BTOG 128 – Release and Next Goal

“Well, to put it simply, you’re free.”

“Yay– , is it okay to let me go this easily?”

I was escorted out of jail in handcuffs, and Kyle conversed to me as we walked down the long stone hallway.

“It’s okay. We’re not here to detain you. We just want to keep you in a safe place in case you start acting up again.”

“I see. ……”

Certainly, if I go rampage in this place, they could gain a few minutes. So it may be worth going with all this trouble.

“You went berserk and brought chaos to the city of beginnings. If it weren’t for those two heroes, things could have ended badly.”


When it was resident NPC that said it to your face, it was hard to deny or say anything to it.

Honestly, I don’t remember much when I go out of control. What I felt back then was much like inside a dream.

All that I can remember is, at that moment, all my emotions were mixed up, swallowed, and  digested, as a result a destructive impulses was born from inside of me.

But after releasing that bottled-up emotion that I held since a child felt great. In that regard, I’m not regretting what had befallen me.

I do, however, reflect on my action.

I was about to become a real demon for this city’s residents.

“But you have not harmed the people of the city of beginnings. And if it weren’t for you, the apostle would have descended somewhere, and it also possible that it would be descent on this city.”

I see. Unlike us who knew the details of the event, the NPCs didn’t know which city the apostle would attack.

I only realized this after I heard Kyle’s story.

[NPCs didn’t know which city the apostles would attack.]

Mr. Kyle seems to be a reliable person, but even he probably can’t defeat the apostle by himself.

In a way, I may have accomplished what I needed to do.

I did destroy the fountain, though.

“As a result, there were no casualties, and there was only some confusion. Then again, there’s no reason to keep a hero who risked his life to defeat an apostle in a place like this any longer.”

He removed my handcuff, and it fell on the floor.

From start to finish, Kyle stayed calm and kept me company as he’s showing me the way out of this detention center.

“Thank you for protecting this world. I hope the next time we meet, it will not be in a prison.”

The city of beginnings was lit up by the bright morning sun. Kyle said this with a refreshing smile on his face and then went back inside the building.

“Celebrate! Decriminalized!”





“Please be a little happier.”

After changing into my red wolf costume and carrying the Yoiyami on my back, I decided to do some sightseeing in the city of beginnings.

My orange name which represents a criminal player, has safely returned to green, meaning I’m back to neutral.

By the way, it seems that Kohaku and the others had been giving me a bit of help from the shadows. That’s why there’s no reason to detain me any longer. It is only a worst-case prevention measure.

It is probably safe to assume that this is good material for streaming content, and honestly, this is quite a delicious situation for me.

But why do NPCs and players sometimes look at me and get scared, like I’m some criminal?

<You’ve gone too far.>

<Probably your appearances.>

<It looks like a bruise. It’s pretty bad.>

<You’ve got cracks all over your face.>

<Honestly, it looks painful.>

“What, my face too?”

I touched my cheek, and sure enough, there was a slight tear all over it.

Oh right, there’s something I could say at the moment like this…

“Kuh… My power is sealed!”

<Stop. You’re not pretending. Yours is real.>

<You’re literally is cursed.>

<Please take more care of yourself.>

<Grandpa, your power is already unsealed.>

“Why are you all being so nice all of a sudden?”

Well, I can’t blame them since my avatar looks like this. Let’s honestly accept their feelings.

“I heard the way to break the curse lies in a place with a strong influence from Kishin, any ideas?”


<I haven’t played yet, so I don’t know.>

<What about the Oni clan village?>

<What about the shrine we talked about a while ago?>

<↑ Shrine of the end? The one Kohaku-sama talked about?>

<The only place I can think of is the Oni clan village.>

“I can’t think of anything else. The Oni clan village and the shrine of the end? I think the Oni clan

the village is located at the far side of Griffith.”

Griffith is the fifth city, which is even further ahead than Fias, my current farthest point.

Between them, there lies two huge labyrinths, the [World Tree Cave] and the [Ancient Ruins of Flame], so we need to spend half a day or so to get through it.

Fias itself is located quite a distance from the city of beginnings, so even if we do it diligently, we’ll probably need to spend a whole day today to get to Griffith.

On the other hand, it seems that the Shrine of the End is located in the largest dungeon of all, the Forest of the End, just beyond the south gate of the city of beginnings.

It’s the place that I heard about in the prophecy I received from Shuten, and I need to get there in order to proceed with the extra quest “The Shrine of the End: Kishin no Kakuriyo{Kishin’s underworld}”, which I had almost forgotten about.

According to Shuten, it’s the entrance to a magical world full of powerful enemies, so I’ll have to brace myself if I want to take it on.

This seems to be connected to the extra quest [Onihime: Shokeikitan {Demon Princess: Aspiration of the Oni’s tale}] that I received from Kohaku, and the ultimate goal of both of them is to meet up with the Kishin, Shuten Douji.

In fact, I could have challenged Kishin realm at level 50 if I wanted to.

This is because the quest has minimum proficiency of 30 in [Douji] profession, which is the starting line set by the Shuten, and as long as you exceed that level, you can challenge it at any time.

However, when I was at that level, I was so busy with events and stuff that I didn’t have time to go through the extra quests.

Even my streaming isn’t done properly as I was mentally unstable, in short, I didn’t have much time to spare for the past two weeks.

If you ask me if I’m going to do that now, I won’t. I don’t have much time for that either.

The reason is that the [Douji] may finally evolve to the next level when it reaches proficiency 70 or level 90.

Before, Shuten told me to reach level 90 and then show my power to the world.

I don’t know if this means that there will be a quest when you reach level 90, or if you need to get some kind of title, or if you just need to kill monsters.

All I know is, when I reach level 90, something will happen. Maybe it’s an evolution. Maybe it’s a trial. Either way, I’m pretty sure I’m almost there.

And yeah, it’s probably hard to challenge the realm full of powerful monsters in my cursed state.

Of course, I could go and do a trial-and-error run, but if I get the death penalty, my status will further be halved, and I won’t be able to get an experience point for 12 hours.

As you can see, my [Lone Moon Camelia] will double the death penalty. I’ve hardly ever felt the effect because I rarely die but it had a nasty demerit.

“I’m curious about the shrine at the end, but I think I’ll go for the Oni clan village first!”

<yay yayyy.>

<Hyu Hyuu.>


<Waiting too long, I am!>

<↑ Himiko-san, are you free? >

<↑ I’m free enough to die>

“Oh, thank you, Himiko-san.”

The comment with the unique way of speaking was made by one of the players of the Oni folk, Teppen Himiko.

I met her on the Oni folk forums, and we’ve occasionally talked over various things. And recently, she’s started leaving comments on my feeds.

In WLO, you can play the game while watching the stream, but if you comment on the stream while playing, your account will be linked, and your name will be displayed.

Ordinary viewers are free to hide or show their names, but players cannot.

“Is it okay to play this early?”

<No one’s logged into the village. They must be bored.>

<a loner. lol>

<This is quite shocking.>

<Practically a collab.>

<Why don’t you just make a call?>

<↑Please understand that I just want to be a viewer.>

<I understand.>

<I understand.>

<I understand.>

“But I probably won’t be able to get there by the end of the day. It’s too far away.”

<You’re not using wings?>


<It’ll only take a second to get to Fias.>

“Huh? What’s that?”

When I asked the viewers about the unfamiliar name of the item, “Wings,” they seemed to be referring to [Traveler’s Wings]. It’s one of the store items added in this major update.

When you use this item in a village, town, or any other similar settlement, you can travel to a town that you’ve visited before.

You can’t use it in fields or dungeons, and you can’t fly to it, but you can save the time needed to move between towns, so I guess it’s a slight improvement over the travel problem in WLO.

By the way, the price is 30,000 Iris per unit. It’s very expensive for a store-bought product, but with my financial strength, it’s not a problem.

“Should I buy 100 of them?”


<No, she is rich now.>

<Sell the gold bar.>

<10 million iris plus 10 gold bars.>


“I mean, why don’t you buy some too, Himiko-san? You can go back to your previous city, right?”

It’s a story well known that Himiko once begged her friend to carry her to Oni country, but since her level is too low, she can’t even leave the village.

She’s been seriously trying to get out of the village every day, but she’s been dying and repeatedly getting the death penalty.

That’s why I suggest that to her…

<It’s not like there’s a regular NPC store in Oni territory.>

<It’s like a village exclusive.>

<5,000 Iris is all I have.>


<So, I have been tried to kill the monster by trial and error for a while…>

“Ahahaha. Let’s just buy 10 of them for now. It’ll make moving around a lot easier.”

I bought 10 Traveler’s Wings at the unmanned NPC store, and took out one of them.

Although they are called wings, they look like a bunch of white feathers with decorations. They don’t weigh much, and it seems that you can go to the city you want to go to by specifying the city and then tossing the item.

Incidentally, as a rather rare item costing 30,000 Iris, the Traveler’s Wings are non-transferable. Even if I go to the demon village, I can’t save Himiko.

“With this, I can come to Shrine of the end whenever I want to. For now, let’s go to Fias!”

Maybe it was because I hadn’t covered all the details of the big update, or perhaps I should say thanks to it, I can feel the enjoyment of discovering the existence of an item I’m grateful for.

Still feeling grateful for this, I threw away the [Traveler’s Wings] to warp to Fias.

Tl note:

Kakuriyo: I translate it as underworld, but it’s not the exact meaning for it, think of it as another realm where the Kishin resides, a dark realm.


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    • Wraith says:

      In VRMMO no Shien Shokunin ~Top Player no Shikakenin~ there’s no teleport system except in a single event and they have to cross entire countries rather than just a few towns over. At the currently translated section, the MC’s party has to travel literal days to get to the event location.

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