LDM 517 – Let’s Go Sabotage! (2)

After offering a lazy prayer to the God of Light, “I’m a believer in your religion, so protect me,” we immediately headed for the central power room.

The magic tools won’t move without a power source. And since it’s a sacred tool, they won’t be able to easily replace it.

Wait, they are a religious nation, so I wonder what’s their policy is for tools from different gods.

They dare to use it as a power source for that suspicious giant magic tool, after all. And they may be ready to destroy it if the situation requires them to.

I investigated the power room and saw four men who looked like researchers in white coats and two guards, and it was the same number I had seen the other day with the rats. The guards were standing there holding spears-like sticks, not even wasting time talking. Thank you for your hard work.

… I decided to put them to [sleep]. Well, I don’t like the idea of killing someone myself, and especially since I’m the one doing the attacking this time.

Our goal is to destroy the facility so we don’t even need to kill anyone. Well, I’ll take them alive and submit them to Haku as a source of information. I don’t care if you make it out alive after that or if your fate is worse than death. But if you’re going to die, please do it out of my sight.

“[Sleep]. Have a good night’s sleep. …Oh? one of them put up a fight.”

Five people fell asleep, and only one guard succeeded in resisting. It’s not like the [sleep] is completely ineffective, but this one guy got the guts to stick a knife in his thigh to stay awake.

“We have a situation! Intruder! –Get up! We’re under attack!”

Damn, he got me I guess. Since I’ve been spotted, I show myself and go into the room. Of course, I’ve changed my face beforehand, so there’s no problem even if they see it.

The guard was about wake his colleague by using his leg, but he reacted to me and thrust his spear in my direction.

“Who the hell are you? How did you get in here?”

“How did you get in here? Well, I came in through the entrance unless that barred door is the back door.”

While I was making fun of him, he prepared his spear to thrust my neck. Yeah, I’m not going to let you do that, I ducked a little to evade his thrust and applied an additional [sleep].

“Here, you go to sleep, too. –[sleep], [sleep], [sleep], [sleep] …… Oh, you’re asleep.”


After three additional [sleep], the guard finally went to slumber. You did your best, goodnight.

With that, we conquered the central room. Let’s get our reward right away.

I took a mana potion and drank its content to recover.

A thought comes to me when I see six men lying on the floor. Because these guys are also a part of the ‘reward’, I don’t think I need six to be a source of information. I guess I will leave that one guard who has seen my face, he’ll serve as misdirection when they investigate later.

I was finally ready to meet the power source with the five of them stored in my [storage].

When I looked through the window attached to the power furnace, I saw a nightcap emitting a divine light.

There’s no doubt about it. It’s the [God’s Nightcap], I know it. All I have to do is open the lid of this power furnace and take it out.

Thanks to Nerune, I know the structure of this thing, plus the procedure for opening it is – well, OK, it worked. Prior research is really important, isn’t it?

I use a fallen spear to hook the nightcap and pull it out of the furnace.

BANG! and sparks fly like a short-circuited electrical outlet, and the lights in the room go out. Apparently, the lights in this facility were also powered by this nightcap.

It was dim for a moment, but perhaps it was the nature of the dungeon, and I soon felt no darkness.

Everything was going well. Now all I have to do is destroy this thing.

I pointed my hand at the empty power furnace and–.

“[Elemental Burst]… uh?”

The ray of light hit the power furnace, but it was soon reverted back to nothing. What?

As expected of something that was used to lock up a divine object. It’s tough. Or does it still have the power of a god leftover?

Let’s try the next move. [Create Golem] I pour in magical power in….- Oi Oiiii? It’s swallowing me up without limit. In fact, I’m becoming its power source. That’s not good. I didn’t expect this. I interrupt my cast and recover with a mana potion.

“… Can’t I just destroy the outer part? Well, let’s just start with the ones we can see.”

I don’t know how much is enough to destroy, but if I can, I should destroy it as much as I can. If I managed to break the connection and destroy the other part, it might destroy its power furnace.

I tied the guard who was completely asleep with a rope, took him in my arms, and threw him out of the room. Then I fired [Elemental Burst] wildly throughout the room.

The furnace is sturdy, but apparently, the rest wasn’t. The magic tool was torn to shreds and full of holes.

The power furnace was detached for the time being. In this state, I feel like I could destroy it with the Create Golem, but since it’s a good opportunity, I’ll just take it home with me. If it’s so sturdy, it must have been made from good materials.

It’s too big to fit in the storage, but I’ll connect my storage to Soto’s storage dungeon and have her put it in there.

When we’re done with the central room, we’ll have to destroy the one next door and the one next to it. We’ll also have to make holes in the floor and ceiling and shoot giant magic tools at every inch of it to destroy them!

I’m starting to have fun. Destruction is the essence of being a hero, right? I cannot argue with that.

After that, the sabotage proceeded smoothly.


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  1. Felipe says:

    There are 7 itens on the godly sleep set right? Rokuko has the blanket and the mattress, kema has the pajama and the alarm clock, also he managed to get another one (the pillow I think) from marring meat/kuro to that noble girl, and now he has the night cap so the only one missing is the underwear I believe

    • Guus says:

      There are 8 actually. There used to be only seven, but then the creator god smashed the alarm clock because, …well… it’s an alarm clock…, so a new item was created to complete the set (the underwear I believe?). And then the Dark God created another Alarm clock to mess with Kehma, so there are 8 now.

      • Felipe says:

        Wait so the set is:
        1) mattress
        2) blanket
        3) pajamas
        4) alarm clock
        5) pillow
        6) night cap
        7) underwear
        And what is the eighth?

        • Kaelyas says:

          going by LN translation ,Futon (first one rokuko got), unless the blanket in your list is the Futon, then the 8th is the ‘conforter’ (the one they got alongside the alarm cloak in the triple dungeon battle).

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    Thanks for the chapter.

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    Thanks for the chapter

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    Gracias por el capitulo, es confuso cuando lees tanto la webnovel como la lightnovel

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