LDM 515 – Report.

Today I report to Haku. As usual, we met at a tea party on the white beach, this time Soto is coming with us.

I didn’t want to bring her along because I didn’t know what she might do. … though so far, She’s been behaving. Please do not ask for Haku’s tights again, okay? Please, you can’t.

“… the Divine artifact probably powers the black dungeon core and the giant magic tool. and that sums up our finding of the mysterious facility at Kuromaku.”

“… I see.”

I told Haku everything that since she knew about my [Super Transformation], in hope, she would easily find out what kind of magic tool she could directly identify it.

I do give up on trying to do a complete analysis. Still, I found out when I put the [Divine bedding] I had in my possession into the center compartment – the place that seemed to be the power furnace – the magic tool started up. This meant that we could assume that the divine light almost certainly comes from the Divine artifact.

Personally, I hope that it was either [God’s Night cap] or [God’s Underwear], though it is also possible that it was some other Divine tools other than the [Divine Bedding] series.

We didn’t have enough information actually to assume anything, but at the very least, we know what we’re going to do from this point on. That’s why I report the result of my investigation, including the facility’s shape and the images we got from the monitor.

By the way, Haku has reimbursed the long-distance monitor cost we spent on this case.

“It’s an interesting speculation on artificial heroes, and you also assume a similar thing is the true form of the Nation-controlled dungeon?”

“Yes, if it the power of Light God, then heroes will be born. But if it the power of the Dark God, a dungeon will be created as a result.”

“…if we’re talking about artificial heroes, there’s a big chance that it was Leona-sama doing.”

“That’s right Toy, it’s certainly a possibility.”

Haku-san takes a sip of her tea.

“It makes sense. Kehma, we will take care of that facility investigation from here. Now, for your rewards–“

“Wait, if possible, can you leave it to me? I want to steal the Divine Artifact so I can harass the Holy Kingdom and Leona.”

“Fumu… Well, it’s okay. Then, Kehma will sabotage the facility. If, by some chance, you fail to deal with it, I’ll take over. But for now, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Thank you, if I actually failed, I will count on you.”

“Also, if you can, please get me some additional information.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

When I put the [Divine Bedding] in the magic tool and tried to start it, I also knew how to reverse the process and retrieve it. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how far we can go to destroy it.

I’m sorry to the people who work at this facility in the Holy Kingdom, but let’s destroy it in a flashy way, shall we? For now, let’s try to destroy that black dungeon core.

“Kehma, you’re skipping something important.”

“Hm? what’s it, Rokuko?”

“Rewards, you know, rewards. Sister, if this operation succeeds, may I ask you to take care of the people who are sending assassins to us in the Holy Kingdom? Within a month of the success report if possible.”

……! She’s right. The reason why I sent Narikin to the holy Kingdom is because those assassins that been lurking in my village. My daughter was born while we were investigating things, so I completely forgot.

“I get it Rokuko-chan, I did my investigation about that matter, don’t worry about it. Kehma, I believe you have no problem with this?”

“…Yes, thank you, Haku.”

“Okay, then it means we can return sis Haku subordinate that has been stationed in Gollen village!”

“Ara… Rokuko-chan, you can keep them in the village as bodyguards. And besides, working in Gollen village is quite popular, you know? There are hot springs, and the food is delicious. I really want to stay there myself, but–“

Haku glanced at Chloe, who was standing behind her in butler’s uniform.

“My Lady. You have a job to do as the nation mother and grandmaster of the adventurer’s guild, so you can’t be away for long.”

“—Well, as you can see….”

“I think she can stay with us once a month even after we return Haku’s subordinate. I believe that much is still within Chloe’s capability, right?

“…yes, it’s possible. I’ve been busy lately with the work since I need to be away from the capital, but it’s no problem as long as I can do my work. Besides, it won’t be much of a burden if we all get inside Soto-sama’s dungeon and then teleports to Rokuko-sama location.”

Indeed, if Rokuko and Soto were to cooperate fully, even commuting from the inn to the imperial capital would be no problem at all. Rokuko can use transfer to the beach from Gollen Village, then Haku’s dungeon function can move the rest.

Still… entering Soto’s dungeon = entering my storage… Well, let’s ignore that part.

Let’s think it like this. I’m a cab driver,  the [storage] dungeon is a car, and Rokuko is the ferry that carries that car.

“That’s why, isn’t it better if we—”

“I’ve been a little lonely lately since my sister hasn’t been coming to the inn.”

“–Chloe, hurry up and make the arrangements. I’ll pay you in advance for your services.”


 Isn’t pay in advance just… prepayment?

Well, it was a useless thing to think about it. More importantly, it means I cannot afford to fail now.

And here’s where Rokuko was secretly communicating to me with her [telepathy].

<…I asked Chloe to keep my sister away from the village because it would make Kehma too shy, but even if it wasn’t my sister, Kehma would get tired of being watched all the time right? so in the end it’s better to have her visit once a month or so.>

<Wait, Rokuko! You’re the one who made the four Heavenly Kings stay in Gollen Village!?>

This is quite shocking to think she would go this far to manipulate Haku and her subordinate!

<The assassin part wasn’t just part of your plot either, was he?>

<There’s no way I’m not going to go that far. The assassins who targeted Kehma and Rei are real.>

<Is that so?>

<Also, it doesn’t make any difference if my sister doesn’t come if her guards stay. Chloe said she would take care of it, but then she went back on her words! Sister Haku must have told her not to let up the pressure!>

Rokuko smiled while speaking in [telekinesis]. I’m not sure if I should be happy that she’s now able to scheme things this far?

And if that’s the case, Chloe was a succubus who did the devil’s work, fulfilling Haku-san’s needs and Rokuko’s, but frustrating both.

She’s a succubus type demon, and she may have been working… in the hope that Haku will request her to take Rokuko form in her dream to relieve her frustration. It’s scary to think about that possibility.

Anyway, our next goal is to destroy that strange facility.

We also received a separate reward from Haku for our information and decided to plan a strategy to achieve that goal.

TL note:

This chapter is late because I was confused about some words.


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