BTOG 141 – After the mini-game

Apparently, you can also place a small bet at this yabusame.

If you correctly guess how many points the archer will get, you will be paid 10 times your bet. You will lose your bet if you do not guess correctly.

The maximum amount you can bet is 3,000 Iris, and Himiko bet her meager 2.000 Iris on 1.000 points and won 20,000 Iris, so she was very happy.

That was a story that happened behind the scenes.

“Huh? What’s wrong with everyone?”

After I had finished hitting all the targets, everyone opened their mouths in disbelief.

I don’t know what just happened, and Himiko is the only one with a very smug look on her face with her arms folded. I wonder what she’s done this time.

“No, sorry… it’s just too awesome.”

“Ehehe, thank you.”

The first person to come back from the freeze was the receptionist’s uncle.

I thanked him for the compliment, patted the horse for its good behavior, and jumped off it.

The last four pieces were quite interesting. That kind of thing makes my gamer’s heart dance.

I followed Rin-chan’s lead in the last part and tried to “charm” my viewers a bit. To be honest, I really didn’t need to shoot two arrows at once.

But when I measured the wind with my hands, I could see a path that would allow me to shoot two at once. I’ve heard that she did this a lot, so I should at least show them that I could do something like that, right?

I hadn’t used a bow in a really long time, not since I went to the archery range with Rin-chan in junior high school.

However, the bow I was given was very straightforward, so I was able to enjoy the yabusame without any difficulty.

It’s fun to play with a girl(bow) who has her own quirks, but a straightforward bow is good for this type of game where you must do precise aim.

It’s a very simple wooden bow, but I think the makers had quite a skill.

“Even Kokuyo-sama can only get 820 points…”

“Oh, …Kokuyo do this kind of thing too?

“She looks like a serious person, but she also has a surprisingly good sense of humor. You’ve met Kokuyo, haven’t you, young lady?

“Yes, She stopped me when I tried to enter the village.”

“Hahahaha, I’m sure she’d stop anyone who’s affected by such an evil-looking curse.”

I couldn’t help but smile at this uncle who was laughing with his mouth wide open.

He’s as cheerful as he looks. Thanks to him, the other people who had been frozen in place loosened their expressions, and the yabusame field became filled with a friendly atmosphere.

“In the meantime, I’m going to give you this one, the reward for getting 500 points, the Moon spark flower(Tsukihibana).”

“Wow… this is a big flower, isn’t it?”

What the uncle took out of his inventory was a huge flower, the petals alone would have been about 30 centimeters long. I wonder how many centimeters in diameter it is…?

The petals were a transparent yellow, and the shape was flat and large, like Rafflesia.

But in the center of the flower, there was a beautiful jewel-like object buried, and it did not spread a bad odor like Rafflesia.

“The jewel in the middle can be used as a material for armor. But my recommendation is to process it into ornaments. The petals can also be used for ornaments. It has a weak moonlight attribute. If you don’t know, items with moonlight attribute can suppress curses.”

“I know about the moonlight attribute, but I only knew it was a holy attribute. The whole thing has an anti-curse effect?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying. That curse is nasty, isn’t it? If you can suppress it at every chance you got, you should.”

“Thank you. I’ll use this wisely.”

I think the reason I was given this moonflower was because of this uncle’s consideration.

I wanted the fire and water attribute crystals to make attribute weapons, but I guess this is rare enough.

“The next reward was for 750 points. This one is awesome.”

Ooh nice, they rewarded me for every checkpoint you passed.

I got even more excited when I saw the body of a 3 meter tall wild boar lying in front of me, its body covered with metal fur.

It’s really big, and it probably weighed at least a ton.

Normally, when monsters in this game die, they turn into polygon fragments and disappear.

The exception was made if you master the [dismantling] skill. You can dismantle its whole body like this.

“Ooh… what’s this?”

“This is the Metal Demon Boar – Macho. I’m giving away a whole boar. The meat is unbelievably delicious. In addition, the body hair and skin can be used for armor, and the whole animal is a high-grade foodstuff that costs 500,000 Iris, and this is yours!”

“Okay, thank you, it does look delicious.”

“You can bring it to the restaurant in the village, and they’ll take care of it.”

“Got it, I’ll do that.”

Even with my muscle strength, I can’t lift this, or maybe it’s not possible to be lifted?

You can lift the front part of it, but the whole thing won’t move at all. At best, all I can do is to change where it was facing.

It couldn’t be helped. Let’s just put this in my inventory…holy damn, it took 30% of the inventory capacity by itself.

I’m a focused STR-based character, and that should affect my inventory capacity…. Still, this metal demon boar took that much. It got some serious weight.

I’ve never had a proper meal in this game, by the way.

At most maybe once or two light meals, like at cafes.

That reminds me, I have an appointment with Arthur next time to eat insect-based dishes, and exploring such exotic places may be one of the most exciting parts of the game.

Since it’s already late, let’s go to the restaurant in oni village tomorrow.

While I’m already feeling full from the reward, but I know the onslaught of rewards from the uncle won’t stop here.

Yes, there is still a reward for getting a perfect score.

“Now, the reward of 1000 points is…… Sorry, I can’t give it to you right now.”


“If it’s a high rare item, I can give it to you here. But for this one you need to come to my house any time after seven o’clock at night after yabusame is closed.”

The uncle just said, [if it’s a high rare item.]

Is it an item with a rarity beyond high rare?

Is it? It probably is.

There are currently six rarity levels for items in this game. Excluding the named monsters drop.

Common, High Common, Rare, High Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

The most common example for high rare items is the attribute crystals.

Even though the distribution of attribute crystals has increased somewhat during the event, they are still a rare item that you have to be prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of Iris on if you want to buy them.

Especially if you want to get specific crystals or jewels of the attribute you want, you need to be prepared to spend a million.

However, items with a rarity level of Epic and above are exceedingly rare.

To the best of my knowledge, after a month and a half of this game running, only two items with this rarity level have been found in WLO.

Furthermore, one of them is a weapon held by an NPC, and only one player has announced that they have obtained it.

Of course, it’s possible that someone has it and just hasn’t announced it. Even so, if there is only one known owner of this item, it must be an extremely rare item that players can obtain.

As the name implies, Legendary items are legendary in rarity, and rumor has it that there exist Legendary items in the Imperial City Treasury.

I’m very curious about my reward, but I can’t go there at seven o’clock in the evening, and I can’t just abandon the plans I’ve made.

“I want to go today, but I can’t. I already had a plan later, and I’ll probably do it tomorrow.”

“Oh, any time is fine with me. And if you want, you can participate in the yabusame again. I’ve been holding the yabusame here for a long time, and even I was shaken when you hit the last four. I can’t give you any rarer rewards, but I’ll at least give you some extra gift.”

“Yeah, I had fun, too. Make it more challenging next time, okay?”

“I’ll make an advanced course for you.”

The uncle smiled happily as he left.

It seems that they waited for me to finish the conversation, and as he left, I heard loud cheering and clapping on my back.

“Oh, your cheeks are so red.”

“Ahaha… that’s a little embarrassing.”

“Hmm, I think Sukuna has finally regained her humanity.”

“What do you mean by that!?”

I popped Himiko’s teasing forehead with my finger and left the horseback archery field.

“…and that’s the whole story.”

“I see.”

While sightseeing in the village, I had a leisure chat with Himiko and the viewers.

In the middle of this, Himiko suddenly mention about that.

“You’re better with the ranged weapon than with melee weapons, aren’t you, Sukuna?”

“Yeah, probably.”

I have no intention to deny Himiko’s words.

Whether in the game or in the real world, my handling of ranged weapons was good enough for Rin-chan to judge it as [abnormal].

“I already know that you’re not using cheat or aim assist since you will be banned already if you were doing that. But tell me, if there are any tips I could use?”


It was a difficult question to answer.

If I’m being honest, I can only say it’s because it suits me.

I’ve never really thought about it too much, so it’s hard to verbalize.


<I want to know too.>

<Isn’t it just a real cheat?>

<Will the mystery of the out-of-human move finally be solved?>

<I’m going to cry if you say ‘just use your feeling’.>

<Come on, hurry up and tell us.>

The comments from viewers filled with anticipation were painful.

“Ugh…. it is just a just feeling…….sorry.”

<This is the end lol>


<I’m disappointed.>

<I guess it’s all about talent….>


<So sad.>

“I — I can’t help it! It is what it is!”

<Try again lol>

<I can do what I can do, what an inspiring word.>

<As expected from our Sukuna!>

<I love it when you say that.>

<Leave us normies alone.>

<Viewers, let our passionate criticism burn.>

“I don’t know what the listeners want anymore.”

As I said this, I covered my face with my hands and a lol flood the comments section. You’re not trying to comfort me at all!

Himiko laughed happily when she saw me playing with the listeners like that.

“Hahaha, you’re just as I expected, Sukuna.”

“What are your expectations?”

“A bottomless pit of nonsense(absurdity).” {tln}

“But not many people have as much common sense as I do?”



<You are the farthest thing from the common sense I’ve ever seen in my life.>

<A bludgeoning demon girl who thinks she’s normal.>

<What is your definition of “common sense”?>

<↑(Sukuna only) common sense.>

<She does have common sense outside her battle skills(shiver).>

“That’s a brutal chat. I can see Sukuna’s field of grass(lol) is growing splendidly.” {tln}

“Suddenly, I feel like smashing something with my kanabou.”




<Forgive me.>

<Don’t be violent.>

“I also don’t like violence. This is just a little entertainment.”

<Oh, no, we’ve awakened the devil.>

<Calm downnnn.>

<The gods are angry!>

<A storm is coming…>


My Yoiyami is always ready for battle!

Hmm, I’m not sure if this is a good punch line.

“As always, when I watch your stream, you always have fun like this.”

“Bu-but this… uh yeah, I guess it’s fun in its own way.”

I don’t know their faces, names, or appearances, and I’ve never even heard their voices, but these strangers watch my videos and leave comments, and I get a lot of responses to my boring ramblings.

Sometimes the listeners get excited with each other, and sometimes I make fun of them.

Other times I get teased or played. No, I think I’m actually the one who gets teased quite often, but that’s part of the spice of my stream.

I think it’s because I’m me now.

I could think that streaming is fun.

I do it because I enjoy games, and I enjoy games even more because I love them.

For me, who has only seen a very small world up until now, this is a dazzlingly kind place to be.

“Yeah, I’m kind of happy about that, so let me explain a little bit about the ranged weapon.”


<You can do it!>

<We did it.>

<I’m beat.>

<Come on, come on.>


<I’m so happy, so happy.>

“I’m glad to hear that, but can you really explain it to me?”

“I’m just explaining my way of viewing things, so you’ll have to work on the rest yourself!”

I’m just forcing myself to verbalize what I’m mostly doing with my reflexes, so I’ll leave it up to everyone to decide if they can understand.

Thus began a little throwing course by me.


A note

Her throwing course has reliability on par with a perfect math class! {totally un-reliable}

Tl note :

Sukuna’s field of grass(lol) – This actually used a few times in this chapter, the first time I could rephrase it into flood of lol but the second time is kinda impossible… so here’s an explanation time

LOL – Laughing out loud, is written like this in Japanese chat : W

Yup, just ‘W’.

And multiple lol will looks like this WWWWWWWWW, which resembles a grass.

That’s why when her chat is filled with laughter, Himiko said that her field of grass is growing splendidly.


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