over yesterday.
It’s not something that the viewers should be worried about.

“It’s just a story of the past. Next time I will tell you.”

Q: What is that last form? Is it a cheat?

“First of all, it’s not a cheat. That much I can say with pride. Well, I heard that the official explanation is out before I could answer.”

This was the hot question that I had to answer in today’s stream.
But I don’t know anything about the activation conditions of this skill. It’s a skill that the game system has triggered on its own.

However, it seems that the system announcement had reached the entire game world, and there were a lot of inquiries sent to my and Rin’s official SNS account of the WLO management.
So, the official WLO management hastily mentioned the hidden parameters. That was the “emotion value” that was mentioned in the announcement.

『so, it was like that…』
『A skill that automatically activates itself by monitoring the emotion value?』
『 It’s a little scary, though.』
『At least it made sense.』
『It was actually pretty cool, like a Dark Arts.』

“ahaha, I can’t use it anymore, though. You can check your character’s status even if you can’t log in, so I checked. The skill name is [Furious Rage]. It has a 5x buff for dexterity and agility, a 10x buff for strength and defense, a 5% auto-heal per second, and a flat 80% damage reduction. In addition to this, it grants the user a passive ability called [Absolute Destruction] that allows the user to destroy literally anything, and releasing all limitation of [Oni no Mai] skill and its arts.”

『Too evil, too absurd.』
『Too strong!』
『Too much of everything!』
『 It’s an official cheat!』
『the Defiers of Physics.』
『Kohaku-sama, good job.』
『All skill stun is invalidated???』

“It’s amazing, right?”

I’m not sure why they did it, but this skill is packed with monstrous ability.
It’s not a power any individual player should wield. The official explanation is that the skill itself is exclusive for the Oni folk. And it was originally supposed to be impossible to activate it.

Or so they said.

“That was an impossible challenge.”

『That’s right.』
『That was unfair.』
『If you had the information and fought, it would have been fun.』

“Right? …I fell asleep last night, but before I fell asleep, Rin-chan was rather sulky.”

Rin-chan was shocked that she hadn’t been able to defeat the apostles, and she was complaining as she toyed around with me on her lap.

I’ve had my share of difficulties, but that’s one thing, and that’s another. Such a refreshing personality is one of the good things about Rin-chan.

『Yes, that was amusing.』
『Finally got to see Rinne pouting face.』
『Rinne was complaining while streaming Nana’s sleeping face. lol.』
『It was full of preciousness.』

“Wait a minute, let’s hear more about that.”

Wait what? Was I being streamed while sleeping by Rin-chan?

『At around nine o’clock at night, Rinne was doing a stream tilted [Nana’s sleeping face].』

“You’re lying, right?”

No, I don’t care that you saw my sleeping face.

“I don’t know that….Rin-chan only told me she was streaming last night.”

『She told us to look forward to your reaction. 』
『So, you don’t mind being watched sleeping?』

“I don’t care about that. It’s fine. Since it’s Rin-chan doing. But I was hoping she would at least tell me.”

『Well, Touka been going crazy on SNS.』
『↑ nowadays, all she’s been talking is about Nana.』
『The way she’s looking at Nana is very suspicious.』
『 I’d love to see you and Touka collaborate again.』

“Touka-chan? I heard that she was a little busy during the event. I’m sure she’s still in Fias, so we can go to Griffith together sometime soon.”

『I love how everyone looks so small when they’re standing next to Touka.』
『 I’d like to see more collaborations.』
『 Don’t you ever play other games?』

“I also wonder if I could do more collabs in the future, but as for other games, it will depend on RIn-chan. For myself, I think WLO is the most relaxed and fun for me.

{nobi nobi = relax, freely}
『Nobi Nobi (Serious)』
『Nobi Nobi (Slaughter)』
『Nobi Nobi (Culling)』
『Nobi Nobi (Shoot)』

“Oiii! That’s the second time you guys add a weird nick.”

『 I’m laughing so hard.』
『I clip it.』
『I was scared of [furious] Nana.』
『↑You’re leaking your true feelings.』
『Were you really mad at that time?』

“I think I was pissed. I haven’t been angry for the past six years. I think I was so mad that the system reacted.”

『Do you feel like wrath god?』
『The bug-like skill should not be activated in the first place』
『 Isn’t the buffed avatar hard to control?』
『The second coming of Grappler Sukuna made me cry.』

“I didn’t notice any difference in the feel of the controls. Grappler… it do feel good to hit with your bare hands, but I prefer to hit with a metal rod.”

『I know she will say something like that.』
『Her basic strategy is to crush the bone without letting it touch the flesh.』
『Or a counter.』
『Nana, how good is your vision?』

“Better than most people, apparently.”

『How well can you see?』
『is it hard to describe?』

“I can see further, like using a telescope.”

『Are you sure you have the same eyes as us?』
『Are you sure you’re not robots?』
『Android Nana.』
『I like how that sounds.』
『Congratulations on passing the human graduation exam.』

“I’m still human!! …..maybe …..surely …..I hope….”

『You were aware?』
『 that’s too vague.』
『I knew you were an android!』

“Well, you see, if I can be next to Rin-chan no matter what, I think it’s okay to be one. At least it’s convenient to have good eyesight.”

『She hit me with ‘precious’.』
『Oh, no.』
『 I’m falling in love right away.』
『You won’t be as good as Rinne.』
『Right, your direct rival is Rinne.』
『She likes to show off her Nana like she’s her boyfriend.』
『I thought you were going to fill in the moat from the outside, but you just walked right past it from the start. You did well.』 {tln}

“Rin-chan is my hero.”

『She will say the same thing as Rinne!』
『 We’re best friends….』

“We’re best friends.”

『Called it.』
『Called it.』
『Called it.』

And so, it went for about two hours.
It was the first time I had done a relaxed chat session outside of a game.
I spent a good deal of time reflecting, having fun, and answering questions.


It’s funny how Nana can get away with everything if Rinne did it. Nana is a girl who doesn’t care at all about how anyone other than Rinne sees her.
However, now that she’s starting to enjoy streaming, she doesn’t want to get into trouble with the viewers. So, when she held an apology session, she was warmly welcomed and felt like crying.

TL note
Filling the moat, an idiom for breaking through the obstacle. If you read LDM, you will know this, if you don’t, now you know.

finally managed to get the formatting right in wp, this should make it ‘easier’ to read.


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