BTOG 145 – Glutton Nanaka.

“I heard you were coming early in the morning, so I prepared a meal for you.”

Toki brought me to the dining room of the mansion.

An aristocrat-like dining room. The table was so big that I could only say that to describe it.

A large full-course meal is lined up. From the appetizers to the drinks, everything was so big that I thought it might be American-sized.

“It looks so good!”

One steak, in particular, looked so hot that I wondered if it had just been cooked. That is definitely absolutely delicious.

“Mother, is it still morning, you know…?”

“Yes, it is.”

“That’s a lot to eat in the morning…”

“Is that so? But I eat at least this much every morning, and I thought I would need at least this much to give Nanaka.”

Perhaps it was because she had seen so many foods. Now Rin-chan was rebuking Toki.

She’s not a fan of big breakfast since she’s not a big eater in the first place, so she probably decided immediately that this amount of food was too much for her.

On the other hand, Mrs. Toki is a big eater despite how she looks, and she consumes as much as the participant of eating champ you see on TV.

The Toki I know would have easily finished this full course, and to put it mildly, she could consume 3000 calories per meal.

“I can understand your feelings, but please don’t use Nana and mother as the standard. I can’t eat this much, and neither can Touka.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t give enough thought.”

Perhaps it was because Rin-chan scolded her, but Toki was feeling a bit down. Well, it would be a shame if we had too much leftover, wouldn’t it?

Just because she’s rich doesn’t mean she likes to waste her food.

Rin-chan is not that particularly interested in food, and she only eats what she needs when she needs it.

Because of that, but her house has very little food waste.

Isn’t it because I’m eating all the food? Hahaha, of course, that’s not true.

Still, that doesn’t mean that Toki is a person who takes food for granted.

Because Toki was the one who raised Rin-chan. Naturally, her values are similar to Rin’s.

Putting aside the truth of Toki’s claim that she usually eats this much food, the fact is that Toki can eat this amount of food is true.

Her feeling right now probably similar like a grandmother who suddenly serves you a lot of food when you visit her home. I guess it’s that thing where you’re so happy to have your child back home after a long absence that you lose control.

After all, her own daughter, Rin-chan, rarely comes back here. The same goes for Touka and Ron and especially myself, which had not been here in about six and a half years.

It’s hard to tell from her expressionless face, but I think Toki is probably overjoyed.

I’m sure the head chef would have stopped her if she wanted all this meal for herself. Her excitement must overcome her self-restraint.

“Don’t worry Rin-chan. I’ll eat it all if there’s any leftover.”

“I know that. Still, mother is too excited because Nana came home after a long time.”

“I’m not. I’m just a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry, I already know my mother is a bit strange despite your outer look.”


With a slight blush on her cheeks, Toki grabs Rin’s shoulders as she looks away and chuckles.

Yeah, it’s like that… At first glance, she looks like a very strict mother, but she will lose her restrain in front of her family.

“If there is any leftover, Nana will eat it anyway… by the way, where’s Touka?”

“It’s strange. She should have been up by now. ……”

While Rin-chan sighs at still blushing Toki, my ears can already hear the sound of footsteps running towards us in a hurry.

Touka-chan’s feet didn’t stop as she ran into the cafeteria, and she ran straight into me.


“Ouch, are you alright, Touka-chan?”

It feels nice to be hugged from the front. But because I remained immobile, my head was buried in her stomach as she jumped in.

That’s why I asked her if it hurt, but apparently, my fears were unfounded.

“I’m fine! I haven’t seen you in two weeks, Nana-nee-sama… you smell good. ……”

Toka-chan completely hugged me and nuzzled her face into the back of my hair, looking happy.

As I was thinking about what to do, Rin pulled on Touka-chan’s ear.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. Come back here.”

“Ouch! Don’t be stingy. You always monopolize Nana, so let me spoil her once in a while.”

“It’s fine, but you should wait until we’ve eaten. We were waiting for you.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. I went to pick some flowers. …Hmm?” {tln}

Rin pointed her hand at the dining table as Touka-chan protested without releasing me.

Touka-chan looked at the dining table once, then gave me a perplexed look, hugged me tightly once, looked at the table again, and innocently tilted her head.

I’m not sure if the hug was really necessary.

“Isn’t that too much…?”

“We’ve covered that part. If you have any leftover, give it to Nana because she seems to be starving.”

Not wanting to have to go through the same exchange so many times, Rin said and turned her feet to her seat.

Touka-chan peeked at me from above, and I responded with my best smug face.

“Leave it to me!”

“You’re so dependable.”

“Are you finished? Let’s eat it before it gets cold.”

After finishing our meal, we moved to the guest room, where Toki had arranged for us to relax.

I was caught by Toki and placed on her lap while Toka and Rin sat on the sofa facing her.

“It was delicious.”

I’m very happy to have so much food in the morning.

I got about 70% of Rin’s and Touka’s portions and was able to eat until I was satisfied.

The steak was good, but the fish was also delicious. It was boiled white fish, what kind of fish was it?

“She ate enough for three people, but where the hell did it go?”

“It’s not like she has that much capacity in her stomach. It’s just get digested instantly.”

“That’s an OP skill.”

Rin and Touka were talking about this as I left my back to Toki, satisfied.

I hate the fact that they dare to whisper, even though they know I can hear them whether they are whispering or talking loudly.

By the way, while listening to their words, Toki was rubbing my stomach.

“I’m no match against Nanaka, am I? but I’m glad to see you’re getting more and more energetic.”

Having said that, Toki did finish her portion, and she should have some room for more.

Regarding the amount of food she could simply eat, she might even have more capacity than me.

But I wouldn’t step on an obvious landmine like that. My life is in Toki’s hands now, what awaits me after I touch the mine is a severe punishment.

“Nanaka, don’t say it. “

“I didn’t say anything!

“I felt an evil thought.”

“That’s impossible!”

The hand that was placed on my stomach crawled over my belly and starting to tickle me.

Guh… She is the one who trained Rin-chan in the art of tickling, and her skill is frightening.

I fell victim countless times to this prank that was played for so many unreasonable reasons.

“Well, now that we’ve eaten and relaxed, it’s time to talk about our plans for next weekend.”

As I was about to faint in agony from Toki-san tickling, Rin-chan suddenly said something like that.

“Nmm-hmm… next weekend is a long way off. Is there anything going on?”

“No, it’s not that far off.”

I felt like it was true when she said that.

It seems there’s a difference in my sense of time and Rin’s, but the fact that we’ve been spending so much time together lately that my sense of time has become longer.

However, next weekend is only ten days away, so it’s still a long way off for me.

“There’s a big tournament coming up, the World Gamers Championships, or WGCS, the national qualifier for the All-Stars.”

As if to answer my question, Rin-chan was grinning as she said that.

Tl note:

‘pick some flowers’/’watering a flower’, a polite way to say going to the toilet.


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